1. the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured.
    "banning the production of chemical weapons" ·
    "the car is no longer in production"
    • the harvesting or refinement of something natural.
      "non-intensive methods of food production"
    • the total amount of something that is produced.
      "steel production had peaked in 1974"
    • the creation of something as part of a physical, biological, or chemical process.
      "excess production of collagen by the liver"
    • denoting a car or other vehicle which has been manufactured in large numbers, as opposed to a prototype or other special version.
      "a production model"
  2. the provision of something for consideration, inspection, or use.
    "members are entitled to a discount on production of their membership card"
  3. the process of or management involved in making a film, play, or record.
    "the film was still in production"
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin productio(n-), from producere ‘bring forth’ ( see produce).
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increasing numbers of US-based manufacturing businesses are planning to reshore production from China back to the US.
idealists in the environmental movement advocate deindustrialization and non-intensive methods of food production.
the apologetic proposition that production for profit is the same thing as production for need.
many models of society see the main nidus of struggle residing in the sphere of production.
listen to one of his joints nowadays and you don't even need to see the production credit.
the interrelationship between the comprehension and production of early vocabulary.
the production company has tacitly encouraged the Internet phenomenon of fan films.
the company has additional production capacity coming online later this year.
the entire ecosystem of film and video production will eventually go digital.
domestic production has been supplanted by imports and jobs have been lost.
a production can be judged according to the canons of aesthetic criticism.
members are entitled to a discount on production of their membership card.
production costs for the renewables are higher than for coal, oil, or gas.
this entirely new production remains true to the essence of Lorca's play.
production executives were expert at stroking stars and brokering talent.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)produksie, voortbrenging, vervaardiging
Arabic (NOUN)الانتاج, إنتاج, للانتاج, لانتاج
Bangla উত্পাদন
Bosnian (Latin) proizvodnja
Bulgarian (NOUN)производство, продукция, изработка, изготвяне
Cantonese (Traditional) 生產
Catalan (NOUN)producció, elaboració, fabricació, realització
Chinese Simplified 生产
Chinese Traditional 生產
Croatian (NOUN)proizvodnje, produkcija, radnog, radni, izrada
Czech (NOUN)výroby, produkce, inscenaci, vypracovávání, tvorbu, provozní
Danish (NOUN)produktion, fremstilling, udarbejdelse
Dutch (NOUN)productie, realisatie, vervaardiging
Estonian (NOUN)tootmise, toodangu, kogutoodang, valmistamise, riik
Fijian veivakamarautaki
Filipino produksyon
Finnish (NOUN)tuotanto, tuottaminen, valmistus
French (NOUN)fabrication, réalisation
German (NOUN)Produktion, Herstellung, Fertigung, Erzeugung
Greek (NOUN)παραγωγή
Haitian Creole pwodiksyon
Hebrew (NOUN)ייצור, הייצור, הפקה, לייצור, ההפקה, בייצור, הפקת, פרודקשן, יצור, הפקות
Hindi (NOUN)उत्पादन
Hmong Daw ntau lawm
Hungarian (NOUN)termelés, gyártási, előállítása, produkciós
Icelandic (NOUN)framleiðslu
Indonesian (NOUN)produksi, pengeluaran, pembuatan
Italian (NOUN)produzione, realizzazione
Japanese (NOUN)生産, 製造, 制作, 本番, プロダクション, 運用, 実稼働, 製作
Kiswahili (NOUN)uzalishaji, utengenezaji
Korean (NOUN)생산, 프로덕션, 제작, 제조
Latvian (NOUN)ražošanas, produkcijas, audzēšanas
Lithuanian (NOUN)gamybos, produkcijos, auginimo, gaminti, gavybos
Malagasy famokarana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)pengeluaran, produksi, penghasilan, penerbitan, pembuatan
Maltese (NOUN)produzzjoni, preżentazzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål produksjon
Persian (NOUN)تولید, توليد
Polish (NOUN)produkcji, wytwarzania
Portuguese (NOUN)produção, fabricação
Querétaro Otomi producción
Romanian (NOUN)producţie, fabricarea
Russian (NOUN)производства, изготовление, добычи, по производству, выпуск, рабочей
Samoan o le gaosiga
Serbian (Cyrillic) за производњу
Serbian (Latin) za proizvodnju
Slovak (NOUN)výroby, produkcie, tvorbu, pestovanie
Slovenian (NOUN)proizvodnje, pridelave, produkcija, delovni, izdelavo
Spanish (NOUN)producción, fabricación, elaboración
Swedish (NOUN)produktion, tillverkning, framställning
Tahitian no te hamaniraa
Tamil (NOUN)உற்பத்தி
Telugu ఉత్పత్తి
Thai (NOUN)ผลิต
Tongan hono ngaohi
Turkish (NOUN)üretim, prodüksiyon, imalat, yapım, ürün
Ukrainian (NOUN)виробництва, продукція, виготовлення, продакшн, видобутку
Urdu (NOUN)پیداوار, پروڈکشن, تیاری
Vietnamese (NOUN)sản xuất, sản phẩm, sản
Welsh (NOUN)cynhyrchu, gynhyrchiant, cynyrchiadau, llunio
Yucatec Maya producción
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