myths (plural noun)
  1. a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.
    "ancient Celtic myths" ·
    "the heroes of Greek myth"
    folk tale · story · folk story · legend · tale · fable · saga · allegory ·
  2. a widely held but false belief or idea.
    "the belief that evening primrose oil helps to cure eczema is a myth, according to dermatologists"
    • a misrepresentation of the truth.
      "attacking the party's irresponsible myths about privatization"
    • a fictitious or imaginary person or thing.
      "nobody had ever heard of Simon's mysterious friend—Anna said he was a myth"
    • an exaggerated or idealized conception of a person or thing.
      "the book is a scholarly study of the Churchill myth"
      misconception · fallacy · mistaken belief · false notion · misbelief ·
      old wives' tale · fairy story · fairy tale · fiction · fantasy · delusion · figment of the imagination · invention · fabrication · falsehood · untruth · lie · trumped-up story · fake news · alternative fact · story · tall story · tall tale · fib · cock and bull story · kidology
mid 19th century: from modern Latin mythus, via late Latin from Greek muthos.
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the belief that evening primrose oil helps to cure eczema is a myth, according to dermatologists.
many acclaimed novels and plays have been little more than modern transpositions of classic myth.
a myth of creation states that Buddha was born of a thousand-petalled gold lotus.
nobody had ever heard of Simon's mysterious friend—Anna said he was a myth.
myth, legend, and razzle-dazzle all rolled into one critic-proof show.
attacking the party's irresponsible myths about privatization.
I want to deconstruct this myth that poverty breeds crime.
the myth of declining sexual potency with increasing age.
his image as an unbridled libertine is a total myth.
the book is a scholarly study of the Churchill myth.
a farrago of fact and myth about Abraham Lincoln.
the murky borderland between history and myth.
another myth is that Scorpios are sex-mad.
a myth of enormous potency.
the heroes of Greek myth.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)mite
Arabic (NOUN)أسطورة, الأسطورة, خرافة, الخرافة
Bangla কিংবদন্তী
Bosnian (Latin) mit
Bulgarian (NOUN)мит, митът, мита
Cantonese (Traditional) 神話
Catalan (NOUN)mite
Chinese Simplified 神话
Chinese Traditional 神話
Croatian (NOUN)mit, mita, mitu, mitova, legenda
Czech (NOUN)mýtus, mýtu, mýtem, báje
Danish (NOUN)myte, myten, myter
Dutch (NOUN)mythe, fabel, sprookje
Estonian (NOUN)müüt, müüti
Fijian lasu
Filipino katha-katha
Finnish (NOUN)myytti, jumalaistaru
French (NOUN)mythe
German (NOUN)Mythos, Mythus, Mythe
Greek (NOUN)μύθος, μύθο, μύθου, ΜΥΘΟΣ
Haitian Creole sa ki pa reyèl
Hebrew (NOUN)מיתוס, המיתוס, למיתוס
Hindi (NOUN)मिथक
Hmong Daw tswvyim hais ua dabneeg
Hungarian (NOUN)mítosz, tévhit, legenda
Icelandic (NOUN)goðsögn
Indonesian (NOUN)mitos, dongeng
Italian (NOUN)mito, leggenda, miti
Japanese (NOUN)神話
Kiswahili (NOUN)hadithi
Klingon wIch
Korean (NOUN)신화, 통념, 전설
Latvian (NOUN)mīts, mītu, mīti
Lithuanian (NOUN)mitas, Mito
Malagasy anoanon-kevitra
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)mitos
Norwegian Bokmål myte
Persian (NOUN)اسطوره, افسانه
Polish (NOUN)mit, mitu, mitem, micie, mitów
Portuguese (NOUN)mito, lenda
Querétaro Otomi ximha̲i
Romanian (NOUN)mit, mitul
Russian (NOUN)миф
Samoan tala fatu
Serbian (Cyrillic) мит
Serbian (Latin) mit
Slovak (NOUN)mýtus, mýtu, mýtom, myte, báje, mýtov
Slovenian (NOUN)mit, mita, izmišljotina
Spanish (NOUN)mito
Swedish (NOUN)myt, myten, mythen, myter
Tahitian te manaʻo hape
Tamil கட்டுக்கதை
Telugu అపోహ
Thai ตำนาน
Tongan talatupu'a
Turkish (NOUN)mit, efsane, miti, söylence, mitoloji, masal
Ukrainian (NOUN)міф, міфу, міфом, МИФ, міфів
Urdu حکایتِ
Vietnamese (NOUN)huyền thoại, truyền thuyết
Welsh (NOUN)chwedl, fyth
Yucatec Maya mito
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