1. relating to music.
    "they shared similar musical tastes"
    • set to or accompanied by music.
      "an evening of musical entertainment"
    • fond of or skilled in music.
      "Henry was very musical, but his wife was tone-deaf"
  2. having a pleasant sound; melodious or tuneful.
    "they burst out into rich, musical laughter"
musicals (plural noun)
  1. a play or film in which singing and dancing play an essential part. Musicals developed from light opera in the early 20th century.
    "a hit West End musical, Miss Saigon"
    musical comedy
late Middle English: from Old French, from medieval Latin musicalis, from Latin musica ( see music).
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age-appropriate games and activities include musical games, drawing, and building with bricks.
I often go to gigs on my own as my OH doesn't have the same musical tastes as me.
mother-of-pearl is widely used as an inlay in furniture and musical instruments.
this is not the first time that a staged musical has been broadcast live.
I can see little musical advantage in excessive cadential ritardandos.
the organist pedalled furiously, her feet travelling musical miles.
perky musical accompaniment would seem a natural for this series.
nearly 40 per cent named acid house as their musical preference.
in 1991 the New York Philharmonic hired a new musical director.
a slightly bizarre and unconvincing fusion of musical forces.
the pleasant musical evenings were now entirely pretermitted.
his Irma La Douce is a musical based on the farce mechanism.
they insisted on his presence at wearisome musical soirées.
Henry wasn't really very musical but Ivy was tone-deaf.
the album is a smorgasbord of different musical styles.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)musikale
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)الموسيقية, موسيقية
Bangla বাদ্যযন্ত্র
Bosnian (Latin) glazbeni
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)музикални, мюзикъл
Cantonese (Traditional) 音樂
Chinese Simplified 音乐
Chinese Traditional 音樂
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)glazbene, mjuzikl, muzički
Czech (ADJECTIVE)hudební, muzikál
Danish (ADJECTIVE)musikalske
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)muzikale
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)muusikaline, armastus
Fijian ivakatagi
Filipino musika
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)musikaali
French (ADJECTIVE)comédie musicale
German (ADJECTIVE)musikalische
Greek (ADJECTIVE)μουσικό, μιούζικαλ
Haitian Creole enstriman
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)מוסיקלי, מוזיקלי, המוזיקלי, המוסיקלי, מחזמר, למחזמר, במחזמר, נגינה, המחזמר
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)संगीत, संगीतमय
Hmong Daw suab paj nruas
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)zenei, zenés
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)söngleikur, tónlistar
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)musik, muzik
Italian (ADJECTIVE)musicale
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)ミュージカル, 音楽, 音楽的, 楽曲
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)muziki
Korean (ADJECTIVE)뮤지컬, 음악
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)mūzikas, melodiska
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)muzikos
Malagasy fandaharan-kira
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)muzik
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)mużikali
Norwegian Bokmål musikalske
Persian (ADJECTIVE)انیم, موسیقی
Polish (ADJECTIVE)muzyczne, porównanie
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)muzicale
Russian (ADJECTIVE)музыкальные, мюзикл
Samoan Musika
Serbian (Cyrillic) музички
Serbian (Latin) muzički
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)hudobné, muzikál
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)glasbeni
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)musikaliska
Tahitian mau
Tamil இசை
Telugu సంగీత
Thai (ADJECTIVE)ดนตรี
Tongan hiva
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)müzikal
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)музичні, мюзикл
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)موسیقی
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)âm nhạc, nhạc
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)cerddorol, gerdd
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