motors (plural noun)
  1. a machine, especially one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for another device with moving parts.
    "these electric motors are highly reliable" ·
    "the sander has a smooth and powerful 520 watt motor"
    • a source of power, energy, or motive force.
      "hormones are the motor of the sexual functions"
    a car.
    "we drove out in my motor"
    motor car · automobile · motor · machine · wheels · heap · crate ·
    (old) banger · jalopy · limo · auto · hooptie · horseless carriage
    driven by a motor.
    "a motor van"
    • relating to motor vehicles.
      "motor insurance"
  2. giving or producing motion or action.
    "demand is the principle motor force governing economic activity"
    • physiology
      relating to muscular movement or the nerves activating it.
      "the motor functions of each hand"
motors (third person present) · motored (past tense) · motored (past participle) · motoring (present participle)
  1. travel in a motor vehicle.
    "they motored north up the M6"
    hurtle · speed · career · shoot · streak · sweep · hare · fly · wing ·
    drive · motor · move · travel · go · proceed · belt · pelt · tear · scoot · tool · bomb · bucket · shift · go like the clappers · clip · boogie · hightail · barrel · post · hie
    • informal
      run or move as fast as possible.
      "he had motored along to second base on a passed ball"
late Middle English (denoting a person who imparts motion): from Latin, literally ‘mover’, based on movere ‘to move’. The current sense of the noun dates from the mid 19th century.
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How to use motor in a sentence?
he had a brief but not unsuccessful couple of years in motor racing, both as a constructor and a driver.
during the excitation of each phase the motor produces equal positive and negative torques.
the exhaust pipe corrodes around the bend which goes over the rear axle on motor cars.
continuous rotation of the motor by sequential excitation of the phase windings.
the motor began missing and investigation found a cracked cylinder head.
water had leaked into the washing machine's motor, short-circuiting it.
demand is the principle motor force governing economic activity.
the company revealed their latest model at the motor Show.
there wasn't the faintest wheeze from the starter motor.
they claim drag racing is the most exciting motor sport.
skills like carpentry, motor mechanics, and electrics.
he had motored along to second base on a passed ball.
the sander has a smooth and powerful 520 watt motor.
I have fixed the motor to the table with two clamps.
the motor has a thermal overload cut-off for safety.
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How to say motor in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)motoriese
Arabic (NOUN)المحرك, موتور, السيارات, الحركية, محرك
Bangla মোটর
Bosnian (Latin) motorna
Bulgarian (NOUN)моторни, автомобилното, двигател
Cantonese (Traditional) 電機
Catalan (NOUN)motriu
Chinese Simplified 电机
Chinese Traditional 電機
Croatian (NOUN)auto
Czech (NOUN)automobilový
Danish (NOUN)drivkraft
Dutch (NOUN)auto
Estonian (NOUN)mootor, motoorseid
Fijian Tabana ni vakacici
Finnish (NOUN)moottori
French (NOUN)moteur, automobiles, motrice, motorisés
German (NOUN)Kfz, Charter, Antrieb
Greek (NOUN)κινητήρα, μοτέρ, μηχανή, αυτοκινήτων, μοτορ, οχημάτων
Haitian Creole motè
Hebrew (NOUN)מוטוריים, מנוע, המנוע, המוטורי, תנועתית, מנועים, מוטו
Hindi (NOUN)मोटर, मो
Hmong Daw tsav
Hungarian (NOUN)gépjármű
Icelandic (NOUN)vélknúinna
Indonesian (NOUN)bermotor
Italian (NOUN)motore
Japanese (NOUN)モーター, モータ, 電動機, 運動, 自動車, 汽車
Klingon nguSDI'
Korean (NOUN)모터, 모터가, 자동차, 발동기, 전동기
Latvian (NOUN)mehānisko, motoru, dzinēju
Lithuanian (NOUN)variklio, automobilių, moto, transporto
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)bermotor, kenderaan
Maltese (NOUN)mutur, b'mutur, karozzi, magna
Persian (NOUN)موتور, حرکتی
Polish (NOUN)silnikowych, mechanicznych, ruchowych, samochodowych
Portuguese (NOUN)automóvel
Romanian (NOUN)autovehiculelor, auto
Russian (NOUN)мотор, двигателя, электродвигатель, автомобильных
Samoan afi
Serbian (Cyrillic) мотор
Slovak (NOUN)automobilový
Slovenian (NOUN)pogonsko, avtomobilsko
Spanish (NOUN)motriz, automóvil
Swedish (NOUN)bila
Tamil (NOUN)மோட்டார்
Telugu మోటార్
Thai (NOUN)มอเตอร์, ยนต์, รถยนต์
Tongan ngaahi
Turkish (NOUN)otomobil
Ukrainian (NOUN)мотор, двигуна, рухові, електродвигуна, автомобільного, автосалони, мотоблоки, легковий, механічних
Urdu (NOUN)موٹر, محرکی, محرک
Vietnamese (NOUN)cơ, tơ, ô tô
Welsh (NOUN)modur, echddygol, sbardun, ysgogol
Yucatec Maya kisbuuts'o'
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