1. past and past participle of press.
  2. (of juice or oil) extracted by crushing or squeezing fruit, vegetables, etc..
    "freshly pressed orange juice"
  1. forced to enlist in the army or navy.
    "the day before we sailed, a number of pressed men were brought on board"
presses (third person present) · pressed (past tense) · pressed (past participle) · pressing (present participle)
  1. move or cause to move into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force.
    "he pressed his face to the glass" ·
    "her body pressed against his"
    push (down) · press down · thumb · depress · bear down on · lean on ·
    lower · pin · pinion · hold down · force · ram · thrust · cram · squeeze · compress · wedge · clasp · hold close · hug · cuddle · squeeze · crush · enfold · clutch · grasp · embrace
    • exert continuous physical force on (something), typically in order to operate a device.
      "he pressed a button and the doors slid open"
    • squeeze (someone's arm or hand) as a sign of affection.
      "Winnie pressed his hand"
      squeeze · give something a squeeze · grip · clutch · pinch
    • move in a specified direction by pushing.
      "the mob was still pressing forward"
      cluster · gather · converge · congregate · flock · push forward ·
      swarm · throng · crowd · seethe · surge · rush
    • (of an enemy or opponent) attack persistently and fiercely.
      "their enemies pressed in on all sides"
    • (press on/ahead)
      continue in one's action.
      "he stubbornly pressed on with his work"
  2. apply pressure to (something) to flatten, shape, or smooth it, typically by ironing.
    "she pressed her nicest blouse"
    smooth · iron · smooth out · remove creases from · put creases in ·
    • apply pressure to (a flower or leaf) between sheets of paper in order to dry and preserve it.
      flatten · make flat · smooth out
    • extract (juice or oil) by crushing or squeezing fruit, vegetables, etc..
      "the best olive oils are pressed from hand-picked olives"
    • squeeze or crush (fruit, vegetables, etc.) to extract the juice or oil.
      "the small seeds of sesame are chiefly pressed for their oil"
      crush · squeeze · squash · compress · mash · pulp · reduce ·
      clamp · pack down · tamp · condense · compact · trample · stamp · tread · grind · mill · pound · pulverize · macerate
    • manufacture (something, especially a record) by moulding under pressure.
      "the record was pressed in two runs of 500 copies"
  3. forcefully put forward (an opinion, claim, or course of action).
    "Rose did not press the point"
    plead · urge · advance insistently · file · prefer · lodge · tender · present ·
    place · lay · submit · put forward
    • make strong efforts to persuade or force (someone) to do something.
      "when I pressed him for precise figures he evaded the subject" ·
      "the marketing directors were pressed to justify their expenditure" · "they continued to press for changes in legislation"
      urge · pressure · put pressure on · pressurize · force · drive · impel ·
      push · coerce · nag · lean on · prevail on · dragoon into · steamroller into · browbeat into · use strong-arm tactics on · have someone do something · put the heat on · put the screws on · twist someone's arm · railroad into · bulldoze into · pressurize · pressure · push · goad · dragoon · steamroller · browbeat · importune · wheedle · cajole · sway · argue · talk · railroad · bulldoze · call · ask · clamour · push · make a claim · campaign · insist on · demand
    • (press something on/upon)
      insist that (someone) accepts an offer or gift.
      "he pressed dinner invitations on her"
    • (of time) be in short supply, necessitating immediate action.
      "she was almost 45 years old and time was pressing"
    • (be pressed)
      have barely enough of something, especially time.
      "I'm terribly pressed for time"
      have too little · be short of · have barely enough ·
      have an insufficiency of · have insufficient · lack · be lacking (in) · be wanting · be deficient in · be deprived of · be low on · need · be/stand in need of · be strapped for
    • (be pressed to do something)
      have difficulty doing or achieving something.
      "they may be hard pressed to keep their promise"
  4. weightlifting
    raise (a specified weight) by lifting it to shoulder height and then gradually pushing it upwards above the head.
  5. golf
    try too hard to achieve distance with a shot, at the risk of inaccuracy.
presses (plural noun)
  1. a device for applying pressure to something in order to flatten or shape it or to extract juice or oil.
    "a flower press" ·
    "a wine press"
    • a machine that applies pressure to a workpiece by means of a tool, in order to punch shapes.
  2. a printing press.
    printing press · printing machine
    • a business that prints or publishes books.
      "the Clarendon Press"
      publishing house · publishing company ·
      printing establishment/firm/business/house
  3. (the press)
    newspapers or journalists viewed collectively.
    "the incident was not reported in the press" ·
    "press coverage of the trial"
    the media · the newspapers · the papers · the news media · journalism ·
    the newspaper world · the newspaper business · the print media · the fourth estate · journalists · newspapermen · newsmen · newspaper women · reporters · columnists · commentariat · pressmen · presswomen · journos · hacks · hackettes · newshounds · newsies · publicists · Fleet Street
    • coverage in newspapers and magazines.
      "there's no point in demonstrating if you don't get any press" ·
      "the government has had a bad press for years"
      reports · press treatment · press coverage · press reporting ·
      press articles · press reviews · press write-ups
  4. an act of pressing something.
    "the system summons medical help at the press of a button" ·
    "these clothes could do with a press"
    • a closely packed crowd or mass of people or things.
      "among the press of cars he saw a taxi"
    • dated
      pressure of business.
    • basketball
      any of various forms of close guarding by the defending team.
  5. weightlifting
    an act of raising a weight to shoulder height and then gradually pushing it upwards above the head.
  6. IRISH
    a large cupboard.
Middle English: from Old French presse (noun), presser (verb), from Latin pressare ‘keep pressing’, frequentative of premere.
presses (third person present) · pressed (past tense) · pressed (past participle) · pressing (present participle)
  1. (press someone/something into)
    put someone or something to a specified use, especially as a temporary or makeshift measure.
    "she was pressed into service as an interpreter"
  2. historical
    force (a man) to enlist in the army or navy.
presses (plural noun)
  1. a forcible enlistment of men, especially for the navy.
late 16th century: alteration ( by association with press1) of obsolete prest ‘pay given on enlistment, enlistment by such payment’, from Old French prest ‘loan, advance pay’, based on Latin praestare ‘provide’.
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How to use pressed in a sentence?
nearly 2,000 people pressed in behind them to boogaloo along Pennsylvania Avenue.
the day before we sailed, a number of pressed men were brought on board.
the marketing directors were pressed to justify their expenditure.
to minimize her quivering, she pressed her chin against her chest.
he pressed the accelerator to the floor and the taxi shot forward.
once the grapes were pressed, the juice was put into barrels.
when I pressed him for precise figures he evaded the subject.
the small seeds of sesame are chiefly pressed for their oil.
emboldened by the claret, he pressed his knee against hers.
the best olive oils are pressed from hand-picked olives.
in the elevator she pressed the button for the lobby.
he pressed down on the two nubs on top of the phone.
the dog pressed his nose into the palm of my hand.
the record was pressed in two runs of 500 copies.
George pressed the tips of his fingers together.
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How to say pressed in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)Geparste, gedruk
Arabic (VERB)ضغطت, ضغط, الضغط, مضغوطاً, يضغط, تضغط, ضغوط, المضغوط
Bangla টেপা
Bosnian (Latin) pritisnut
Bulgarian (VERB)натиснат, пресовани, притиснати, пресиран
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)premut, pressionat, premsat, premia, prem, premen
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)pritisne, prešani, ispeglan, prisutan, stisnuo, aktivirana
Czech (VERB)lisované, stisknutí, mačkané, zmáčkl, tiskl, naléhavý, tlačí
Danish (VERB)presset, trykket, nede
Dutch (VERB)ingedrukt, geperst, gedrukt, drukte, gepresseerd, geklikt, indrukt
Estonian (VERB)pressitud, surutakse, pigistatakse, vajutada, tihendatud
Fijian toso
Filipino nakapindot ang
Finnish (VERB)painetaan, puristettu, ahtaalla, napsautuksen, pohjassa
French (VERB)pressé, enfoncée, appuyé, l'on appuie sur, actionné, repassé, serrée, insisté
German (VERB)gedrückt, gepresst, gedrückten, betätigt, eingedrückt, bedrängt, drängte
Greek (VERB)πιεστεί, πιέζεται, πιεσμένα, πατημένο, πιέζονται, πεπιεσμένος, πίεσε, πρεσαριστά, έκθλιψης, πατηθεί, πατήσετε
Haitian Creole te fòse
Hebrew (VERB)לחצה, נלחץ, לחוץ, לחוצים, הקשת
Hindi (VERB)दबाया, दबा, दबाई, लगाए, दबाने, दबाव, इस्त्री
Hungarian (VERB)préselt, megtámasztott, megnyomta, nyomni, sajtolt, lenyomva, szorította, nyomva, benyomva, nyomott, sürgeti
Icelandic (VERB)þrýsta, ýtt, inni
Indonesian (VERB)ditekan, menekan, didesak, pres
Italian (VERB)premuto, pressato, preme, strinse, pigiata, spremuto, urgente, stampato
Japanese (VERB)押された, 押される, 押さ, 押す, 押されている, 押した, 押されました, 押されて, 押し, プレス, 押して
Kiswahili (VERB)taabu
Klingon press
Korean (VERB)눌러진, 누를, 누르면, 눌려진, 누른, 누르고, 다림질, 누름, 압박, 누르는, 프레스
Latvian (VERB)nospiests, piespieda, presēti, neatlaidās, taustiņu nospiešanas, spiež, iespiesta, jācīnās, uzstāja, jānospiež
Lithuanian (VERB)presuoti, paspaustas, štampuoto, nuspaustą, spaudimo, spaustų, prispaudžiama, suspaustų, skubėti
Malagasy nandroso
Malay (Latin) (VERB)ditekan, menekan
Maltese (VERB)ippressat, magħsur
Norwegian Bokmål trykket
Persian (VERB)فشرده, پرس, تحت فشار, مطبوعاتی
Polish (VERB)wciśnięty, naciśnięciu, prasowane, tłoczone, przycisnął, wciœniêty, wyciskany, wytłaczane, blachy
Portuguese (VERB)pressionado, prensado, premido, apertou
Querétaro Otomi presiona
Romanian (VERB)presat, apăsat, tipărit
Russian (VERB)нажата, прессованные, прижал, отжима, задейств, пожал, спрессованных, настаивали, штампованные
Samoan fetaomi
Serbian (Cyrillic) притисне
Serbian (Latin) pritisne
Slovak (VERB)stlačené, lisované, aglomerovanej, nestlačíte, stisol
Slovenian (VERB)stisnjeni, pritisniti, časnikarstvo
Spanish (VERB)presionado, prensado, pulsa, apretó, oprime, pulsarse, planchado
Swedish (VERB)tryckte, pressade, intryckt, nedtryckt, nertryckt
Tahitian Ua haere
Tamil அழுத்தும்
Telugu ఒత్తిడి
Thai กด
Tongan vilitaki
Turkish (VERB)preslenmiş, basılı, bastırdı, bası, sıkışık, pres
Ukrainian (VERB)натиснута, пресована, притиснуті, пресують
Urdu دبایا
Vietnamese (VERB)ép, nhấn
Welsh (VERB)pwyso, gwasgu, bwyso, wasgu, gwthio
Yucatec Maya presiona
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