pauses (third person present) · paused (past tense) · paused (past participle) · pausing (present participle)
  1. interrupt action or speech briefly.
    "she paused, at a loss for words"
    stop · cease · halt · discontinue · break off · take a break ·
    take a breath · adjourn · desist · rest · hold back · wait · delay · hesitate · hang back · pull up · mark time · falter · waver · let up · take a breather
    • temporarily interrupt the operation of (a process or device).
      "she had paused a tape on the VCR"
pauses (plural noun)
  1. a temporary stop in action or speech.
    "she dropped me outside during a brief pause in the rain" ·
    "he chattered away without pause"
    stop · cessation · break · halt · stoppage · standstill · interruption ·
    check · lull · respite · stay · breathing space · discontinuation · discontinuance · hiatus · gap · lapse (of time) · interlude · intermission · interval · entr'acte · adjournment · suspension · moratorium · interregnum · rest · time out · stopover · delay · hold-up · wait · hesitation · beat · caesura · let-up · breather
    • music
      a mark over a note or rest that is to be lengthened by an unspecified amount.
    • a control allowing the temporary interruption of recording, playback, or other process.
late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin pausa, from Greek pausis, from pausein ‘to stop’.
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How to use pause in a sentence?
they are also adding the ability to pause an upload if you need to go off and do something else.
children should be allowed to pause in their reading to worry out a meaning.
she dropped me outside during a brief pause in the rain.
there was a pause while she cued up the next tape.
the music moves on without rallentando or pause.
she had paused a tape on the VCR.
she paused, at a loss for words.
he chattered away without pause.
a barely perceptible pause.
an infinitesimal pause.
a pregnant pause.
How to say pause in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)wag
Arabic (NOUN)وقفة, إيقاف مؤقت, الإيقاف المؤقت, قفه, توقف مؤقت, توقف
(VERB)إيقاف, التوقف, نتوقف, مؤقتا, أتوقف
Bangla মুদ্রণে বিরতি দিন
Bosnian (Latin) pauza
Bulgarian (NOUN)пауза
(VERB)спрете, паузирате, прекъснете, временно спиране
Cantonese (Traditional) 暫停
Catalan (NOUN)pausa, pari, atura
(VERB)pausar, parar, aturar
Chinese Simplified 暂停
Chinese Traditional 暫停
Croatian (VERB)pauzirati, pauzu, stanku, zaustaviti
(NOUN)pauza, stanka, Pauziraj, zaustavljanje, pauze
Czech (VERB)pozastavit, přerušit
(NOUN)pauza, pozastavení, pauzu, pauzy, odmlce, přestávky, čekat
Danish (VERB)holde pause, afbryde, standse
(NOUN)stands, Afbryd
Dutch (VERB)onderbreken, pauzeren
(NOUN)pauze, rustpunt, onderbreking
Estonian (NOUN)paus, Peata, pausi, peatuse
Fijian tu vakadua
Filipino i-pause
Finnish (NOUN)tauko, Keskeytä, tauon, Pysäytä, pysähtyä
(VERB)keskeyttää, pysäyttää
French (VERB)suspendre, interrompre, pauser
German (VERB)pausieren, anhalten, innehalten, unterbrechen
Greek (NOUN)παύση
(VERB)διακόψετε, παύσετε, ακινητοποιήστε, σταματήσετε
Haitian Creole jog
Hebrew (VERB)להשהות, משהה, לעצור
(NOUN)השהה, הפסקה, הפוגה, שתיקה, השהיה, אתנחתא, הלעפה, עצור
Hindi (NOUN)थामने, ठहराव, रोकें, ठहराएँ, ठहरें, विराम, विरामित, पॉज़, अंतराल
(VERB)ठहराने, रोकते, रोकने
Hmong Daw ncua
Hungarian (NOUN)szünet, felfüggesztése
(VERB)szünetelteti, felfüggeszti
Icelandic (NOUN)gera hlé, stansa, hlé
Indonesian (NOUN)jeda
(VERB)menjeda, menunda
Italian (NOUN)pausa, Sospendi
Japanese (NOUN)一時停止, 休止, ポーズ
Kiswahili (NOUN)Sitisha, Komesha
Klingon yev
Korean (NOUN)일시 중지, 쉼, 정지
(VERB)일시 중지할
Latvian (NOUN)pauzes, pauzi, apturēt, apstāties, atstarpi
(VERB)pauzētu, apturētu, apstādināt
Lithuanian (NOUN)pauzė, pristabdyti, pertrauka
Malagasy miatoa kely
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menjeda
Maltese Issospendi
Persian (NOUN)مکث
(VERB)توقف, تامل
Polish (NOUN)Wstrzymaj, pauza, pauzy, pauzę, przerwy, pauzowanie, pauzuje
(VERB)wstrzymać, zatrzymaæ, przerwać
Portuguese (NOUN)pausa
(VERB)pausar, interromper
Querétaro Otomi Gi 'yo̲t'e 'nar pausa
Romanian (NOUN)pauză, întrerupeţi
Russian (NOUN)пауза, приостановка, перерыв, остановимся
(VERB)приостановить, сделать паузу, остановиться
Samoan taofi
Serbian (Cyrillic) Паузирај
Serbian (Latin) Pauziraj
Slovak (NOUN)pauza, pauzu, pozastavenie, pauzy, pauze, prerušenie, prestávke
(VERB)pozastaviť, prerušiť
Slovenian (NOUN)pavza, premor, pavzo, začasno ustavi, zamrzniti, zaustavi
(VERB)ustavite, prekinete
Spanish (NOUN)pausa, detenga
Swedish (VERB)pausa
(NOUN)paus, pausen
Tahitian faaea
Tamil நிற்க
Telugu విరామం
Tongan ta'ofi fakataimi
Turkish (NOUN)duraklat, durma
(VERB)duraklatmak, durdur
Ukrainian (NOUN)пауза, паузи, паузу, призупинення, пауз, зупинилися
(VERB)призупинити, припинення
Urdu (NOUN)توقف
Vietnamese (NOUN)tạm dừng
(VERB)tạm ngừng
Welsh (NOUN)rhewi, saib, arhoswch
Yucatec Maya beet junp'éel pausa
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