promotes (third person present) · promoted (past tense) · promoted (past participle) · promoting (present participle)
  1. support or actively encourage (a cause, venture, etc.); further the progress of.
    "some regulation is still required to promote competition"
    encourage · further · advance · assist · aid · help · contribute to ·
    foster · nurture · develop · boost · stimulate · forward · advocate · recommend · urge · support · back · endorse · champion · speak for · proselytize · sponsor · espouse · push for · work for
    • give publicity to (a product, organization, or venture) so as to increase sales or public awareness.
      "they are using famous personalities to promote the library nationally"
      advertise · publicize · give publicity to · beat/bang the drum for ·
      popularize · sell · market · merchandise · push · plug · give a plug to · hype · hype up · give a puff to · puff · puff up · boost · flog · ballyhoo · flack · huckster
    • attempt to ensure the passing of (a private Act of Parliament).
      "the government of the day would not be promoting the bill"
  2. raise (someone) to a higher position or rank.
    "she was promoted to General Manager"
    advance · upgrade · give promotion to · give a higher position to ·
    elevate · move up · raise · improve the position/status of · aggrandize · kick upstairs · prefer
    • transfer (a sports team) to a higher division of a league.
      "they were promoted from the Third Division last season"
    • chess
      exchange (a pawn) for a more powerful piece of the same colour, typically a queen, when it reaches the opponent's end of the board.
    • bridge
      enable (a relatively low card) to win a trick by playing off the higher ones first.
      "East will win with the ace and lead a heart, promoting the ♠9"
  3. chemistry
    (of an additive) act as a promoter of (a catalyst).
late Middle English: from Latin promot- ‘moved forward’, from the verb promovere, from pro- ‘forward, onward’ + movere ‘to move’.
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strategies to promote health should pay greater attention to financial hardship and other correlates of poverty.
the plants will be grown in a special lunar module designed to promote plant growth in an off-world environment.
services for the mentally ill should aim to promote individuals' capacity for self-determination.
you can't promote your party all over Twitter and then get mad when bare people show up.
carrots will promote cooperation over the environment far more effectively than sticks.
poses such as the plough promote circulation and the drainage of blood from the legs.
efforts to promote decentralization and reform of the national political party.
local authorities are keen to promote a range of energy-saving initiatives.
rich countries use foreign aid as a lever to promote political pluralism.
a common culture could help unite the classes and promote fellow feeling.
they are using famous personalities to promote the library nationally.
internal review procedures to promote accurate and consistent tagging.
the media promote emotionalized reports to ensure maximum attention.
a foundation to promote economic empowerment for poor communities.
the government must take action to promote energy conservation.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)bevorder
Arabic (VERB)تعزيز, تشجيع, تعزز, النهوض, الترويج, ترويج, التشجيع, تشجع, يعزز, يشجع
Bangla উন্নীত
Bosnian (Latin) promovirati
Bulgarian (VERB)насърчаване, популяризира, подпомагам, промотира, поощряване, рекламират, стимулира, съдействат
Cantonese (Traditional) 促進
Catalan (VERB)promoure, fomentar, potenciar, impulsar, afavorir
Chinese Simplified 促进
Chinese Traditional 促進
Croatian (VERB)promovirati, promicanje, unaprijediti
Czech (VERB)podporovat, propagovat, prosazovat, povýšit, zvýšit úroveň
Danish (VERB)fremme, promovere, markedsføre, ophjælpe, reklamere
Dutch (VERB)bevorderen, promoten, ter bevordering, stimuleren
Estonian (VERB)edendada, soodustada, propageerida, reklaamida, toetada
Fijian tokona
Filipino itaguyod ang
Finnish (VERB)edistää, mainostaa
French (VERB)promouvoir, favoriser, promeuvent, encourager
German (VERB)fördern, promoten, heraufstufen, werben, voranzutreiben, bewerben, befördern
Greek (VERB)προώθηση, προαγωγή, προαχθεί
Haitian Creole monte grad
Hebrew (VERB)לקדם, מקדמים, קידום
Hindi (VERB)बढ़ावा, प्रवर्धन, प्रचार, प्रोत्साहित
Hmong Daw txhawb
Hungarian (VERB)támogassák, elősegítése, előmozdítása, előléptet, népszerűsíteni, mozdítani, ösztönzése, segítenie
Icelandic (VERB)efla, stuðla, kynna
Indonesian (VERB)mempromosikan, menggalakkan, memajukan, meningkatkan, mendorong
Italian (VERB)promuovere, favorire, promozione
Japanese (VERB)促進, 推進, 昇格, プロモート, 昇格させる, 宣伝, 促す, 進める, 販売促進, 進め
Kiswahili (VERB)kukuza, Kweza, kuendeleza, kuimarisha
Klingon num
Korean (VERB)홍보, 촉진, 승진시키고, 증진, 추진, 승격
Latvian (VERB)veicināt, sekmētu, popularizēt, reklamēt, jāveicina, paaugstināt
Lithuanian (VERB)skatinti, reklamuoti, propaguoti, remti
Malagasy manindraindra
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mempromosikan, menggalakkan, memajukan, memperkenalkan
Maltese (VERB)jippromwovu, tippromwovi, promoss, jħeġġu, mħeġġa, tinkoraġġixxi
Norwegian Bokmål fremme
Persian (VERB)ترویج, ارتقاء, تبلیغ, پیشبرد
Polish (VERB)promowania, wspierania, promują, propagowania, popierać, Wypromuj, wierzyciel, rzecz
Portuguese (VERB)promover, fomentar, favorecer, divulgar
Querétaro Otomi 'ñäni ar
Romanian (VERB)promova, să promoveze, favoriza
Russian (VERB)содействия, поощрения, продвижения, способствовать, стимулирования, повысить, рекламировать, развитию, расширению, укрепления
Samoan faalauiloa
Serbian (Cyrillic) промовисање
Serbian (Latin) promovisanje
Slovak (VERB)podporovať, propagovať, presadzovať
Slovenian (VERB)spodbujanje, pospeševanje, promocijo, Oglašujte, uveljavljanje
Spanish (VERB)promover, fomentar, impulsar, favorecer, potenciar, propiciar
Swedish (VERB)främja, marknadsföra, befordra, gynna, verka
Tahitian faaitoito i te
Tamil ஊக்குவித்தல்
Telugu ప్రచారం
Thai (VERB)เลื่อน
Tongan Poupou'i 'a e
Turkish (VERB)teşvik, tanıtmak, yükseltmek, desteklemek, geliştirmek, terfi
Ukrainian (VERB)сприяти, просування, заохочувати, пропагувати, рекламувати, розкрутити, популяризація, стимулювання, підвищити
Urdu (VERB)فروغ
Vietnamese (VERB)thúc đẩy, quảng bá, đẩy mạnh, khuyến khích
Welsh (VERB)hyrwyddo, hybu, annog
Yucatec Maya xan le
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