1. grammar
    (of a word or form) denoting more than one, or (in languages with dual number) more than two.
    "the first person plural"
    • more than one in number.
      "the meanings of the text are plural"
  2. containing several diverse elements.
    "a plural society"
plurals (plural noun)
  1. a plural word or form.
    "nouns with irregular plurals"
    • (the plural)
      the plural number.
      "the verb is in the plural"
late Middle English: from Old French plurel or Latin pluralis, from plus, plur- ‘more’.
Words starting with plural:
Words that rhyme with plural:
How to use plural in a sentence?
words sensed to be inherently plural were incorrectly pluralized.
in Greek the dual contrasts with the indefinite plural.
the student has to choose the right plural endings.
a plural subject can co-occur with a singular verb.
the meanings of the text are plural.
a regularly inflected plural noun.
the zero plural in ‘three sheep’.
a vision of a plural Arab polity.
an irregularly inflected plural.
nouns with irregular plurals.
the verb is in the plural.
the first person plural.
a plural society.
How to say plural in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans meervoud
Arabic (NOUN)صيغة الجمع
(ADJECTIVE)الجمع, جمعي, تعدد الزوجات, تعددية
Bangla বহুবচন
Bosnian (Latin) množina
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)множествено число
Cantonese (Traditional) 複數
Chinese Simplified 复数
Chinese Traditional 複數
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)množina
Czech (ADJECTIVE)množné číslo, plurální
Danish (ADJECTIVE)flertal, pluralistisk
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)meervoud, pluralistische
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)mitmuse
Fijian vosa
Filipino pangmaramihan
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)monikko
French (ADJECTIVE)pluriel
German (ADJECTIVE)Mehrzahl
Greek (ADJECTIVE)πληθυντικός, πλουραλιστική
Haitian Creole au
Hebrew ברבים
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)बहुवचन
Hmong Daw ntau tshaj ib tus
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)többes
Icelandic (NOUN)Fleirtala
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)jamak
Italian (ADJECTIVE)plurale, pl, sing
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)複数
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)wingi
Korean (ADJECTIVE)복수
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)daudzskaitlī
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)daugiskaitos
Malagasy maro
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)majmuk
Norwegian Bokmål flertall
Persian (ADJECTIVE)جمع
Polish (ADJECTIVE)liczbie mnogiej, mnogą
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)poligâmico
Russian (ADJECTIVE)множественное число, во множественном числе, плюральную
Samoan faaautaunonofo
Serbian (Cyrillic) у множини
Serbian (Latin) u množini
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)množné číslo, plurálny
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)množina
Swedish (NOUN)pluralt, böjningsform
Tamil பன்மை
Telugu బహువచనం
Thai พหูพจน์
Tongan tokolahi
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)çoğul
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)множині
Vietnamese số nhiều
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)lluosog
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