1. consisting in or characterized by the presence rather than the absence of distinguishing features.
    • expressing or implying affirmation, agreement, or permission.
      "the company received a positive response from investors"
    • (of the results of a test or experiment) indicating that a certain substance or condition is present or exists.
      "the positive results of a pregnancy test" ·
      "a positive test for Down's syndrome"
      showing a reaction · affirmative
    • (of a person) having a specified condition, or showing traces of a specified substance in their body.
      "a player had tested positive for cocaine use" ·
      "he is HIV-positive"
  2. constructive, optimistic, or confident.
    "there needs to be a positive approach to young offenders" ·
    "adopt a positive outlook on life"
  3. with no possibility of doubt; definite.
    "he made a positive identification of a glossy ibis"
    definite · conclusive · certain · categorical · unequivocal ·
    incontrovertible · indisputable · undeniable · incontestable · unmistakable · unambiguous · indubitable · unquestionable · irrefutable · beyond question · beyond a doubt · absolute · reliable · persuasive · convincing · concrete · tangible · clear · clear-cut · precise · direct · explicit · express · firm · decisive · real · actual · as sure as eggs is eggs
  4. (of a quantity) greater than zero.
  5. containing, producing, or denoting an electric charge opposite to that carried by electrons.
    "each battery has a positive and negative terminal"
  6. (of a photographic image) showing lights and shades or colours true to the original.
  7. grammar
    denoting the primary degree of an adjective or adverb, which expresses simple quality without qualification.Contrasted with comparative and superlative.
  8. philosophy
    dealing only with matters of fact and experience; not speculative or theoretical.Compare with positivism.
  9. astrology
    relating to or denoting any of the air or fire signs, considered active in nature.
positives (plural noun)
  1. a desirable or constructive quality or attribute.
    "take your weaknesses and translate them into positives" ·
    "to manage your way out of recession, accentuate the positive"
  2. a positive photographic image, especially one printed from a negative.
    "the photographic process involves separate runs with the red, green, and blue separation positives"
  3. a result of a test or experiment indicating that a certain substance or condition is present or exists.
    "let us look at the distribution of those positives"
  4. the part of an electric circuit that is at a higher electrical potential than another point designated as having zero electrical potential.
    "try linking the signal input directly to positive"
  5. a number greater than zero.
  6. grammar
    an adjective or adverb in the positive degree.
late Middle English: from Old French positif, -ive or Latin positivus, from posit- ‘placed’, from the verb ponere. The original sense referred to laws as being formally ‘laid down’, which gave rise to the sense ‘explicitly laid down and admitting no question’, hence ‘certain’.
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millions of Americans feel voiceless and powerless to bring positive change to the political system.
the photographic process involves separate runs with the red, green, and blue separation positives.
during the excitation of each phase the motor produces equal positive and negative torques.

Keep a positive mind. Remember, a failed attempt doesn't make you a failure—giving up does.

Lorii Myers
everything above the 80 northing is positive, while everything below is negative.
minority teachers serve as positive role models for non-white students.

You must have a positive self perception in order to transcend anything.

Steve Maraboli
a strong and non-extreme leader who ran a powerful, positive campaign.
it may be impossible for relatives to make positive identifications.
maybe something positive will come out of the whole awful business.
the prospects for positive growth in the economy do not look good.
that this is a positive stereotype makes it no less a stereotype.
people respond differentially to positive and negative stimuli.
to manage your way out of recession, accentuate the positive.
‘You are sure it was the same man?’ ‘positive!’ said George.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)positiewe
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)إيجابية, الايجابيه, الموجبة, موجب, موجبة
Bangla ইতিবাচক
Bosnian (Latin) pozitivan
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)положителни, позитивни
Cantonese (Traditional) 積極
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)positiu
Chinese Simplified 积极
Chinese Traditional 積極
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)pozitivne, određen
Czech (ADJECTIVE)pozitivní, kladné, příznivý, absolutní
Danish (ADJECTIVE)sikker
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)positieve, gunstige
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)positiivne
Fijian vinaka
Filipino positibong
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)positiivinen, myönteisiä, ehdoton
French (ADJECTIVE)positif, favorable
Greek (ADJECTIVE)θετική
Haitian Creole pozitif
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)חיובי, החיובי, משוכנע
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)सकारात्मक, धनात्मक, पॉजिटिव
Hmong Daw zoo
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)pozitív, kedvező
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)jákvæð, aukningu, neikvæður
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)positif
Italian (ADJECTIVE)positivo
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)正, 肯定的な, 陽性, 肯定的, ポジティブ, プラス, 積極的, 肯定, 前向き, 陽
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)chanya, mazuri, mwema, mzuri, halisi
Klingon na
Korean (ADJECTIVE)긍정적인, 양수, 포지티브, 확실성, 양의, 양성
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)pozitīvu, labvēlīgu
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)teigiamas, pozityvus
Malagasy tsara
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)positif
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)pożittiv, posittivi
Norwegian Bokmål positiv
Persian (ADJECTIVE)مثبت, مثبتی
Polish (ADJECTIVE)pozytywne, dodatnie
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)positivo
Querétaro Otomi positiva
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)pozitiv
Russian (ADJECTIVE)положительные, позитивные, конструктивные, благоприятной
Samoan lelei
Serbian (Cyrillic) позитиван
Serbian (Latin) pozitivan
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)pozitívne, kladné, priaznivý
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)pozitivne, določen
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)positivo
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)positiva, realitet
Tahitian maitai
Tamil (ADJECTIVE)நேர்மறை
Telugu పాజిటివ్
Tongan lelei
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)pozitif, olumlu, artı
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)позитивні, додатне
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)مثبت
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)tích cực, dương
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)cadarnhaol, positif
Yucatec Maya positiva
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