1. very bold and unusual and rather shocking.
    "her outrageous leotards and sexy routines"
late Middle English: from Old French outrageus, from outrage ‘excess’ ( see outrage).
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to the outsider, glitzy fashion shows may seem an outrageous extravagance.
it will take more than outrageous cliffhangers to win the ratings wars.
the outrageous claims made by the previous government.
a whole range of outrageous Machiavellian manoeuvres.
her outrageous leotards and sexy routines.
an outrageous little shaven-headed vixen.
an outrageous act of bribery.
Jim was an outrageous flirt.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans verregaande
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)الفاحشة, شائن, المشينة, شنيع, شائنة, الشائن, شنيعة, الفظيعة, فظيع
Bangla ভয়ানক
Bosnian (Latin) skandalozno
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)скандално, жесток, възмутителен, безбожни, безобразие, нечувано
Cantonese (Traditional) 離譜
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)escandalosa, indignant, exorbitants
Chinese Simplified 离谱
Chinese Traditional 離譜
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)nemoralan, nečuveno, skandalozno, pretjeran, svirep, uvredljiv
Czech (ADJECTIVE)pobuřující, nehorázné, odporné, skandální, ostudné, šokující
Danish (ADJECTIVE)uhyrlige, oprørende, skandaløst, uhørt, uanstændigt
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)schandalig, ongehoorde, uitzinnige, buitensporige, wrede
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)ennekuulmatu, pöörane
Filipino nakapangingilabot
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)törkeää, pöyristyttävää, järkyttävää, häpeämätön, hävytöntä
French (ADJECTIVE)scandaleux, outrageant, exorbitants, indigne, extravagantes, révoltant, insensé, odieux, honteux
German (ADJECTIVE)empörend, unverschämt, unerhört, ungeheuerlich, skandalös, abscheulich, wütenden
Greek (ADJECTIVE)εξωφρενική, εξοργιστική, ξεδιάντροπο, σκανδαλώδες, προσβλητικό
Haitian Creole ekzòbitan
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)שערורייתי, מקוממת
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)अपमानजनक
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)felháborító, gyalázatos
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)svívirðilegt
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)keterlaluan, memalukan
Italian (ADJECTIVE)scandaloso, oltraggiosa, ingiurioso, esorbitanti, trasgressiva, vergognoso, esagerate, osceni, eccessivo, offensivo
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)法外な, とんでもない, 法外, 非道, 言語道断, 突飛, 乱暴
Kiswahili kukasirisha
Korean (ADJECTIVE)터무니, 부당한, 미쳤어, 난폭, 자아내, 언어도
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)nežēlīgos, briesmīgs, absurdās, tracinošo, spokaini, ļauns
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)piktinančius, neįtikėtinas, didžiulis
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)keterlaluan
Norwegian Bokmål opprørende
Persian (ADJECTIVE)ظالمانه
Polish (ADJECTIVE)skandaliczne, oburzające, szokujące
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)ultrajante, escandaloso, revoltante, exorbitantes, chocante, vergonhoso, absurdo
Querétaro Otomi escandalosa
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)scandalos
Russian (ADJECTIVE)возмутительно, неистовые, запредельные, эпатажная, бешеные, вопиющие
Samoan Mata
Serbian (Cyrillic) нечувено
Serbian (Latin) nečuveno
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)poburujúce, nehorázne, odporné, škandalózne, nestoudné, neskutočné, šokujúce
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)nezaslišano, grozljiva
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)indignante, escandaloso, ultrajante, inaudito, exorbitante, vergonzoso, barbaridad, extravagantes, atroz, intolerable
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)upprörande, skandalöst, fasansfulla, skamligt, kränkande
Tamil மூர்க்கமான
Telugu అప్పుడప్పుడు
Thai อุกอาจ
Tongan Leifeni
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)çirkin, terbiyesizlik, rezalet, rezil, kabul edilemez
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)обурливо
Urdu اشتعال انگیز
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)thái
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)warthus, gwarthus, gywilyddus
Yucatec Maya escandalosa
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