quenches (third person present) · quenched (past tense) · quenched (past participle) · quenching (present participle)
  1. satisfy (one's thirst) by drinking.
    fulfil · gratify · meet · fill · serve · provide for · supply · indulge ·
    cater to · pander to · appease · assuage · quench · slake · satiate · sate · take the edge off · satisfice
  2. extinguish (a fire).
    "firemen hauled on hoses in a desperate bid to quench the flames"
    extinguish · put out · snuff out · smother · douse · dampen down
    • stifle or suppress (a feeling).
      "fury rose in him, but he quenched it"
    • dated
      reduce (someone) to silence.
      "she quenched Anne by a curt command to hold her tongue"
  3. rapidly cool (red-hot metal or other material), especially in cold water or oil.
    • physics
      suppress or damp (an effect such as luminescence, or an oscillation or discharge).
quenches (plural noun)
  1. an act of quenching a very hot substance.
Old English -cwencan (in acwencan ‘put out, extinguish’), of Germanic origin.
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How to use quench in a sentence?
firemen hauled on hoses in a desperate bid to quench the flames.
she quenched Anne by a curt command to hold her tongue.
she made a dive for the fridge to quench her thirst.
he only pursued her to quench an aching need.
fury rose in him, but he quenched it.
How to say quench in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans blus
Arabic (VERB)اخماد
Bangla মিটানো
Bosnian (Latin) utažiti
Bulgarian (VERB)угаси, утоли
Cantonese (Traditional) 淬火
Catalan (VERB)saciar
Chinese Simplified 淬火
Chinese Traditional 淬火
Croatian (VERB)utažiti, ugasiti
Czech (NOUN)vyčerpán
Danish (NOUN)dæmpningen
Dutch demping
Estonian jahutuse
Fijian bokoca
Filipino mapawi
Finnish (VERB)sammuttaa
French (VERB)étancher, assouvir
German (VERB)stillen, abschrecken
Greek (VERB)σβήνω, σβήσετε
(NOUN)απόσβεσης, ακτινοβολίας
Haitian Creole pase swaf li
Hebrew (VERB)להרוות
Hindi (VERB)बुझाने
Hmong Daw txaus siab
Hungarian (VERB)oltja
Icelandic reiðnámskeiðin
Indonesian (VERB)memuaskan
Italian (VERB)placare, dissetare, saziare, estinguere
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)クエンチ, 焼入
(VERB)急冷, いやす, 癒やす, 癒す, 癒, 消す
Kiswahili kuizima
Klingon merlu'taH
Korean (NOUN)끄다
Latvian (NOUN)apspiešana
Lithuanian (VERB)numalšinti
Malagasy mamono
Malay (Latin) menghilangkan
Maltese tnaqqis
Norwegian Bokmål slukke
Persian امکان خاموش کردن
Polish (VERB)ugasić
Portuguese (VERB)saciar, extinguir
(ADJECTIVE)extingue, retardamento
Romanian (VERB)potoli, stinge
Russian (VERB)утолить, потушить, погасить
Samoan tineia
Serbian (Cyrillic) пригушење
Serbian (Latin) prigušenje
Slovak (VERB)uhasenie, uhasiť
Slovenian (VERB)dušenja
Spanish (VERB)saciar, calmar, apagar, aplacar, extinguir
Swedish (VERB)släcka
Tahitian tupohe i
Tamil தாகத்தில்
Telugu తీర్చుకోండి
Thai ดับ
Tongan tamate'i
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)yavaşlaması
Urdu بجھانا
Welsh phaid
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