1. after in time or order.
    "post-date" ·
from Latin post ‘after, behind’.
posts (plural noun)
  1. a long, sturdy piece of timber or metal set upright in the ground and used as a support or marker.
    "follow the blue posts until the track meets a road"
    pole · stake · upright · shaft · prop · support · picket · strut · pillar ·
    pale · paling · column · piling · standard · stanchion · pylon · stave · rod · newel · baluster · jamb · bollard · mast · fence post · gatepost · finger post · king post · milepost · palisade · puncheon · shore
    • a goalpost.
      "Robertson, at the near post, headed wide"
    • (the post)
      a starting post or winning post.
  2. a piece of writing, image, or other item of content published online, typically on a blog or social media website or application.
    "in a recent post, he cautioned investors to be wary of these predictions"
posts (third person present) · posted (past tense) · posted (past participle) · posting (present participle)
  1. display (a notice) in a public place.
    "a curt notice had been posted on the door"
    affix · attach · fasten · hang · display · pin (up) · put up · stick (up) ·
    tack (up) · nail (up)
    • put notices on or in.
      "we have posted all the bars"
  2. announce or publish (something, especially a financial result).
    "the company posted a £460,000 loss"
    announce · report · make known · advertise · publish · publicize ·
    • publish the name of (a member of the armed forces) as missing or dead.
      "a whole troop had been posted missing"
    • publish (a piece of writing, image, or other item of content) online, typically on a blog or social media website or application.
      "she posted a photo of herself with the singer on Twitter" ·
      "I'll post an article next week revealing the results of the poll" · "the list was promptly posted all over the Internet" · "the company posted the news on its blog yesterday"
  3. (of a player or team) achieve or record (a particular score or result).
    "Smith and Lamb posted a century partnership"
Old English, from Latin postis ‘doorpost’, later ‘rod, beam’, probably reinforced in Middle English by Old French post ‘pillar, beam’ and Middle Dutch, Middle Low German post ‘doorpost’.
    the official service or system that delivers letters and parcels.
    "winners will be notified by post" ·
    "the tickets are in the post"
    • letters and parcels delivered.
      "she was opening her post"
    • a single collection or delivery of mail.
      "entries must be received no later than first post on 14 June"
    • used in names of newspapers.
      "the Washington Post"
  2. historical
    each of a series of couriers who carried mail on horseback between fixed stages.
    • archaic
      a person or vehicle that carries mail.
posts (third person present) · posted (past tense) · posted (past participle) · posting (present participle)
    send (a letter or parcel) via the postal system.
    "I've just been to post a letter" ·
    "post off your order form today"
  2. (in bookkeeping) enter (an item) in a ledger.
    "post the transaction in the second column" ·
    "initial records kept in day books are periodically posted to accounts"
    • complete (a ledger) by entering items.
  3. historical
    travel with relays of horses.
    "we posted in an open carriage"
    • archaic
      travel with haste; hurry.
      "he comes posting up the street"
  1. with haste.
    "come now, come post"
early 16th century (in sense 2 of the noun): from French poste, from Italian posta, from a contraction of Latin posita, feminine past participle of ponere ‘to place’.
posts (plural noun)
  1. a position of paid employment; a job.
    "he resigned from the post of Foreign Minister" ·
    "a teaching post"
  2. a place where someone is on duty or where a particular activity is carried out.
    "a shift worker asleep at his post" ·
    "a customs post"
    • a place where a soldier or police officer is stationed or which they patrol.
      "he gave the men orders not to leave their posts"
      a force stationed at a permanent position or camp; a garrison.
    • US
      a local group in an organization of military veterans.
  3. historical
    the status or rank of full-grade captain in the Royal Navy.
    "Captain Miller was made post in 1796"
posts (third person present) · posted (past tense) · posted (past participle) · posting (present participle)
  1. send (someone) to a place to take up an appointment.
    "he was posted to Washington as military attaché"
    • station (someone, especially a soldier or police officer) in a particular place.
      "a guard was posted at the entrance"
mid 16th century: from French poste, from Italian posto, from a contraction of popular Latin positum, neuter past participle of ponere ‘to place’.
  1. subsequent to; after.
    "American poetry post the 1950s hasn't had the same impact"
1960s: independent usage of post-.
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How to use post in a sentence?
the legislation requires aboriginal communities to post their band's financial statements online.
a few hours after publishing the post I received a response from the founder of the company.
the island can make much of its history as a trading post between Europe and the Arab world.
many of my letters home miscarried because the post went through enemy-occupied Europe.
the top plate of the rudder assembly can be mortised to the top of the rudder post.
there was a reward if you were delivered unharmed to the nearest British post.
they were pushed from pillar to post from the moment they left their homes.
the post is open to suitably qualified applicants from all over the world.
content note: this post contains a discussion of sexual violence and rape.
in a recent post, he cautioned investors to be wary of these predictions.
initial records kept in day books are periodically posted to accounts.
I'll post an article next week revealing the results of the poll.
arguments within his congregation led to his demitting his post.
as an excuse to get out of the house she went to post a letter.
he ran through to bury a right-foot shot inside the near post.
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How to say post in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)pos, plasing, ná
(VERB)plaas, gepos
Arabic (NOUN)وظيفة, بوست, المنصب, بعد انتهاء, الوظيفة, مشاركة, آخر, البريد, بعد, الوظائف
Bangla পোস্ট
Bosnian (Latin) pošta
Bulgarian (NOUN)пост, публикация, стълб, мнение, поста, пощата, осчетоводяване, след, пощенски
(VERB)публикувате, осчетоводите
Cantonese (Traditional) 發布
Catalan (NOUN)correu, lloc, càrrec, missatge, entrada, postal, posterior
(VERB)publicar, enviar
Chinese Simplified 发布
Chinese Traditional 發佈
Croatian (NOUN)pošta, proknjižili, postu, objavu
(VERB)knjižiti, postavljati, objavite
Czech (NOUN)příspěvek, posta, poštou, místo, po, účto
(VERB)zaúčtování, účtovat, psát, Odeslat
Danish (NOUN)indlæg, stillingen, Bogfør, opstille, posten
(VERB)bogføre, sende, skrive
Dutch (NOUN)bericht, werkkring, na, functie
(VERB)posten, plaatsen, boekt, boeken
Estonian (NOUN)postitus, ametikohale, Konteeri, pärast, sisesta
(VERB)postitada, konteerida, sisestada
Fijian duru
Filipino post na
Finnish (NOUN)viesti, postitse, virkaan, asettaa, tehtävään, kirjaa, tekstiin, jälkeen
(VERB)lähettää, kirjata
French (NOUN)poste, poteau, message, après, courrier
(VERB)poster, publier, afficher
German (NOUN)Beitrag, Posten, Pfosten, Stelle, nach, Nachricht, Eintrag
(VERB)veröffentlichen, buchen
Greek (NOUN)θέση, ταχυδρομώ, δημοσίευση, μετά, ανάρτηση, θέσης, μήνυμα
(VERB)δημοσιεύσετε, καταχωρήσετε, τοποθετήσει
Haitian Creole pòs
Hebrew (NOUN)פוסט, שלאחר, בפוסט, הפוסט, לכתוב, ההודעה, הודעה, בהודעה
(VERB)לפרסם, להציב
Hindi (NOUN)पोस्ट, पद, बाद
Hmong Daw rooj vag
Hungarian (NOUN)felad, utáni, poszton, postai úton, hozzászólás, üzenet, könyvelése, után, bejegyzés
Icelandic (VERB)bóka, bókað, senda, bókun, bókuð, birta
(NOUN)staða, póstur, færslu, þræði, eftir
Indonesian (NOUN)posting, pos, pasca, dikirim
(VERB)memposting, mengirim
Italian (NOUN)alberino, postale, messaggio, posto, palo
(VERB)postare, pubblicare, inviare, registrare
Japanese (NOUN)ポスト, 投稿, 記事, 郵便, 後
(VERB)転記, 掲示, 掲載
Kiswahili (NOUN)weko, Weka, baada, posta, chapisho
Korean (NOUN)게시물, 포스트, 사후, 후, 기사
(VERB)게시, 게시할, 배치
Latvian (NOUN)pastu, amatā, sūtījums, amatu, ziņu, amats, pēc, pasta, ierakstu
(VERB)grāmatot, ievietot
Lithuanian (NOUN)paštu, postą, pranešimą, žinutė, po, registruoti, pareigas, pašto
(VERB)rašyti, skelbti
Malagasy apetaho
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)pos, posting, pasca, jawatan
(VERB)mengepos, siarkan, menyiarkan, menghantar, hantar
Maltese (NOUN)posta, posizzjoni, kariga
Norwegian Bokmål innlegg
Persian (NOUN)پست, ارسال, تنها, نوشته
Polish (NOUN)postu, posta, poście, stanowisko, pocztą, po, wiadomość
(VERB)zaksięgować, opublikować, wysłać
Portuguese (VERB)postar, publicar
(NOUN)borne, pós, posto, poste, postagem, correio, cargo, mensagem
Querétaro Otomi Exponer
Romanian (VERB)posta, înregistraţi
(NOUN)postul, poştal, posteaza, mesaj, înregistra
Russian (NOUN)пост, должность, сообщение, столб, почте
(VERB)разместить, опубликовать, вывесить, отправить
Samoan pou
Serbian (Cyrillic) Пост
Slovak (NOUN)príspevok, poštou, miesto, funkcii, pošty
(VERB)zaúčtovať, po, písať
Slovenian (NOUN)objava, delovno mesto, pošti, knjiži, mesto, po, položaju
(VERB)objavljajo, knjižiti
Spanish (NOUN)poste, correos, puesto, mensaje, postal, cargo, entrada
(VERB)publicar, enviar
Swedish (NOUN)inlägg, tjänst, efter, posten
(VERB)bokför, posta, lägga, skicka, publicera, skriva
Tahitian tuu i
Tamil (NOUN)பதிவு, அஞ்சலிட, அஞ்சல்
Telugu పోస్ట్
Thai (NOUN)โพสต์, ไปรษณีย์, ประกาศ, หลัง, โพส
Tongan Fakapipiki 'a e
Turkish (NOUN)sonrası, yazı, mesaj, posta, yazısı, yazılan, yazıya, gönderi
(VERB)nakletme, göndermek
Ukrainian (NOUN)пост, посаду, посту, повідомлення, піст, поста, пості, поштові, після
(VERB)розмістити, опублікувати
Urdu (NOUN)پوسٹ, چوکی, عہدے, عہدہ, تحریر, تعین
Vietnamese (NOUN)bài, đăng, bài viết, hậu, sau
Welsh (NOUN)swydd, ôl, bost
Yucatec Maya Ts'Aaj u yila'al. Ts'aaj u na'atal
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