pros (plural noun)
  1. a professional, especially in sport.
    "a tennis pro"
    professional player · non-amateur · paid player · pro · expert · master ·
    maestro · past master · trooper · adept · virtuoso · old hand · skilled person · authority · pro · ace · whizz · hotshot · ninja · dab hand · wizard · maven · crackerjack · proficient
  2. a prostitute.
  1. (of a person or an event) professional.
    "a pro golfer"
    in favour · approving · pro · on the side of · favourable to ·
    sympathetic to · in sympathy with · encouraging of · well disposed to · favourably disposed to · receptive to · responsive to
    opposed to
mid 19th century: abbreviation.
  1. favouring; supporting.
  2. acting as a substitute or deputy for.
  3. denoting motion forwards, out, or away.
    "proceed" ·
    "propel" · "prostrate"
from Latin pro ‘in front of, on behalf of, instead of, on account of’.
  1. before in time, place, order, etc..
    "proactive" ·
from Greek pro ‘before’.
pros (plural noun)
  1. an advantage or argument in favour of something.
    "the pros and cons of share ownership"
    advantage · good point · plus point · asset · pro · benefit ·
    added advantage · additional benefit · fringe benefit · bonus · extra · added extra · perk · dividend · attraction · attractive feature · beauty · perquisite
  1. in favour of.
    "they were pro the virtues of individualism"
    on the side of · pro · for · all for · giving support to · giving backing to ·
    right behind · encouraging of · approving of · sympathetic to
late Middle English (as a noun): from Latin, literally ‘for, on behalf of’.
  1. Public Record Office.
  2. public relations officer.
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How to use pro in a sentence?
he could make his pro debut on the undercard of the Holyfield-Bowe match.
revenues in excess of 35 million dollars on a pro forma basis.
as the pound has fallen costs have risen on a pro rata basis.
young men would graduate from college and enter pro ball.
he argued that pro wrestling was on the up and up.
their fees will rise pro rata with salaries.
the attorneys are representing him pro bono.
they were pro the virtues of individualism.
a printer which Marisa could use pro tem.
the pros and cons of share ownership.
please return the enclosed pro forma.
he nodded to him pro forma.
pro bono legal services.
a pro tem committee.
a pro forma invoice.
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How to say pro in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (NOUN)برو, الموالية, المحترفين, المؤيد, مناصر, محترف
(ADJECTIVE)المؤيدين, مؤيدة
Bangla বিনামূল্যে
Bulgarian (NOUN)про, пропорционално, професионалист
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)professional, favor
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)profesionalac
Czech (NOUN)místo, profesionál
Danish (NOUN)professionel
Dutch (NOUN)prof
Fijian Kenadau
Finnish (NOUN)ammattilainen, Pron
French (NOUN)professionnel
German (NOUN)Profi
Greek (NOUN)υπέρ, πρό, επαγγελματίας
Hebrew (NOUN)פרו, הפרו, המקצועני, מקצוען, תומכי
Hindi (NOUN)प्रो, समर्थक
Hungarian (NOUN)profi
Icelandic (NOUN)Atvinnumaður
Indonesian (NOUN)profesional
Italian (NOUN)professionista
Japanese (NOUN)プロ, 賛成
Korean (NOUN)프로, 직업적인
Latvian (NOUN)profesionāļu
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)favur
Persian (NOUN)طرفدار, تخصصی, حرفه ای, نرم افزار, پرو
Polish (NOUN)za
Portuguese (NOUN)profissional
Romanian (NOUN)profesionist
Russian (NOUN)про
Samoan taalo faapolofesa
Serbian (Cyrillic) Про
Slovak (NOUN)pre, dec
Slovenian (NOUN)zagovornik
Spanish (NOUN)favorable, profesional
Swedish (NOUN)proffs
Tahitian toroa
Tamil ப்ரோ
Telugu ప్రో
Turkish (NOUN)yanlısı, yandaş, Pro'yu, profesyonel
Ukrainian (NOUN)професіонал, профі
Urdu (NOUN)پرو, حامی, فی
Vietnamese (NOUN)chuyên nghiệp
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