performances (plural noun)
  1. an act of presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment.
    "Don Giovanni had its first performance in 1787"
  2. the action or process of performing a task or function.
    "the continual performance of a single task reduces a man to the level of a machine"
    • a task or operation seen in terms of how successfully it is performed.
      "pay increases are now being linked more closely to performance" ·
      "it was a tremendous all-round performance by Wigan"
    • the capabilities of a machine, product, or vehicle.
      "the hardware is put through tests which assess the performance of the processor" ·
      "a performance car"
      functioning · working · operation · running · behaviour ·
      capabilities · capability · capacity · power · potential
    • the extent to which an investment is profitable, especially in relation to other investments.
      "unit-trust performance"
    • linguistics
      an individual's use of a language, i.e. what a speaker actually says, including hesitations, false starts, and errors.Often contrasted with competence.
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the next black actor or actress selected won't know if it's because of their ability and performance or if they're just a token.
this increased lateralization of the male brain allows for greater right hemisphere performance and visuospatial skills.
he was left cringing with embarrassment after stumbling over his lines during a West End performance of Macbeth.
the handbook says an alkaline battery should be good for around 2000 hours of continuous performance.
I think of my playing as committed—I can't remember ever phoning it in at any performance.
we stole a couple bottles of wine and started getting turnt right before the performance.
he stopped to fasten his shoelace and seemed to be making quite a performance of it.
testers seek only to establish a minimum level of performance necessary to graduate.
the continual performance of a single task reduces a man to the level of a machine.
due to an indisposition, Herr Gesner will not be able to continue his performance.
the hardware is put through tests which assess the performance of the processor.
a performance poised somewhere between slapstick and below-average am-dram.
employees are rewarded with bonuses connected to their firm's performance.
they tend to regard grammar as the touchstone of all language performance.
this must be the most unmoving performance of Verdi's opera ever recorded.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)prestasie, werkverrigting, uitvoering, vertoning, optrede
Arabic (NOUN)الأداء, أداء, أدائها, لﻷداء, ﻷداء
Bangla সম্পাদন
Bosnian (Latin) performanse
Bulgarian (NOUN)изпълнение, производителност, ефективността, резултати, представяне, работата, спектакъл, показатели, характеристики, постижения, извършване
Cantonese (Traditional) 性能
Catalan (NOUN)rendiment, actuació, acompliment, prestacions, representació, interpretació, funcionament, espectacle, execució, realització
Chinese Simplified 性能
Chinese Traditional 性能
Croatian (NOUN)performanse, izvedbe, izvođenje, nastup, učinkovitost, predstava, uspješnosti, obavljanje
Czech (NOUN)výkon, představení, čin, plnění, vystoupení
Danish (NOUN)ydeevne, præstation, ydelse, arbejdsindsats, udførelsen, resultater, forestillingen, effektivitet, optræden, opførelse
Dutch (NOUN)prestaties, waarneming, uitvoering, voorstelling, optreden, uitoefening, krachtige
Estonian (NOUN)jõudlust, tulemuslikkuse, toimivuse, täitmise, esitus, etendus, töös, tegevuse, tõhusust
Fijian cakacaka
Filipino pagganap
Finnish (NOUN)suorituskykyä, esitys, tehokkuutta, tulos
French (NOUN)rendement, exécution, spectacle, prestation, représentation, résultats
German (NOUN)Leistung, Aufführung, auftritt, Vorstellung, Erfüllung, Durchführung
Greek (NOUN)απόδοση, επιδόσεις, παράσταση, εκτέλεση
Haitian Creole pèfòmans
Hebrew (NOUN)ביצועים, הביצועים, לביצועים, בביצועים, וביצועים, ההופעה, הופעה, מופע
Hindi (NOUN)प्रदर्शन, निष्पादन, कार्यक्षमता, कार्य निष्पादन
Hmong Daw kev kawm
Hungarian (NOUN)teljesítmény, előadás
Icelandic (NOUN)árangur, afköst, flutningur, frammistöðu, sýningu, afkasta
Indonesian (NOUN)kinerja, performa, pertunjukan, penampilan, prestasi
Italian (NOUN)prestazioni, rendimento, esibizione, spettacolo, esecuzione
Japanese (NOUN)パフォーマンス, 性能, 業績, 実績, 演奏
Kiswahili (NOUN)utendaji
Klingon yIqaw
Korean (NOUN)성능, 성과, 퍼포먼스, 실적, 공연
Latvian (NOUN)veiktspēju, sniegumu, izpildes, darbības, efektivitātes, rezultātiem, rādītāji, izšķirtspējas
Lithuanian (NOUN)našumą, efektyvumą, veiklos, spektaklio, rezultatų, vykdymo, naudingumo, kokybės, charakteristikų
Malagasy ny fampisehoana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)prestasi, pencapaian, persembahan, pelaksanaan
Maltese (NOUN)prestazzjoni, twettieq, qadi, rendiment, eżekuzzjoni, imġieba, ħidma, aġir, tħaddim, effiċjenza, eżerċizzju
Norwegian Bokmål ytelse
Persian (NOUN)عملکرد, کارایی, عملكرد, کارکرد, اجرای, اجرا
Polish (NOUN)wydajność, świadczenie, osiągi, występ, wykonanie, wyników, skuteczności, działania
Portuguese (NOUN)desempenho, atuação, actuação, rendimento, apresentação, realização
Querétaro Otomi rendimiento
Romanian (NOUN)performanţă, îndeplinirea, spectacol, executarea
Russian (NOUN)производительности, исполнения, выступление, эффективности, спектакль, показатели, представление, выполнение, работы, характеристики
Samoan faatinoga
Serbian (Cyrillic) перформансе
Serbian (Latin) performanse
Slovak (NOUN)výkon, predstavenie, plnenie, hospodárnosti, vystúpenie
Slovenian (NOUN)uspešnosti, predstava, učinkovitosti, delovanje, zmogljivosti, nastop, izvedbo, opravljanje, izvajanje, rezultate
Spanish (NOUN)rendimiento, desempeño, funcionamiento, actuación, prestaciones, interpretación, ejecución, realización, resultados, presentación, espectáculo
Swedish (NOUN)prestanda, utförande, resultat, föreställning, fullgörandet, kapacitet
Tahitian ohipa
Tamil (NOUN)செயல்திறன்
Telugu పనితీరు
Thai (NOUN)ประสิทธิภาพ, สมรรถนะ, ปฏิบัติ
Tongan ngaue
Turkish (NOUN)performans, başarım, ifa
Ukrainian (NOUN)продуктивність, виконання, виступ, швидкодії, спектакль, вистави, показники, ефективності, характеристики, роботи, діяльності
Urdu (NOUN)کارکردگی
Vietnamese (NOUN)hiệu suất, biểu diễn
Welsh (NOUN)perfformiad, pherfformio
Yucatec Maya rendimiento
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