phrases (plural noun)
  1. a small group of words standing together as a conceptual unit, typically forming a component of a clause.
    "‘to improve standards’ is the key phrase here"
    expression · group of words · word group · construction · clause ·
    locution · wording · term · turn of phrase · idiom · idiomatic expression · set phrase · phrasal idiom · phrasal verb · remark · comment · saying · utterance · witticism · tag · quotation · quote · citation · line · sentence
phrases (third person present) · phrased (past tense) · phrased (past participle) · phrasing (present participle)
  1. put into a particular form of words.
    "it's important to phrase the question correctly"
    express · put into words · put · word · style · formulate · couch · frame ·
    set forth · utter · say · tell · articulate · verbalize · communicate · convey · get/put across
    • divide (music) into phrases in a particular way, especially in performance.
      "they phrased the music with gusto"
mid 16th century (in the sense ‘style or manner of expression’): via late Latin from Greek phrasis, from phrazein ‘declare, tell’.
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I have bracketed the phrase ‘of contrary qualities’ in the translation, since it is not explicit in the Greek.
he's always teasing her for her Cockney accent and her non-U turns of phrase.
the succession of downward phrases in the orchestra is so moving.
a phrase borrowed from the Indian scholar Ananda Coomaraswamy.
‘herstories’ rather than ‘histories’ as the cant phrase goes.
the editor helped in the deconvolution of phrase and thought.
the repeated phrase gives the piece unity and cohesion.
‘fly-tip’ is a derivative of the phrase ‘on the fly’.
I used a phrase which may be open to misconstruction.
their ascending phrase was ritardando to a degree.
it's important to phrase the question correctly.
the user can tab to the phrase and press Enter.
‘to improve standards’ is the key phrase here.
his favourite phrase is ‘it's a pleasure’.
the prepositional phrase ‘in the kitchen'.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)frase
Arabic (NOUN)العبارة, عبارة, جملة, الجملة
Bangla শব্দসমষ্টি
Bosnian (Latin) izraz
Bulgarian (NOUN)фраза, израз, изречение
Cantonese (Traditional) 短語
Catalan (NOUN)frase, expressió
Chinese Simplified 短语
Chinese Traditional 短語
Croatian (NOUN)izraz, frazu, fraza, fraze, frazi, frazom, rečenica
Czech (NOUN)frázi, fráze, slovní spojení, věta, frázová, sousloví, větou, věty, větu, výraz, formulovat
Danish (NOUN)sætning, frase, udtryk, sætning, vending, formulering, ordene
Dutch (NOUN)woordgroep, zinsnede, zin, uitdrukking, frase, zegswijze, term, formulering
Estonian (NOUN)fraas, lause, väljend, sõnad
Fijian na malanivosa
Filipino mga katagang
Finnish (NOUN)lause, fraasi, ilmaisu, virke, sanonta
French (NOUN)expression, locution
German (NOUN)Satz, Wortgruppe, Ausdruck, Formulierung, Redewendung, Begriff, Spruch, Wendung
Greek (NOUN)φράση, φράσεων, έκφραση
Haitian Creole fraz
Hebrew (NOUN)הביטוי, ביטוי, משפט, המשפט, בביטוי, צירוף
Hindi (NOUN)वाक्यांश, पदबंध, मुहावरा
Hmong Daw kab lus
Hungarian (NOUN)mondat, kifejezés
Icelandic (NOUN)setningu, orðasamband, orðtak
Indonesian (NOUN)frase, frasa, ungkapan, kalimat
Italian (NOUN)frase, espressione
Japanese (NOUN)フレーズ, 語句, 句, 言い回し, とある
Kiswahili (NOUN)kishazi, maneno, kauli, kifungu, fungu
Klingon je
Korean (NOUN)문구, 어구, 구문, 구를, 프레이즈, 구가, 어구가, 구, 구절, 구에, 구의
Latvian (NOUN)frāze, frāzi, frāžu, teikumu
Lithuanian (NOUN)frazė, frazλ, sakinys, žodžiai
Malagasy andian-teny
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)frasa, ungkapan
Maltese (NOUN)frażi
Norwegian Bokmål uttrykket
Persian (NOUN)عبارت, اصطلاح
Polish (NOUN)frazę, frazy, wyrażenie, fraza, zdanie, zwrot, frazie, wyra┐enie, sformułowanie, fraz
Portuguese (NOUN)frase, expressão
Querétaro Otomi ar hmä
Romanian (NOUN)fraza, expresie, sintagma, fraze
Russian (NOUN)фразу, выражение, формулировки
Samoan fuaitau
Serbian (Cyrillic) фраза
Serbian (Latin) fraza
Slovak (NOUN)frázu, slovné spojenie, frázy, veta, fráza, výraz, Frázové, vety, vetu, vetou, vete
Slovenian (NOUN)frazo, besedna zveza, stavek, fraza, rečenica, stavka, izraz, frazi, frazno, fraze
Spanish (NOUN)frase, expresión
Swedish (NOUN)fras, frasen, uttrycket, mening, formulering
Tahitian parau
Tamil சொற்றொடர்
Telugu పదబంధం
Thai (NOUN)วลี
Tongan kupu'i lea
Turkish (NOUN)tümcecik, ifade, cümle, tabir, öbeği, deyim, öbek, sıralı, Ifade
Ukrainian (NOUN)фразу, фраза, фрази, фразою, фразі, словосполучення, фраз, вираз
Urdu (NOUN)فقرہ, جملہ, عبارت
Vietnamese (NOUN)cụm từ, cụm
Welsh (NOUN)ymadrodd, gymal, dywediad, cymal, frawddeg, geiriau, term, gair
Yucatec Maya frase
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