[pɔː, pʊə]
poorer (comparative adjective) · poorest (superlative adjective)
  1. lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.
    "they were too poor to afford a telephone" ·
    "the gap between the rich and the poor has widened"
    poverty-stricken · impoverished · necessitous · beggarly · in penury ·
    penurious · impecunious · indigent · needy · needful · in need/want · badly off · low-paid · in reduced circumstances · in straitened circumstances · destitute · hard up · short of money · on one's beam-ends · unable to make ends meet · underprivileged · deprived · penniless · without a sou · as poor as a church mouse · moneyless · bankrupt · bust · insolvent · in debt · in the red · on the breadline · without a penny (to one's name) · broke · flat broke · cleaned out · strapped for cash · strapped · on one's uppers · without two pennies to rub together · without two (brass) farthings to rub together · stony broke · skint · in Queer Street · stone broke · craptastic · pauperized · beggared
    • (of a place) inhabited by people with little money.
      "the world's poorest countries"
  2. of a low or inferior standard or quality.
    "many people are eating a very poor diet" ·
    "her work was poor"
    • (poor in)
      deficient or lacking in.
      "the water is poor in nutrients"
      deficient in · lacking (in) · wanting (in) · short of/on · low on ·
      missing · with an insufficiency of · with too few/little …
      rich in
    • dated
      used ironically to deprecate something belonging to or offered by oneself.
      "he is, in my poor opinion, a more handsome young man"
  3. (of a person) deserving of pity or sympathy.
    "they enquired after poor Dorothy's broken hip"
Middle English: from Old French poure, from Latin pauper.
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the fact that a storm may show up the poor condition of a flat roof does not signify that storm was the proximate cause of damage to it.
they say that we are trying to give poor children tastes which will only unfit them for a life of hardship and toil.
surely the theatre could at least have papered the house if the box office was looking so poor.
not all who live in inner cities are poor; equally, many poor people live outside inner cities.
There is no shortage of basic skills in the workplace. Rather, the problem is poor management.
employers should aim to be consistent in how they deal with employees' poor timekeeping.

If you are born poor, it is not your mistake. But if you die poor it is your mistake.

Bill Gates
this comment was swiftly followed by an apology for such a poor choice of words.
the poor performer is motivated by the fear that he or she is highly disposable.
despite poor opinion poll showings, the party selected him as its candidate.
the government was plagued by leaks—a symptom of divisions and poor morale.
the test's high failure rate was caused by poor observation and steering.
concern for the poor remains a strong motivational factor in my thinking.
globalization hegemonizes and controls the urban as well as rural poor.
some poor criminal … from the gibbet or the wheel, respited for a day.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)swak, arm, armes, arme, slegte
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)الفقراء, الفقيرة, المسكين, فقراء, فقيرة, فقير, سوء, رديئة, ضعف, السيئة, سيئة
Bangla দরিদ্র
Bosnian (Latin) Jadni
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)бедните, беден, лошото, лошо, лоша, бедна, лоши, лошите, слабо, слаб
Cantonese (Traditional) 可憐
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)pobres, pobra, mala, deficient, mal, males, poca
Chinese Simplified 可怜
Chinese Traditional 可憐
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)siromašni, jadna, slaba, jadno, loše, jadne, loša, lošim
(NOUN)jadni, jadan, slabo
Czech (ADJECTIVE)chudých, chudé, chudí, špatné, chudá, ubohý, ubohá, ubohé, slabé, nízké
Danish (ADJECTIVE)fattige, dårlig, stakkels, sløj, ringe
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)arme, slechte, armen, stumperig, gebrekkige, arm, zwakke
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)vaesed, kehv, vaeste, halb, halva, vaene, kehva, vilets, nõrk, puudulik
Fijian dravudravua
Filipino maralita
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)huono, köyhien, köyhät, epäkelpo, heikko
French (ADJECTIVE)pauvres, mauvaise, médiocre, piètre, faible
German (ADJECTIVE)armen, schlechte, mangelhafte, schwache
Greek (ADJECTIVE)φτωχοί, κακή, φτωχών, φτωχή, τους φτωχούς, φτωχές, κακής, φτωχά, ανεπαρκούς, κακές, χαμηλή
Haitian Creole pòv
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)המסכן, המסכנה, עניים, עני, מסכנה, העניים, ענייה, ירודה, לקויה, גרועה
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)गरीब, खराब
Hmong Daw txom nyem
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)szegény, rossz, gyenge
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)fátækur, léleg, vesalings, slæm
(NOUN)aumingja, veslings
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)miskin, buruk, Malang
Italian (ADJECTIVE)poveri, scarsa, scadente, cattiva, mediocre, pessimo
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)貧しい, 貧しい人々, 貧困層, 悪い, 貧乏人, 貧乏, 不良, 貧困, 低下, 低い
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)maskini, masikini, duni, mbaya
Klingon vIvup
Korean (ADJECTIVE)가난한, 불쌍한, 빈약한, 영세민, 저하, 불량, 좋지
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)nabadzīgajiem, nabaga, slikta, trūcīgs, vāji, vāja, zemas, zema, vājš
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)prastos, neturtingų, skurdžių, blogos, vargšas, menkas, netinkamos
Malagasy mahantra
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)miskin, lemah, buruk
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)fqir
Norwegian Bokmål dårlig
Persian (ADJECTIVE)فقیر, ضعیف, فقرا, ضعيف, ضعف, بد
Polish (ADJECTIVE)biednych, ubogich, słabe, słaba, niska, słaby, złym, złej, złe, zła
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)pobre, deficiente, má, fraca, mau, fraco, ruim
Querétaro Otomi pobre
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)săraci, slabă, proastă, precară, bietul, biata
Russian (ADJECTIVE)бедных, плохой, малоимущих, неимущих, низкого, слабое, нищим, неудовлетворительным, несчастный
Samoan matitiva
Serbian (Cyrillic) Јадни
Serbian (Latin) Jadni
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)chudobných, zlá, zlé, zlou, zlú, slabá, zlej, zlý, zlým, nedostatočné
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)revnih, slabo, revne, uboren, ubogi, reveži, revna
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)pobre, deficiente, mala, escasa, mal
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)fattiga, dålig, stackars, bristande
Tahitian feia veve
Tamil ஏழை
Telugu పేద
Tongan masiva
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)zavallı, yoksul, fakir, kötü, zayıf, yetersiz, düşük
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)бідних, бідні, поганий, бідного, бідна, малозабезпечених, слабке, низька
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)غریب, مسکین, ناقص
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)nghèo, kém, tồi
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)gwael, wael, tlawd, dlawd, tlodion, wan, isel, diffyg
Yucatec Maya Óotsil
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