overflows (third person present) · overflowed (past tense) · overflowed (past participle) · overflowing (present participle)
  1. (especially of a liquid) flow over the brim of a receptacle.
    "chemicals overflowed from a storage tank" ·
    "the river overflowed its banks"
    overfull · full to overflowing/bursting · spilling over · running over ·
    crammed full · cram-full · jammed · overcrowded · packed like sardines · congested · choked · overloaded · overpopulated · overpeopled · overrun · crowded · thronged · swarming · teeming · bursting/bulging at the seams · full to the gunwales · jam-packed · like the Black Hole of Calcutta · heaving · like Piccadilly Circus
overflows (plural noun)
  1. the flowing over of a liquid.
    "there was some overflow after heavy rainfall" ·
    "an overflow of sewage"
    overspill · spill · spillage · flood · flooding · inundation · excess water
    • the excess or surplus not able to be accommodated by an available space.
      "to accommodate the overflow five more offices have been built"
      surplus · excess · additional people/things · extra people/things ·
  2. (in a bath or sink) an outlet for excess water.
  3. computing
    the generation of a number or other data item which is too large for the assigned location or memory space.
Old English oferflōwan (see over-, flow).
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How to use overflow in a sentence?
faced with an overflow of eggs, I chose to hard-boil a few for a snack.
to accommodate the overflow five more offices have been built.
the overflow should discharge in an obvious place.
there was some overflow after heavy rainfall.
chemicals overflowed from a storage tank.
boxes overflowing with bright flowers.
her hair overflowed her shoulders.
the waiting area was overflowing.
the river overflowed its banks.
her heart overflowed with joy.
an overflow of sewage.
How to say overflow in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans oorloop
Arabic (NOUN)تجاوز, الفائض, فيض, التجاوز, فيضان
Bangla ওভারফ্লো
Bosnian (Latin) preljeva
Bulgarian (NOUN)преливане, препълване
Cantonese (Traditional) 溢出
Catalan (NOUN)desbordament, sobreeiximent
Chinese Simplified 溢出
Chinese Traditional 溢出
Croatian (NOUN)prelijevanja, poplava
Czech (NOUN)přetečení, přepadem, náslechového, přeplnění
Danish (NOUN)overløb
Dutch (NOUN)overloop, overstroming
Estonian (NOUN)ületäitumise, ülevoolu
Fijian era
Filipino pag-apaw
Finnish (NOUN)ylivuoto, juoksutusalueelta
French (NOUN)débordement, trop-plein, dépassement, déversoir, saturation
German (NOUN)Überlauf, Überfluss
Greek (NOUN)υπερχείλιση, ξεχειλίζω
Haitian Creole devide
Hebrew (NOUN)בגלישה, לגלישה, גלישה, גלישת, גולש
Hindi (NOUN)अतिप्रवाह, ओवरफ़्लो, बाढ़
Hmong Daw phwj lawm
Hungarian (NOUN)túlcsordulás, túlfolyó
Icelandic (NOUN)Yfirflæði, flæða
Indonesian (VERB)meluap
(NOUN)limpahan, melimpah
Italian (NOUN)troppopieno, trabocco, riversamento, straripamento, inondazione
Japanese (NOUN)オーバーフロー, オーバフロー, あふれ, 流出, 氾濫
Kiswahili mfuriko
Korean (NOUN)오버플로, 넘침, 과잉
(VERB)넘칠, 오버플로될, 범람
Latvian (NOUN)pārpildes
Lithuanian (NOUN)perpildymo, perkrautas
Malagasy misy
Malay (Latin) limpahan
Maltese mill-overflow
Norwegian Bokmål overflyt
Persian (NOUN)سرریز
Polish (NOUN)przepełnienie, overflowe, przelać
Portuguese (NOUN)estouro, transbordamento, excedentes, excesso
(VERB)transbordar, estourar
Querétaro Otomi desbordamiento ar
Romanian (NOUN)preaplin, depăşire, revărsarea
Russian (NOUN)переполнения, при переполнении
Samoan isi
Serbian (Cyrillic) вишак
Serbian (Latin) višak
Slovak (NOUN)pretečeniu, prepadom, náslechového, prebytok
Slovenian (NOUN)prekoračitev, preplava, preliva, presežke
Spanish (NOUN)desbordamiento, rebosadero, sobreflujo, aliviadero, derrame
(VERB)desbordar, desbordarse, rebosar
Swedish (NOUN)bräddavlopp, spill, översvämningen, överloppsrännor
Tahitian atoa
Tamil ஓவர்ஃப்ளோ
Telugu ఓవర్ ఫ్లో
Thai มากเกินไป
Tongan mo'onautolu
Turkish (NOUN)taşma, taşan, aşımı
Ukrainian (NOUN)переповнення, переливу
Urdu ڈبونا
Vietnamese (NOUN)tràn
Welsh (NOUN)gorlifo
Yucatec Maya desbordamiento u
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