plays (third person present) · played (past tense) · played (past participle) · playing (present participle)
  1. engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.
    "the children were playing by a pool" ·
    "her friends were playing with their dolls"
    amuse oneself · entertain oneself · enjoy oneself · have fun ·
    have a good time · relax · rest · be at leisure · occupy oneself · divert oneself · play games · frolic · frisk · gambol · romp · cavort · caper · mess about/around · lark (about/around) · sport · disport oneself
    • engage in (a game or activity) for enjoyment.
      "I want to play Snakes and Ladders"
      take part in · participate in · engage in · be involved in · join in ·
      compete in · do
    • amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretence.
      "the boys were playing at soldiers"
    • (play at)
      engage in without proper seriousness or understanding.
      "it would be wrong to assume that he is simply playing at right-wing politics"
      pretend to be · give the appearance of · assume/affect the role of ·
      pass oneself off as · masquerade as · profess to be · pose as · impersonate · make out · fake · feign · simulate · affect · go through the motions of · make like
    • (play with)
      treat inconsiderately for one's own amusement.
      "she likes to play with people's emotions"
      take advantage of · impose on · exploit · make use of · use ·
      abuse · misuse · manipulate · take liberties with · trifle with · play with · walk over · take for a ride · put one over on · play for a sucker · run rings around
    • (play with)
      fiddle or tamper with.
      "has somebody been playing with these taps?"
      handle · hold · pick up · move · meddle with ·
      play (about/around) with · toy with · fiddle with · interfere with · tamper with · disturb · harm · lay a hand on · lay a finger on · use · employ · make use of · put to use · have access to · access · avail oneself of · get (at) · take advantage of
    • (be playing at)
      used to convey one's irritation at someone's actions or one's failure to understand their motives.
      "what on earth do you think you're playing at?"
  2. take part in (a sport).
    "I play squash and badminton"
    take part in · participate in · engage in · be involved in · join in ·
    compete in · do
    • participate in (a sporting match or contest).
      "the squad will have played 14 games in six weeks"
      take part in · participate in · engage in · be involved in · join in ·
      compete in · do
    • compete against (another player or team) in a sporting match.
      "the team will play France on Wednesday"
      compete against · contend against · oppose · take on · challenge ·
      vie with · rival
    • be part of a team, especially in a specified position, in a sporting contest.
      "he played in goal"
    • strike (a ball) or execute (a stroke) in a game.
      "was he in an offside position when his teammate played the ball?"
    • (of a cricket ground) be in such condition as to have a specified effect on play.
    • assign to take part in a match, especially in a specified position.
      "the manager played his strongest side of the season"
    • move (a piece) or display (a playing card) in one's turn in a game.
      "he played his queen"
    • bet or gamble at or on.
      "he didn't gamble or play the ponies"
  3. be cooperative.
    "he needs financial backing, but the building societies won't play"
    cooperate · collaborate · play along · play the game ·
    go along with the plan · show willing · be willing · help · lend a hand · assist · be of assistance · contribute · reciprocate · respond · pitch in
  4. represent (a character) in a theatrical performance or a film.
    "early in her career she played Ophelia"
    act the part of · play the part of · act · take the role of · enact · represent ·
    perform · appear as · portray · depict · impersonate · pretend to be · execute · render · interpret · personate
    • perform in a film or theatrical production.
      "he was proud to be playing opposite a famous actor"
    • put on or take part in (a theatrical performance, film, or concert).
      "the show was one of the best we ever played"
      put on · present · produce · give · perform in · act in · play in ·
      take part in · participate in · be involved in · be engaged in
    • give a dramatic performance at (a particular theatre or place).
      "the company are playing 11 cities around the country"
    • behave as though one were (a specified type of person).
      "the skipper played the innocent, but smuggled goods were found on his vessel"
    • (play someone for)
      treat someone as being of (a specified type).
      "don't imagine you can play me for a fool"
  5. perform on (a musical instrument).
    "a man was playing a guitar"
    • possess the skill of performing on (a musical instrument).
      "he taught himself to play the violin"
      perform on · make music on · blow · sound · strum
    • produce (notes) from a musical instrument; perform (a piece of music).
      "they played a violin sonata"
    • make (a disc, music player, or other device) produce sounds or recorded images.
      "someone is playing a record—I can hear the drum"
    • (of a musical instrument, music player, or other device) produce sounds or recorded images.
      "somewhere within, a harp was playing" ·
      "some of the videos are playing without sound" · "from behind the curtains an organ played a jolly tune"
    • accompany (someone) with music as they are moving in a specified direction.
      "the bagpipes played them out of the dining room"
  6. move lightly and quickly, so as to appear and disappear; flicker.
    "little beams of light played over the sea"
    move lightly · dance · flit · dart · ripple · lick · touch
    • (of a fountain or similar source of water) emit a stream of gently moving water.
      "a fountain played in the courtyard"
  7. allow (a fish) to exhaust itself pulling against a line before reeling it in.
    "no fisherman ever played a bonita more carefully or with greater wile"
  1. activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children.
    "a child at play may use a stick as an aeroplane"
    • behaviour or speech that is not intended seriously.
      "I flinched, but only in play"
    • designed to be used in games of pretence; not real.
      "play families are arranged in play houses"
  2. the conducting of a sporting match.
    "rain wrecked the second day's play"
    • the action or manner of engaging in a sport or game.
      "he maintained the same rhythm of play throughout the game"
    • the status of the ball in a game as being available to be played according to the rules.
      "the ball was put in play"
    • the state of being active, operative, or effective.
      "someone has a bright idea and decides to put it into play" ·
      "the forces of a worldwide economy are in play"
    • a move or manoeuvre in a sport or game.
      "the best play is to lead the 3 of clubs"
      turn · go · play · opportunity · chance · shot
    • archaic
      the activity of gambling.
      "a young nobleman, ruined by play"
  3. a dramatic work for the stage or to be broadcast.
    "the actors put on a new play"
    drama · stage play · stage show · theatrical work · theatrical piece ·
    radio play · television play · teleplay · screenplay · comedy · tragedy · farce · sketch · production · performance · spectacle · show
  4. the space in or through which a mechanism can or does move.
    "the steering rack was loose, and there was a little play"
    movement · freedom of movement · free motion · slack · give ·
    room to manoeuvre · room to operate · scope · latitude · elbow room · space · margin
  5. light and constantly changing movement.
    "the artist exploits the play of light across the surface"
Old English pleg(i)an ‘to exercise’, plega ‘brisk movement’, related to Middle Dutch pleien ‘leap for joy, dance’.
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How to use play in a sentence?

Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.

on Kangaroo Island you'll talk to wallabies and cuddle koalas, sunbake with seals on the pristine beach, and play with dolphins in the crystal clear waters.
we're coming into this game ready to play smash-mouth because we know that's the type of game it's going to be.
if you want to play in a club where the DJ's expected to beat-match records, you'd better develop the skill.
the Blackhawks were on the power play for almost four minutes in overtime but couldn't get the winning goal.
he cannot afford to bring into play the kind of leadership veto that operated all those years ago.
the screen tilter lets you play the game flat without developing a permanent rick in your neck.
pupils will play truant rather than face the taunts of classmates about their ragged clothes.
nearly four feet of water cascaded over the park, upturning paving stones and play equipment.
we'd creep through a hole in the fence on this bit of wasteland and play games in the bushes.
an antibody response to these bacteria could play an aetiological role in ulcerative colitis.
although she was too young, she was given special dispensation to play before her birthday.
they are marked fortissimo decrescendo—just like all the instruments that play sforzando.
we play our home games when they do not clash with those of Liverpool or Everton.
the two DJs who preside over the turntables play all kinds of cool electronica.
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How to say play in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)speel
Arabic (VERB)اللعب, تلعب, لعب, العب, يلعب, نلعب, تقوم به, تشغيل, تضطلع, قراءة
Bangla খেলা
Bosnian (Latin) igrati
Bulgarian (VERB)играят, играе, възпроизвеждате, свири, играта
(NOUN)Играйте, възпроизвеждане, игра, пиесата, изпълни
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)jugar, reproduir, juga, tocar, juguen, jugui, sonar
(NOUN)joc, reprodueix, obra, escoltar
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)igrati, reproducirati, svirati, igru
(NOUN)Igrajte, Reproduciraj, predstavu, igri
Czech (VERB)hrát, přehrát, hrají, zahrát, hraní, hraje, činnost
(NOUN)hře, hra, hry, hru
Danish (VERB)spille, lege, afspilles
(NOUN)spil, Afspil, leg
Dutch (VERB)spelen, afspelen, speelt, afgespeeld, vervullen
(NOUN)speel, toneelstuk, spel
Estonian (VERB)mängida, esitada, mängu
Fijian qito
Filipino Maglaro
Finnish (VERB)pelata, toistaa, ilakoida, leikkiä, soittaa, olla
(NOUN)Pelaa, toista
French (VERB)jouer, lire, écouter
(NOUN)jeu, pièce, lecture
German (VERB)spielen, wiedergeben, starte
(NOUN)Stück, Spiels
Greek (VERB)παίξει, παίζουν, παίξουν, διαδραματίσει, παίξω, παίζω, αναπαραγάγετε, παίζει
(NOUN)Παίξτε, παιχνίδι, αναπαραγωγή
Haitian Creole jwe
Hebrew (VERB)לשחק, משחק, לנגן, נשחק, להשמיע, מנגן, להפעיל, משחקים
(NOUN)שחק, המחזה, הפעל
Hindi (VERB)खेलने, खेलते, खेल, निभा, निभाते, चलाने, चलाए, चला
(NOUN)चलायें, प्ले, नाटक
Hmong Daw ua si
Hungarian (VERB)játszani, játék, játsszon, lejátszásához
(NOUN)Játssz, Játsz, lejátszás
Icelandic (VERB)spila, leika, gegna
(NOUN)spilun, leik
Indonesian (VERB)bermain, memainkan, memutar, Main
(NOUN)Mainkan, putar, drama
Italian (VERB)giocare, riprodurre, suonare, svolgere
(NOUN)gioco, riproduzione, ascolta
Japanese (VERB)再生, プレイ, 遊ぶ, プレー, 果たす, 演奏, 果たし
(NOUN)遊び, 演劇, 劇
Kiswahili (VERB)kucheza, kutimiza
(NOUN)Chezesha, Cheza
Klingon chu'
Korean (VERB)재생, 연주, 놀, 노는, 놀고, 게임, 경기
(NOUN)플레이, 놀이, 연극, 실행
Latvian (VERB)spēlēt, atskaņot, demonstrēt, būt
(NOUN)atskaņošanas, spēles
Lithuanian (VERB)žaisti, vaidinti, žaidi, atkurti, atlikti, paleisti
(NOUN)groti, Žaiskite, leisti, žaidimą
Malagasy ilay tantara an-tsehatra
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)main, permainan
(VERB)bermain, memainkan
Maltese (VERB)tilgħab, taqra, jaqra, agħmel
(NOUN)Ilgħab, aqra, logħob
Norwegian Bokmål spill
Persian (VERB)بازی, پخش
Polish (VERB)grać, grę, zagrać, odtwarzania, odgrywać, gram, pograć, odtworzyć, gry
(NOUN)Zagraj, Graj
Portuguese (VERB)jogar, brincar, tocar, desempenhar, jogue, Piay, joga, reproduzir, jogam
(NOUN)jogo, peça
Querétaro Otomi 'ñeni
Romanian (VERB)juca, Joaca, joace, joci, reda, redaţi, jucat
(NOUN)Jucati, joc, redare, jocul
Russian (VERB)играть, сыграть, воспроизведения, поиграть
(NOUN)Сыграйте, игры, пьеса, слушать
Samoan taalo
Serbian (Cyrillic) игра
Serbian (Latin) igra
Slovak (VERB)hrať, prehrávanie, hrajú, zohrávať, zahrať, hrá, hre
(NOUN)Zahrajte, prehrávania, hru, hry
Slovenian (VERB)igra, predvajanje, imajo
(NOUN)Predvajaj, Igrajte, igro, igri
Spanish (VERB)jugar, tocar, reproducir, desempeñar
(NOUN)juego, obra, jugada, reproducción
Swedish (VERB)spela, leka, leker
(NOUN)lek, leken, uppspelning, spel
Tahitian e hauti
Tamil (NOUN)இயக்கு, ஓட்டு
Telugu ప్లే
Thai (VERB)เล่น
Tongan va'inga
Turkish (VERB)oynamak, oyna, oynaya, oyun, oynar, çala, çalmak
(NOUN)çal, oynayın, oynat
Ukrainian (VERB)грати, відтворення, грають, граєте, зіграти, відігравати, пограти
(NOUN)Грайте, слухати, гри, гра
Urdu (NOUN)کھیلیں, چلائیں, پلے, چلنے, کھیل
(VERB)کھیلنے, ادا, کھیلتے, کھیلے, چلانے, چلا
Vietnamese (VERB)chơi, phát, đóng
Welsh (NOUN)chwarae
Yucatec Maya báaxal
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