qualifies (third person present) · qualified (past tense) · qualified (past participle) · qualifying (present participle)
  1. be entitled to a particular benefit or privilege by fulfilling a necessary condition.
    "a pensioner who does not qualify for income support"
    be eligible · meet the requirements · be entitled to · be allowed ·
    be permitted
    • become eligible for a competition or its final rounds, by reaching a certain standard or defeating a competitor.
      "England are in danger of failing to qualify"
    • be or make properly entitled to be classed in a particular way.
      "he qualifies as a genuine political refugee"
      count · be counted · be considered · be designated ·
      be characterizable · be eligible · meet the requirements of
  2. become officially recognized as a practitioner of a particular profession or activity, typically by undertaking a course and passing examinations.
    "the training necessary to qualify as a solicitor" ·
    "I've only just qualified"
    certified · certificated · chartered · licensed · professional · trained · fit ·
    equipped · prepared · competent · knowledgeable · accomplished · proficient · skilled · skilful · adept · practised · experienced · expert · seasoned · capable · able · gain qualifications · gain certification · be certified · be licensed · be authorized · pass · graduate · make the grade · succeed · get through · come through with flying colours · pass muster
  3. make (a statement or assertion) less absolute; add reservations to.
    "she felt obliged to qualify her first short answer"
    limited · conditional · restricted · bounded · contingent · circumscribed ·
    reserved · guarded · cautious · hesitant · tentative · equivocal · modified · adapted · amended · adjusted · moderated · refined · tempered · lessened · reduced · count · be counted · be considered · be designated · be characterizable · be eligible · meet the requirements of · modify · limit · make conditional · restrict · add reservations to · add to · make additions to · add a rider to · moderate · temper · soften · tone down · modulate · mitigate · reduce · lessen · decrease · diminish · lower · abate
    • archaic
      make (something) less severe or extreme.
      "his sincere piety, his large heart always qualify his errors"
    • archaic
      alter the strength or flavour of (something, especially a liquid).
      "he qualified his mug of water with a plentiful infusion of the liquor"
  4. grammar
    (of a word or phrase) attribute a quality to (another word, especially a preceding noun).
    • archaic
      (qualify something as)
      attribute a specified quality to something; describe something as.
      "the propositions have been qualified as heretical"
late Middle English (in the sense ‘describe in a particular way’): from French qualifier, from medieval Latin qualificare, from Latin qualis ‘of what kind, of such a kind’ ( see quality).
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How to use qualify in a sentence?
they do not qualify for their bounty because they have spent insufficient time at summer camp.
he qualified his mug of water with a plentiful infusion of the liquor.
the only glitch in his year is failing to qualify for the Masters.
his sincere piety, his large heart always qualify his errors.
the courses qualify you as an instructor of the sport.
if we can get a result in that game we might qualify.
a pensioner who does not qualify for income support.
she felt obliged to qualify her first short answer.
the propositions have been qualified as heretical.
vehicles that may qualify for exemption from tax.
the training necessary to qualify as a solicitor.
you may qualify for free legal representation.
England are in danger of failing to qualify.
he qualifies as a genuine political refugee.
I'm not qualified to write on the subject.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)kwalifiseer
Arabic (VERB)التأهل, تأهيل, مؤهلا, يتأهل, تتأهل, مؤهلة, تؤهل, تأهل, مؤهلين, المؤهلة, مؤهل
Bangla যোগ্যতা
Bosnian (Latin) kvalificirati
Bulgarian (VERB)квалифицирате, отговарят, ползват, изискванията, кандидатстват
Cantonese (Traditional) 資格
Catalan (VERB)qualificar, classificaran, matisar, optar
Chinese Simplified 资格
Chinese Traditional 資格
Croatian (VERB)kvalificirati, ispunjavaju uvjete, označiti, biste potvrdili
Czech (VERB)kvalifikovat, nárok, mít nárok, způsobilé, zařazení, zařadit, žádat o, zapsání
Danish (VERB)kvalificere sig, berettiget, betegnes, betragtes
Dutch (VERB)kwalificeren, gekwalificeerd, aanmerking
Estonian (VERB)kvalifitseeru, saada, toetuse saamiseks, anta
Fijian rawata na
Filipino maging marapat
Finnish (VERB)oikeutettu, hyväksytä, saada, täytä, kelpuuttaa, karsinnat, hakija, pääse
French (VERB)qualifier, se qualifient, admissible, nuancer, bénéficier, prétendre, éligible
German (VERB)qualifizieren, kennzeichnen, Betracht
Greek (VERB)προκριθεί, χαρακτηριστεί, τύχει, τύχουν, δικαιούνται, κατάλληλος, επωφεληθούν
Haitian Creole kalifye
Hebrew (VERB)העפילה, להעפיל, לאשר, זכאי, אישור
Hindi (VERB)योग्य, पात्र
Hmong Daw puas tsim nyog
Hungarian (VERB)jogosult, sorolható, akcióban, minősít, elnyerése, felelnek meg, érvényesek, számítanak, kvalifikáció, való jogosultság
Icelandic (VERB)gjaldgengir, hæfur, viðurkenna, fáir, merkja
Indonesian (VERB)memenuhi syarat, lolos, berkualifikasi
Italian (VERB)qualificarsi, si qualificano, beneficiare, fruire
Japanese (VERB)修飾, 資格, 限定, 見極め, 予選
Kiswahili (VERB)kuhitimu, kustahili
Klingon 'um
Korean (VERB)자격, 한정, 정해야, 정하는, 받을, 정규화
Latvian (VERB)pretendētu, kvalificēt, tiesīgs saņemt, pieskaitīt, pieteiktos
Lithuanian (VERB)kvalifikuotis, gauti, teisę, atitiktų, suteikta
Malagasy mendrika
Malay (Latin) (VERB)layak, memenuhi syarat, melayakkan
Maltese (VERB)jikkwalifikaw, tikkwalifika
Norwegian Bokmål kvalifisere
Persian واجد شرایط
Polish (VERB)kwalifikują się, zakwalifikowania, awansuje, przysługuje, ubiegać się
Portuguese (VERB)qualificar, se qualificarem, beneficiar, capacitar
Querétaro Otomi calificar
Romanian (VERB)califica, se califice, beneficia
Russian (VERB)квалифицировать, прошла квалификацию, претендовать, подпадают, уточнения
Samoan agavaa
Serbian (Cyrillic) квалификације
Serbian (Latin) kvalifikacije
Slovak (VERB)kvalifikovať, nárok, oprávnený, majú nárok, uplatniť nárok, spôsobilé
Slovenian (VERB)izpolnjujejo pogoje, upravičeni, kvalifikacije, uvrstila, šteje, pridobitev, usposobiti
Spanish (VERB)calificar, clasificarse, Clasifíquese, clasifícate, optar, reúnen, elegible
Swedish (VERB)kvalificera sig, berättigade, räknas, betecknas
Tahitian ia farii
Tamil தகுதி
Telugu అర్హత
Thai มีคุณสมบัติ
Tongan fe'unga
Turkish (VERB)hak kazanmak, nitele, hak, kalifiye, alabilmek, Elemeleri
Ukrainian (VERB)кваліфікуватися, претендувати, право
Urdu (VERB)اہل
Vietnamese (VERB)đủ điều kiện
Welsh (VERB)gymwys, gymhwyso, oleddfu, cymhwyso, amodi
Yucatec Maya calificar
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