1. the action of functioning or the fact of being active or in effect.
    "restrictions on the operation of market forces" ·
    "the company's first hotel is now in operation"
    functioning · working · running · performance · action · behaviour ·
    functioning · working · running · up and running · operative · in use · in action · going · operational · workable · serviceable · functional · usable · in working order/condition · viable · in force · effective · in effect · valid
    • an active process; a discharge of a function.
      "the operations of the mind"
  2. an act of surgery performed on a patient.
    "I've never felt better since my bypass operation"
    surgery · surgical operation · surgical intervention · major surgery ·
    minor surgery
  3. an organized activity involving a number of people.
    "a rescue operation" ·
    "Operation Desert Storm"
  4. mathematics
    a process in which a number, quantity, expression, etc., is altered or manipulated according to set formal rules, such as those of addition, multiplication, and differentiation.
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin operatio(n-), from the verb operari ‘expend labour on’ ( see operate).
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plenty of new firms, especially sole proprietorships, don't make money in their first few years of operation.
after a hip replacement operation, the physiotherapist gave me an exercise programme to follow.
the locomotive is presently being made ready for operation over Network SouthEast metals.
the Commission can attach appropriate conditions to the operation of the agreement.
menu-driven operation for the setting of other parameters such as meter damping.
large signs with red lettering remind visitors that there is CCTV in operation.
the strengths and weaknesses of their sales and marketing operation.
the restaurant was run as a cover for a money-laundering operation.
the company is selling most of its commercial banking operations.
the whole operation is under the control of a production manager.
a combine cuts, threshes, and winnows the grain in one operation.
considerable effort went into making the operation successful.
an air operation to parachute relief supplies into the region.
sutures are removed on the 5th to 7th day after the operation.
a sustainable, chemical-free, grass-based livestock operation.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)bewerking, operasie, bedryf, bevel, werking tree, werksaamhede
Arabic (NOUN)العملية, عملية, تشغيل, التشغيل, عمليات
Bangla অপারেশন
Bosnian (Latin) operacija
Bulgarian (NOUN)операция, експлоатация, функциониране, работа, опериране, действие, дейност
Cantonese (Traditional) 操作
Catalan (NOUN)operació, funcionament, explotació
Chinese Simplified 操作
Chinese Traditional 操作
Croatian (NOUN)operacija, postupak, rad, funkcioniranje, rada, radu, pogon, djelovanje, rukovanje
Czech (NOUN)operace, provoz, činnost, obsluha, fungování, ovládání
Danish (NOUN)drift, operationen, handling, betjening, funktion, transaktion
Dutch (NOUN)bewerking, operatie, exploitatie, bediening, verrichting, functioneren, transactie, handeling, actie
Estonian (NOUN)toiming, operatsiooni, käitamine, tegevuse, tegutsemise, tööks, töö
Fijian na veisele
Filipino operasyon
Finnish (NOUN)toiminta, operaatio, työvaiheen, käyttö, käytön, leikkauksen
French (NOUN)opération, fonctionnement, exploitation, utilisation, intervention
German (NOUN)Betrieb, Vorgang, Bedienung, Arbeitsgang, Betriebs, Funktion, Einsatz
Greek (NOUN)λειτουργία, επιχείρηση, εγχείρηση, πράξη, επέμβαση, εκμετάλλευση
Haitian Creole operasyon
Hebrew (NOUN)מבצע, פעולת, הפעולה, המבצע, פעולה, בפעולה, במבצע, לפעולה, הניתוח, ניתוח
Hindi (NOUN)ऑपरेशन, आपरेशन, कार्रवाई, संचालन, प्रचालन, अभियान, प्रक्रिया
Hmong Daw lag luam
Hungarian (NOUN)művelet, működését, üzemeltetése, operáció, kezelhetőség, műtét
Icelandic (NOUN)aðgerð, rekstur, gangur, starfsemi
Indonesian (NOUN)operasi, pengoperasian
Italian (NOUN)operazione, funzionamento, apertura, esercizio, intervento
Japanese (NOUN)操作, オペレーション, 運用, 演算, 動作, 運転, 運営, 処理, 工程, 手術, 作業
Kiswahili (NOUN)uendeshaji, operesheni, utendaji, utekelezaji, tendo
Klingon yo'SeH
Korean (NOUN)작업, 가동, 운영, 연산, 작동, 오퍼레이션, 조작, 작전, 수술, 동작, 운전
Latvian (NOUN)operāciju, darbību, ekspluatācijas
Lithuanian (NOUN)operacija, veikimui, eksploatavimo, valdymas
Malagasy miasa
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)operasi, pengoperasian, pengendalian, kuatkuasa, pembedahan
Maltese (NOUN)operazzjoni, tħaddim, ħidma, titħaddem, jaħdem, jaħdmu
Norwegian Bokmål operasjon
Persian (NOUN)عملیات, عمل, عملکرد, عمليات, کارکرد, عملكرد, فعالیت
Polish (NOUN)operacji, eksploatacji, działania, funkcjonowania, pracy, czynność, obsługa, praca
Portuguese (NOUN)operação, funcionamento, exploração, cirurgia
Querétaro Otomi operación
Romanian (NOUN)operaţiune, funcţionarea, exploatarea
Russian (NOUN)операции, эксплуатации, функционирования, работы, деятельности, действие
Samoan taotoga
Serbian (Cyrillic) Операција
Serbian (Latin) Operacija
Slovak (NOUN)operácie, prevádzku, fungovanie, činnosť, obsluha, pôsobenie, ovládanie
Slovenian (NOUN)operacija, delovanje, obratovanje, špekulacija, postopek, aktivnost, poslovanja, upravljanje
Spanish (NOUN)operación, funcionamiento, explotación, manejo
Swedish (NOUN)drift, operationen, åtgärden, funktion, verksamhet, insatsen, transaktionen, användning
Tahitian ohipa
Tamil (NOUN)இயக்கம், இயக்கத்தை, செயலியக்கத்தை, செயலை
Telugu ఆపరేషన్
Thai การดำเนินการ
Tongan ngaue
Turkish (NOUN)işlem, operasyon, çalışma, Harekâtı, ameliyat
Ukrainian (NOUN)операції, експлуатації, роботи, функціонування
Urdu (NOUN)عملیہ, آپریشن, عمل, کارروائی, عملیے, کاروائی
Vietnamese (NOUN)hoạt động, thao tác, chiến dịch, vận hành
Welsh (NOUN)weithrediad, gweithredu, llawdriniaeth, waith, dasg, rhedeg
Yucatec Maya meyajo'ob
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