paradises (plural noun)
  1. (in some religions) heaven as the ultimate abode of the just.
    "martyrs who die in battle with the ungodly earn instant transmission to paradise"
    heaven · the kingdom of heaven · the promised land · the heavenly kingdom · the City of God · the celestial city · the abode of God · the abode of the saints · Zion ·
    Abraham's bosom · the New Jerusalem · Elysium · the Elysian Fields · the Islands of the Blessed · Valhalla · Avalon
    • the abode of Adam and Eve before the Fall in the biblical account of the Creation; the Garden of Eden.
      the Garden of Eden · Eden
    • an ideal or idyllic place or state.
      "the surrounding countryside is a walker's paradise" ·
      "my idea of paradise is to relax on the seafront"
      Utopia · fairyland · Shangri-La · heaven · idyll · nirvana · Arcadia · bliss · heaven · ecstasy · rapture · delight · joy · happiness · nirvana · seventh heaven ·
      heaven on earth
Middle English: from Old French paradis, via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek paradeisos ‘royal (enclosed) park’, from Avestan pairidaēza ‘enclosure, park’.
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How to use paradise in a sentence?
martyrs who die in battle with the ungodly earn instant transmission to paradise.
Coney Street in York was a totter's paradise on Tuesday morning.
he took as his text the fact that Australia is paradise.
the surrounding countryside is a walker's paradise.
the city is now part slum, part consumer paradise.
my idea of paradise is to relax on the seafront.
this place is a regular fisherman's paradise.
their seriously kicking debut, ‘paradise’.
Singapore is a paradise for shopaholics.
a 6,000 acre pocket paradise.
a Majorcan paradise.
How to say paradise in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)paradys
Arabic (NOUN)الجنة, الفردوس, جنة, بارادايس, فردوس, النعيم
Bangla স্বর্গ
Bosnian (Latin) Raj
Bulgarian (NOUN)рай, Парадайз, рая, райски, раят
Cantonese (Traditional) 天堂
Catalan (NOUN)paradís
Chinese Simplified 天堂
Chinese Traditional 天堂
Croatian (NOUN)raj, raju, Rajska, raja, rajem
Czech (NOUN)ráj, ráje, ráji, rájem
Danish (NOUN)paradis
Dutch (NOUN)paradijs
Fijian parataisi
Filipino paraiso
Finnish (NOUN)paratiisi
French (NOUN)paradis
German (NOUN)Paradies
Greek (NOUN)παράδεισος, Παραντάις
Haitian Creole paradi
Hebrew (NOUN)גן עדן, גן העדן, פרדייז, עדן, בגן עדן, לגן עדן
Hindi (NOUN)स्वर्ग
Hungarian (VERB)paradicsomba
Icelandic (NOUN)paradís
Indonesian (NOUN)surga, Firdaus
Italian (NOUN)paradiso
Japanese (NOUN)パラダイス, 楽園, 天国
Kiswahili (NOUN)peponi, paradiso
Klingon QI'tu'
Korean (NOUN)파라다이스, 낙원, 천국
Latvian (NOUN)paradīze
Lithuanian (NOUN)rojus, Rojaus, rojuje, rojų, raj, rojumi
Malagasy paradisa
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)syurga
Norwegian Bokmål paradis
Persian (NOUN)بهشت, مکرپدی, پردیس
Polish (NOUN)raj, raju, rajem, rajskie
Portuguese (NOUN)paraíso, paradisíaca
Querétaro Otomi Paraíso
Romanian (NOUN)rai
Russian (NOUN)рай, раю, рая, Парадайз, раем
Samoan parataiso
Serbian (Cyrillic) Рај
Serbian (Latin) Raj
Slovak (NOUN)raj, raja, raji, rajom
Slovenian (NOUN)raj, raju, raja
Spanish (NOUN)paraíso, paradisíaca
Tahitian paradaiso
Tamil சொர்க்கம்
Telugu స్వర్గం
Thai (NOUN)สวรรค์
Tongan palataisi
Turkish (NOUN)cennet
Ukrainian (NOUN)рай, раю, раєм, райський, Парадайз, птахом
Urdu (NOUN)جنت, پیراڈائز
Vietnamese (NOUN)thiên đường
Welsh baradwys
Yucatec Maya Paraíso
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