pains (plural noun)
  1. highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury.
    "she's in great pain" ·
    "chest pains"
  2. (pains)
    great care or trouble.
    "she took pains to see that everyone ate well"
    care · effort · bother · trouble · labour · exertion · strain · struggle ·
    try hard · make a great effort · make an effort · make every effort · spare no effort · take (great) pains · take care · put oneself out · apply oneself · exert oneself · strive · endeavour · try · struggle · battle · labour · toil · strain · work · aim · do one's best · do all one can · do one's utmost · give (it) one's all · go all out · bend/fall/lean over backwards · give it one's best shot
pains (third person present) · pained (past tense) · pained (past participle) · paining (present participle)
  1. cause mental or physical pain to.
    "it pains me to say this" ·
    "her legs had been paining her"
    hurt · cause pain · be painful · be sore · ache · throb · smart · burn ·
    prickle · sting · pinch · twinge · cause discomfort · be tender · kill · play up · sadden · grieve · distress · make miserable/wretched · trouble · worry · bother · perturb · disturb · oppress · harrow · cause anguish to · afflict · cut to the quick · mortify · torment · torture · wound · sting · gnaw at
      (of a part of the body) hurt.
      "sometimes my right hand would pain"
      hurt · cause pain · be painful · be sore · ache · throb · smart ·
      burn · prickle · sting · pinch · twinge · cause discomfort · be tender · kill · play up
Middle English (in the sense ‘suffering inflicted as punishment for an offence’): from Old French peine, from Latin poena ‘penalty’, later ‘pain’.
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How to use pain in a sentence?
human beings engage in various sorts of mental activities—thinking, feeling, remembering, experiencing pain, making decisions, etc..
steroid injections can have a dramatic effect in reducing inflammation and relieving pain.
intoxicants and drugs are used by some to escape physical or psychological pain.
he felt a desire to investigate through poetry the subjects of pain and death.
endorphins in the body are responsible for the modulation of pain sensation.
‘Is the pain still there?’ ‘Yes, yes, damn you, the pain is always there’.
his blackened finger was testimony to the fact that he had played in pain.
the chapter explains straightforwardly the neurobiology of chronic pain.
the women suffered from phantom pain that no physician could ever find.
a tranced dancer will dance on a hot bonfire without feeling any pain.
the bug causes short-lasting outbreaks of abdominal pain and nausea.
he had shown that carotid pressure relieved the pain of hemicrania.
drugs are taken to provide surcease from intolerable psychic pain.
fibroids often result in pain and bleeding in premenopausal women.
I felt shame that I had ever joyed in his discomfiture or pain.
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How to say pain in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)pyn
Arabic (NOUN)الألم, ألم, الأم, الآلام, الما
Bangla ব্যথা
Bosnian (Latin) bol
Bulgarian (NOUN)болка, болки
Cantonese (Traditional) 痛苦
Catalan (NOUN)dolor, mal
Chinese Simplified 痛苦
Chinese Traditional 痛苦
Croatian (NOUN)bol, boli, bolova, bola, muka, patnju, Bolu
Czech (NOUN)bolest, osina
Danish (NOUN)smerte, jag
Dutch (NOUN)pijn
Estonian (NOUN)valu
Fijian na mosi
Filipino sakit
Finnish (NOUN)kipu, tuskaa, kivun, kipeys
French (NOUN)douleur, souffrance, mal, peine
German (NOUN)Schmerzen, Qual, leid
Greek (NOUN)πόνος, πόνο, πόνου, τον πόνο, άλγος
Haitian Creole doulè
Hebrew (NOUN)כאב, הכאב, כאבים, לכאב, כאבי, בכאב, מכאב, שהכאב, הכאבים, כואב
Hindi (NOUN)दर्द, पीड़ा
Hmong Daw mob
Hungarian (NOUN)fájdalom, fáj
Icelandic (NOUN)sársauka, verkir, verkjum, verkur
Indonesian (NOUN)rasa sakit, nyeri, sakit, kesakitan, penderitaan
Italian (NOUN)dolore, sofferenza, mal, pena
Japanese (NOUN)痛み, 苦痛, 疼痛, 痛, ペイン
Kiswahili (NOUN)maumivu, uchungu
Klingon 'oy'
Korean (NOUN)통증, 고통을, 아픔, 통, 통과
Latvian (NOUN)sāpes, sāpēm, sāpju, sāp
Lithuanian (NOUN)skausmas
Malagasy fanaintainana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)kesakitan, sakit, rasa sakit, senggugut
Maltese (NOUN)uġigħ
Norwegian Bokmål smerte
Persian (NOUN)درد
Polish (NOUN)ból, bólu, bóle
Portuguese (NOUN)dor, dores, sofrimento, sofrer, pé, chato
Querétaro Otomi 'ñu̲
Romanian (NOUN)durere
Russian (NOUN)боль, заноза, страдания
Samoan tiga
Serbian (Cyrillic) бол
Serbian (Latin) bol
Slovak (NOUN)bolesť
Slovenian (NOUN)bolečine, muka
Spanish (NOUN)dolor, duele, sufrimiento, pena
Swedish (NOUN)smärta, sveda, ont, värk
Tahitian mauiui
Tamil வலி
Telugu నొప్పి
Thai (NOUN)ปวด, เจ็บ
Tongan mamahi
Turkish (NOUN)ağrı, ağrısı, acı, acıyı, acıya, ağrıyı, pınarcı, acı çekme, ağrı kesici, baş belası
Ukrainian (NOUN)біль, болю, болі, болем, болів, больові
Urdu (NOUN)درد, تکلیف
Vietnamese (NOUN)đau, đau đớn, cơn đau
Welsh (NOUN)poen, boen, phoen
Yucatec Maya chi'ibal
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