1. the action or skill of using paint, either in a picture or as decoration.
    "pastels require a different approach to painting"
paints (plural noun)
  1. a coloured substance which is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.
    "a tin of paint" ·
    "bituminous paints"
    a piebald horse.
    "a paint mare"
  3. basketball
    the rectangular area marked near the basket at each end of the court.
    "the two players jostled in the paint"
paints (third person present) · painted (past tense) · painted (past participle) · painting (present participle)
  1. cover the surface of (something) with paint.
    "the ceiling was painted dark grey"
    colour · apply paint to · decorate · tint · dye · stain · distemper ·
    • apply cosmetics to (the skin).
      "she couldn't have been more than fourteen but her face was thickly painted"
    • apply (a liquid) to a surface with a brush.
    • (paint something out)
      obliterate something with paint.
      "the markings on the plane were hurriedly painted out"
  2. depict (someone or something) or produce (a picture) with paint.
    "I painted a woman sitting next to a table lamp" ·
    "he paints landscapes and portraits"
    portray · picture · paint a picture of · depict · delineate · draw · sketch ·
    represent · catch (a likeness of) · reproduce · illustrate · render
  3. display a mark representing (an aircraft or vehicle) on a radar screen.
    "flying behind hills lessens the enemy's ability to paint you with radar"
Middle English: from peint ‘painted’, past participle of Old French peindre, from Latin pingere ‘to paint’.
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the work showed a deliberate disregard of the more sensuous and immediately appealing aspects of painting.
comparison with earlier artists is useful in analysis of the treatment of women in her painting.
they set out to purify art by reviving the spirit and style of early religious painting.
he denounced what he considered the frivolity or vacuity of much contemporary painting.
pictorial representations covering every subject from cave painting to moonwalking.
a conventional formalist who would reduce painting to its essential qualities.
a rock painting from Catal Hyuk in Turkey has been carbon-dated to 6200 BC.
the painting depicts the lowering of the Count's body into his tomb.
she stuck the painting up alongside the daubs made by her children.
he is credited with painting one hundred and twenty-five canvases.
mostly the painting is done in the studio, working from drawings.
this may be Leonardo 's earliest securely attributable painting.
he even tried ageing the painting with a spoonful of coffee.
she told him to stop messing about with his stupid painting.
she was painting commissioned portraits in her late teens.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)skildery
Arabic (NOUN)اللوحة, الطلاء, الرسم, لوحة, زيتيه, دهان, الدهان, التصوير
Bangla চিত্র
Bosnian (Latin) slika
Bulgarian (NOUN)живопис, боядисване, картина, Бояджийско, рисуване, бои
(VERB)бояджийски, рисувате
Cantonese (Traditional) 繪畫
Catalan (NOUN)pintura, quadre, obra
Chinese Simplified 绘画
Chinese Traditional 繪畫
Croatian (NOUN)slikarstvo, platnu, bojanje
Czech (NOUN)malba, malování, malířství, obraz, lakování, nátěry
Danish (NOUN)maleri, maling
(VERB)male, lakering
Dutch (NOUN)schilderij, lakken, tekenen
Estonian (NOUN)maali, värvimine, joonistamine
Fijian na droini
Filipino pagpipinta
Finnish (NOUN)maalaus, kuvaileva
French (NOUN)peinture, tableau, toile
(VERB)peindre, peignant
German (NOUN)Malerei, Gemälde, Anstrich, Lackierung, Bild
(VERB)malen, bemalen, zeichnen
Greek (NOUN)ζωγραφική, βάψιμο, βαφής, βαφή, χρωματισμός
(VERB)χρωματίζοντας, ζωγραφικό
Haitian Creole tablo
Hebrew (NOUN)ציור, הציור, הצביעה, לציור, וציור, צביעה, בציור, התמונה
(VERB)מצייר, לצבוע, לצייר
Hindi (NOUN)चित्रकारी, चित्रकला, पेंटिंग, चित्र
Hungarian (NOUN)festészet, festmény, festő, kifestés
(VERB)festmények, festeni
Icelandic (NOUN)málverk, litarefni
(VERB)mála, Málun
Indonesian (NOUN)lukisan, melukis, pengecatan
Italian (NOUN)pittura, dipinto, verniciatura, quadro
(VERB)dipingere, verniciano
Japanese (NOUN)絵画, 絵, 塗装, ペインティング, ペイント, 画, 描画
(VERB)塗る, 描く, 塗り
Kiswahili (VERB)uchoraji
Korean (NOUN)회화, 페인팅, 그림, 도장, 색칠
(VERB)그리기, 그리는
Latvian (NOUN)glezna, krāsošana, apgleznošana
Lithuanian (NOUN)tapyba, paveikslas, dažymas, tapyti, piešinį
Malagasy sary hosodoko
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)lukisan, mengecat
Maltese (NOUN)żebgħa
Norwegian Bokmål maleri
Persian (NOUN)نقاشی, نقاشي, رنگ آمیزی
Polish (NOUN)malarstwo, malowanie, obraz, lakierowanie
Portuguese (NOUN)pintura, quadro
Querétaro Otomi pintura
Romanian (NOUN)pictura, tablou
(VERB)vopsire, Pictarea
Russian (NOUN)живопись, картина, покраска, роспись, окраски, малярные, рисования
(VERB)красить, рисовать, окрашивания
Samoan ata vali
Serbian (Cyrillic) слика
Serbian (Latin) slika
Slovak (NOUN)maľovanie, maliarstvo, maľby, obraz
(VERB)maľba, maľovať
Slovenian (NOUN)slikarstvo, barvanje, lakiranje
(VERB)pleskanje, barvanjem
Spanish (NOUN)pintura, cuadro
Swedish (NOUN)målning, måleri, tavla, lackering
(VERB)måla, målningar
Tahitian hohoa peni
Tamil (NOUN)ஓவியம்
Telugu పెయింటింగ్
Thai (NOUN)จิตรกรรม
Tongan ta valivali
Turkish (NOUN)boyama, resim, boya, tablo, resmi, resme
Ukrainian (NOUN)живопис, картини, розпис, фарбування, малярські, малювання
(VERB)фарбуванням, розфарбування
Urdu (NOUN)پینٹنگ
Vietnamese (NOUN)bức tranh, sơn, tranh
Welsh (NOUN)paentio, peintio, baentio
(VERB)pheintio, phaentio
Yucatec Maya boonilo'
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