necks (plural noun)
  1. the part of a person's or animal's body connecting the head to the rest of the body.
    "she had a silver crucifix around her neck"
    nape · scruff · cervix · scrag · halse
    • the part of a garment that is around or close to the neck.
      "her dress had three buttons at the neck undone" ·
      "a round neck"
    • meat from an animal's neck.
      "neck of lamb"
    • a person's neck regarded as bearing a burden of responsibility or guilt.
      "he'll be stuck with a loan around his neck"
  2. a narrow connecting or end part of something.
    • the part of a bottle or other container near the mouth.
      "he seized the neck of the whisky bottle"
    • a narrow piece of land or sea, such as an isthmus or channel.
      "the narrow neck of land between loch and sea"
      strait(s) · sound · neck · arm · narrows · passage · sea passage ·
      stretch of water · waterway
    • anatomy
      a narrow part near one end of an organ, such as the uterus.
      "the neck of the womb, usually called the cervix"
    • the part of a violin, guitar, or other similar instrument that bears the fingerboard.
    • geology
      (volcanic neck)
      a column of solidified lava or igneous rock formed in a volcanic vent, especially when exposed by erosion.
    • botany
      a narrow supporting part in a plant, especially the terminal part of the fruiting body in a fern, bryophyte, or fungus.
  3. the length of a horse's head and neck as a measure of its lead in a race.
    "Dolpour won by a neck from Wood Dancer"
necks (third person present) · necked (past tense) · necked (past participle) · necking (present participle)
  1. informal
    (of two people) kiss and caress amorously.
    "we started necking on the sofa"
    kiss · caress · pet · smooch · canoodle · snog · play kissy-face ·
    make out · spoon
    swallow (something, especially a drink).
    "after necking some beers, we left the bar"
    swallow · gulp down · quaff · swill · guzzle · sup · imbibe · partake of ·
    sip · consume · take · drain · toss off · swig · down · knock back · put away · sink · kill · slug · inhale · wet one's whistle · neck · scarf (down/up) · snarf (down/up) · chug · ingurgitate
  3. (neck down)
    form a narrowed part at a particular point when subjected to tension.
    "the nylon filament necks down to a fraction of its original diameter"
Old English hnecca ‘back of the neck’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch nek ‘neck’ and German Nacken ‘nape’.
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How to use neck in a sentence?
she's quite capable of looking after herself without her parents breathing down her neck all the time.
the screen tilter lets you play the game flat without developing a permanent rick in your neck.
her neck hurt and her feet ached, but the physical discomforts were the least of her worries.
three wins would have seen us breathing down the neck of United at the top of the table.
my mother caught me by the back of the neck and lathered me up the steps.
the nylon filament necks down to a fraction of its original diameter.
the skin of the lower neck must be palpated for cysts and infection.
you're an insensitive clod and I hope you fall and break your neck.
a palisaded earthwork once lay across the neck of the promontory.
she was small and scrawny and the sinews in her neck stood out.
surgeons lift and remove excess skin from the face and neck.
he perceived the faintest of flushes creeping up her neck.
she wore an ivory silk blouse, frothing at neck and cuffs.
a fleecy sweatshirt with ribbing at neck, cuffs, and hem.
a midi-length dress with a high neck and an exposed zip.
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How to say neck in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)nek
Arabic (NOUN)الرقبة, العنق, عنق, رقبة, رقبتك, رقبتي, رقبته, عنقك, عنقي, عنقه, نك
Bangla গলা
Bosnian (Latin) vrat
Bulgarian (NOUN)врата, шията, шия, врат, шийката, вратът, гърлото
Cantonese (Traditional) 脖子
Catalan (NOUN)coll, clatell, cervical, pal
Chinese Simplified 脖子
Chinese Traditional 脖子
Croatian (NOUN)vrat, vratu, vrata, vratom
Czech (NOUN)krku, krk, šíje, krkem, krkovice, krční, hrdla, vaz, šíji
Danish (NOUN)hals, nakke
Dutch (NOUN)nek, hals
Estonian (NOUN)kaela
Fijian domona
Filipino leeg
Finnish (NOUN)kaula, niska, halailla, pääntien
French (NOUN)cou, nuque, col, encolure, manche, goulot, cervicale
German (NOUN)Hals, Nacken, Genick, Ansatz, Ausschnitt
Greek (NOUN)λαιμό, αυχένα, λαιμών, τραχήλου
Haitian Creole Kou
Hebrew (NOUN)הצוואר, צוואר, לצוואר, בצוואר, הצואר, המפרקת, שהצוואר, נק
Hindi (NOUN)गर्दन, गले
Hmong Daw caj dab
Hungarian (NOUN)nyak, nyakát, nyakon, nyaki, nyakban, nyakkal, nyaktól, nyakú
Icelandic (NOUN)háls
Indonesian (NOUN)leher
Italian (NOUN)collo, nuca, manico, scollo
Japanese (NOUN)首, ネック, 頸部, ネックス, 頚部, 頸
Kiswahili (NOUN)shingo
Klingon mong
Korean (NOUN)목, 넥, 목을, 목이
Latvian (NOUN)kakla
Lithuanian (NOUN)kaklo, sprando, grifas
Malagasy tenda
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)leher
Maltese (NOUN)għonq
Norwegian Bokmål halsen
Persian (NOUN)گردن
Polish (NOUN)szyi, szyja, szyję, karku, szyjki, szyjce, kark
Portuguese (NOUN)pescoço, garganta, nuca
Querétaro Otomi cuello
Romanian (NOUN)gâtului, gât, gît
Russian (NOUN)шеи, шею, шее, шея, затылок, гриф, горло
Samoan ua
Serbian (Cyrillic) врат
Serbian (Latin) vrat
Slovak (NOUN)krku, krk, šije, krčnej, krkom, hrdla
Slovenian (NOUN)vratu, vrat, šija, vratom, grla
Spanish (NOUN)cuello, nuca, cervical, mástil
Swedish (NOUN)hals, nacke, hångla
Tahitian ai
Tamil கழுத்து
Telugu మెడ
Thai (NOUN)คอ
Tongan kia
Turkish (NOUN)boyun, boynu, ense, yaka
Ukrainian (NOUN)шиї, шию, шия, горловини, шиєю, комірцевої, шийку, шийки
Urdu (NOUN)گردن
Vietnamese (NOUN)cổ, vành
Welsh (NOUN)gwddf, wddf, gwar
Yucatec Maya kaal
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