1. in a particular place.
    "a doctor must be present at the ringside" ·
    "the speech caused embarrassment to all those present"
    in attendance · attending · here · there · near · nearby · at hand ·
    close/near at hand · adjacent · available · ready · accounted for
    • existing or occurring in a place or thing.
      "gases present in the atmosphere"
      in existence · existing · existent · extant
    • fully focused on or involved in what one is doing or experiencing.
      "you have to put everything out of your mind and be really present"
  2. existing or occurring now.
    "she did not expect to find herself in her present situation"
    • now being considered or discussed.
      "the present article cannot answer every question"
    • grammar
      (of a tense or participle) expressing an action now going on or habitually performed, or a condition now existing.
the present (noun)
  1. (the present)
    the period of time now occurring.
    "they are happy and at peace, refusing to think beyond the present"
    now · today · the present time · the here and now · this day and age ·
    the present moment · the time being
  2. grammar
    a present tense.See also historic present.
    "the verbs are all in the present"
Middle English: via Old French from Latin praesent- ‘being at hand’, present participle of praeesse, from prae ‘before’ + esse ‘be’.
presents (third person present) · presented (past tense) · presented (past participle) · presenting (present participle)
  1. give or award formally or ceremonially.
    "the duke presented certificates to the men" ·
    "a local celebrity will present the prizes"
    hand over · give · give out · dispense · hand out · confer · bestow ·
    • (present someone with)
      give someone (a gift or award) in a formal or ceremonial way.
      "my pupils presented me with some flowers"
    • show or offer (something) for others to scrutinize or consider.
      "he stopped and presented his passport"
      submit · set forth · put forward · put up · proffer · offer · show ·
      tender · advance · propose · propound · suggest · venture · bring up · broach · moot · air · ventilate · table · register · lay · lodge · introduce · move · volunteer
    • formally deliver (a cheque or bill) for acceptance or payment.
      "a cheque presented by Mr Jackson was returned by the bank"
    • law
      bring (a complaint, petition, or evidence) formally to the notice of a court.
      "the psychological evidence was presented in court"
  2. formally introduce (someone) to someone else.
    "may I present my wife?"
    introduce · make known · acquaint someone with ·
    make acquainted with
    • (present oneself)
      appear formally before others.
      "he failed to present himself in court"
      be present · make an appearance · appear · attend · turn up ·
    • (present itself)
      (of an opportunity or idea) occur and be available for use or exploitation.
      "when a favourable opportunity presented itself he would submit his proposition"
      occur · arise · happen · transpire · emerge · come about · appear ·
      materialize · come up · crop up · pop up · turn up
    • (present someone to)
      (in church use) recommend an ordained minister to a bishop for institution to (a benefice).
  3. introduce or announce the various items of (a broadcast show) as a participant.
    "the Late Show was presented by Cynthia Rose"
    host · introduce · announce · compère · anchor · be the presenter of ·
  4. exhibit (a particular state or appearance) to others.
    "the EC presented a united front over the crisis"
    • be the cause of (a problem or difficulty).
      "the suspect may present a danger to himself or others"
    • represent (someone or something) to others in a particular way.
      "the prime minister presented himself as a radical figure"
    • exhibit the outward or physical appearance of a specified gender.
      "at that time she was presenting as male and was hired with a traditionally male first name"
  5. medicine
    (present with)
    (of a patient) come forward for initial medical examination for a particular condition or symptom.
    "the patient presented with mild clinical encephalopathy"
    • (of an illness) manifest itself.
  6. medicine
    (of a part of a fetus) be directed towards the cervix during labour.
  7. hold out or aim (a firearm) at something so as to be ready to fire.
    "they were to present their rifles, take aim, and fire"
(the present)
  1. the position of a firearm when aimed or held ready to be aimed, especially the position from which a rifle is fired.
Middle English: from Old French presenter, from Latin praesentare ‘place before’ (in medieval Latin ‘present as a gift’), from praesent- ‘being at hand’ ( see present1).
presents (plural noun)
  1. a thing given to someone as a gift.
    "a Christmas present"
Middle English: from Old French, originally in the phrase mettre une chose en present à quelqu'un ‘put a thing into the presence of a person’.
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the fact that technical barriers are relatively unapparent in other countries does not mean that they do not present a potential threat.
bacterial meningitis can present with acute disturbance of behaviour which may closely mimic substance abuse.
abscesses and scarring were present which would be consistent with an initial nidus of infection in the lung.
I noted some burbling and directional instability that had not been present on previous flights.
present company excepted’ is always understood when sweeping generalizations are being made.
at that time she was presenting as male and was hired with a traditionally male first name.
people tend to present themselves either as progressives or traditionalists on this issue.
he had to present himself as more of a lovable reprobate than a spirit of corruption.
I was less well qualified than almost anyone present to recollect the olden days.
considerations that determine the present non-use of these sophisticated weapons.
the present generation of college students is more studious and less vice-ridden.
the cells are highly vacuolized, turgescent, and present a ‘chordal’ appearance.
when a favourable opportunity presented itself he would submit his proposition.
anyone shooting a hole in one must shout for all players present on the course.
parties must present their case with some degree of accuracy and particularity.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)teenwoordig, aanwesig, huidige, hede, oomblik, tans
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)الحاضر, الوقت الحاضر, الحالية, هذا, موجودة, الراهنة
(VERB)تقديم, يقدم
Bangla বর্তমান
Bosnian (Latin) prisutni
Bulgarian (VERB)представи
(ADJECTIVE)присъства, настоящия, момента, сегашното, налице, подарък, намират, налични
Cantonese (Traditional) 目前
Catalan (VERB)presentar
Chinese Simplified 目前
Chinese Traditional 目前
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)prisutan, sadašnje, postoje
(VERB)predstaviti, prezentirati, prisutnih, prikazati
(NOUN)poklon, dar
Czech (ADJECTIVE)přítomen, současné, stávající, k dispozici, tohoto
(VERB)prezentovat, předložit, představit
(NOUN)současnost, dárek
Danish (ADJECTIVE)stede, nuværende, nutid, øjeblikket, aktuelle, findes, dag
(VERB)præsentere, fremlægge, forelægge
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)aanwezig, huidige, heden, onderhavige
(VERB)presenteren, voorleggen, leggen
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)kohal, praegune, käesoleva, oleviku, olemas, esine, tänaseni
(VERB)esitada, praegu, kujuta, esineb
Fijian tiko
Filipino kasalukuyan
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)läsnä, nykyinen, hetkellä, paikalla
French (ADJECTIVE)présent, actuelle, heure actuelle
German (VERB)präsentieren, stellen
(ADJECTIVE)Gegenwart, anwesend, vorhanden, vorliegenden, präsent, Geschenk, heutigen, derzeitigen, aktuellen
Greek (VERB)παρουσιάσει, υποβάλει
(ADJECTIVE)παρόν, παρούσα, παρών, σήμερα, υπάρχουν, στιγμή
Haitian Creole prezan
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)נוכח, ההווה, הווה, הנוכחי, קיים
(NOUN)מתנת, מתנה, המתנה
(VERB)להציג, מציגים, מציג
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)वर्तमान, मौजूद, उपस्थित
(VERB)पेश, प्रस्तुत
Hmong Daw tam sim no
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)jelen, bemutat
(NOUN)napjainkig, ajándék
(VERB)bemutatni, jelenleg, terjesszen elő, nyújtson be, be
Icelandic (VERB)kynna, fram, birta
(ADJECTIVE)nútíminn, núverandi, dagsins, hendi, dag
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)hadir, sekarang, masa kini, saat, ada, kini
(VERB)menyajikan, mempresentasikan
Italian (ADJECTIVE)presente, attuale, momento, oggi
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)存在, 現在, 本, 出席
(VERB)提示, 紹介, 示す
(NOUN)プレゼント, 現状
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)sasa
Klingon much
Korean (ADJECTIVE)현재, 존재, 출석, 현
(VERB)제시, 선물, 발표할
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)klāt, tagadni, pašreizējā
(VERB)iesniegt, sniegt, parādītu
Lithuanian (VERB)pateikti, pristatyti, esančių
(NOUN)dabartis, dovana
(ADJECTIVE)šiuo metu, dabar, šio, šioje
Malagasy izao
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)hadir, sekarang, kini, ada, wujud
(VERB)membentangkan, mengemukakan, menyampaikan, menunjukkan
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)preżenti, presenti
(VERB)jippreżentaw, tippreżenta
Norwegian Bokmål nåværende
Persian (ADJECTIVE)حاضر, حال حاضر, موجود, حال, حضور, وجود, فعلی, کنونی
Polish (ADJECTIVE)obecny, teraźniejszości, chwili obecnej, niniejszego, występuje, aktualne
(VERB)przedstawić, zaprezentować, prezentują, stanowią
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)presente, atual, actual, momento
Querétaro Otomi 'mui
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)prezent, actuală
(VERB)prezinte, prezenta
Russian (ADJECTIVE)настоящее время, присутствует, нынешней, данный момент, сегодняшний день, современном, существующих
Samoan taimi nei
Serbian (Cyrillic) поклон
Serbian (Latin) poklon
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)prítomný, súčasnosti, darček, tohto
(VERB)prezentovať, predstaviť, predložiť, prítomných
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)prisotni, sedanje, navzoči, darilo, tega, danes
(VERB)predstavi, predložiti
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)presente, actual
Swedish (VERB)presentera, lägga fram
(ADJECTIVE)närvarande, dagsläget, nuvarande, nutid, gåvan, gåva, aktuella
Tahitian teie mahana
Tamil தற்போதைய
Telugu ప్రస్తుతం
Thai (ADJECTIVE)ปัจจุบัน
Tongan lolotonga
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)mevcut, Bugünkü, şimdiki, günümüze
(NOUN)hediye, günümüz
(VERB)sunmak, Sun, suna
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)присутній, сьогодення, даний час, подарунок, нинішній, теперішнього, справжній
(VERB)представити, уявити
(NOUN)теперішній час, сьогодні
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)موجود, حال
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)nay, mặt
(VERB)trình bày
(NOUN)hiện, món quà
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)bresennol
Yucatec Maya presente
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