out of one's mind
[out of one's mind]
  1. having lost control of one's mental faculties.
    • suffering from a particular condition to a very high degree.
      "she was bored out of her mind"
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How to use out of one's mind in a sentence?
she was bored out of her mind.
How to say out of one's mind in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans uit mens se gedagte
Arabic الخروج من عقل واحد
Bangla মন থেকে
Bosnian (Latin) iz nečije glave
Bulgarian от едно на ум
Cantonese (Traditional) 從一個人的腦海里
Catalan fora de la ment
Chinese Simplified 从一个人的脑海里
Chinese Traditional 從一個人的腦海裡
Croatian iz um
Czech ze své mysli
Danish ud af ens sind
Dutch uit iemands geest
English out of one's mind
Estonian oma meelest
Fijian mai na dua na vakasama
Filipino sa isipan ng isang tao
Finnish pois mieleen
French hors de l’esprit
German aus irgendjemandes Verstand
Greek έξω από το μυαλό κάποιου
Haitian Creole tèt ou met nan
Hebrew מתוך הלב
Hindi किसी के मन से
Hmong Daw tawm ntawm yus lub siab
Hungarian az eszét
Icelandic úr huga einnar
Indonesian dari pikiran seseorang
Italian fuori la mente
Japanese 心の底から
Kiswahili kutoka mawazo ya mtu
Klingon yab wa'
Korean 하나의 마음
Latvian cilvēka prāta
Lithuanian iš iš proto
Malagasy avy amin' ny saina
Malay (Latin) Keluar dari fikiran seseorang
Maltese barra mill-moħħ
Norwegian Bokmål av ens sinn
Persian از ذهن خود
Polish z umysłu
Portuguese fora a mente
Querétaro Otomi 'bu̲ ya ar mente
Romanian din minte
Russian из ума
Samoan mai le mafaufau
Serbian (Cyrillic) из ум
Serbian (Latin) iz um
Slovak z niečí mysle
Slovenian iz svojih misli
Spanish fuera de la mente
Swedish ur ett sinne
Tahitian mai te feruriraa o te hoe taata
Tamil ஒரு பைத்தியம்
Telugu ఒకరి మనస్సులో ఒకరు
Thai จากใจ
Tongan mei ha 'atamai 'o ha taha
Turkish kişinin aklını
Ukrainian з розуму
Urdu دماغ سے باہر
Vietnamese ra khỏi tâm trí của một
Welsh y tu allan i'r meddwl
Yucatec Maya paach tin tuukul
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