prefixes (plural noun)
  1. a word, letter, or number placed before another.
    "the Institute was granted the prefix ‘Royal’ in 1961"
    • an element placed at the beginning of a word to adjust or qualify its meaning (e.g. ex-, non-, re-) or (in some languages) as an inflection.
    • a title placed before a name (e.g. Mr).
prefixes (third person present) · prefixed (past tense) · prefixed (past participle) · prefixing (present participle)
  1. add (something) at the beginning as a prefix or introduction.
    "a preface is prefixed to the book"
    precede · introduce · prefix · begin · open · start · launch · lead up to ·
    lead into · prologue · premise
    • add a prefix or introduction to (something).
      "all three-digit numbers will now be prefixed by 580"
mid 16th century (as a verb): from Old French prefixer, from Latin praefixus ‘fixed in front’, from the verb praefigere, from prae ‘before’ + figere ‘to fix’. The noun is from modern Latin praefixum, neuter (used as a noun) of praefixus, and dates from the mid 17th century.
What is another word for prefix?
How to use prefix in a sentence?
the Institute was granted the prefix ‘Royal’ in 1961.
all three-digit numbers will now be prefixed by 580.
a preface is prefixed to the book.
How to say prefix in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans voorvoegsel
Arabic (NOUN)بادئة, البادئة, بريفكس
Bangla উপসর্গ
Bosnian (Latin) prefiks
Bulgarian (NOUN)префикс, представка, Започвай
Cantonese (Traditional) 前缀
Chinese Simplified 前缀
Chinese Traditional 首碼
Croatian (NOUN)prefiks, predbroj, predmetak
Czech (NOUN)předponu, předčíslí, prefixu, předvolbu
Danish (NOUN)præfiks, forstavelse
Dutch (NOUN)voorvoegsel, toegangsnummer, kengetal
Estonian (NOUN)eesliide, prefiks
Filipino panlapi
Finnish (NOUN)etuliite, suuntanumero
French (NOUN)préfixe
German (NOUN)Präfix, Vorwahl, Vorsilbe
Greek (NOUN)πρόθεμα, πρόθημα
(ADJECTIVE)προθέματος, προθήματος
Hebrew (NOUN)קידומת, הקידומת, תחילית, בקידומת
Hindi (NOUN)उपसर्ग, प्रत्यय
Hungarian (NOUN)előtag, előképző
Icelandic (NOUN)forskeyti
Indonesian (NOUN)awalan, prefiks
Italian (NOUN)prefisso
Japanese (NOUN)プレフィックス, 接頭辞, プリフィックス, 接頭語, プレフィクス
Kiswahili kiambishi awali
Klingon moHaq
Korean (NOUN)접두사, 전위, 머리말
Latvian (NOUN)prefiksu, priedēkli, uzruna
(ADJECTIVE)prefiksa, priedēklis
Lithuanian (NOUN)priešdėlis, prefiksas, kodu
(ADJECTIVE)priešdėlį, prefiksu
Malagasy tovonameta dia
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)awalan
Maltese prefiss
Norwegian Bokmål prefikset
Persian (NOUN)پیشوند
Polish (NOUN)prefiks, przedrostek
Portuguese (NOUN)prefixo
Querétaro Otomi Prefijo ya 'bede
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)prefixare
Russian (NOUN)префикс, приставка
Samoan i luma o upu
Serbian (Cyrillic) Префикс
Serbian (Latin) Prefiks
Slovak (NOUN)predpona, predčíslie, predvoľby
Slovenian (NOUN)predpona, Prefiks
Spanish (NOUN)prefijo, lada
Swedish (NOUN)förstavelse
Tamil (NOUN)முன்னொட்டு
Telugu ఆది
Thai คำนำหน้า
Tongan Na'e liliu mei
Turkish (NOUN)önek, öneki, öneke
Ukrainian (NOUN)префікс
Urdu (NOUN)سابقہ
Vietnamese tiền tố
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)rhagddodiad
Yucatec Maya Prefijo u meyaj ku
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