1. the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages.
    "cellular phones are linked by radio rather than wires"
  2. the activity or industry of broadcasting sound programmes to the public.
    "she has written much material for radio" ·
    "a radio station"
    • radio programmes.
      "we used to listen to a lot of radio"
    • a broadcasting station or channel.
      "Radio One"
  3. an apparatus for receiving radio programmes.
    "he switched the radio on"
    • an apparatus capable of both receiving and transmitting radio messages between individuals, ships, planes, etc..
      "a ship-to-shore radio"
radioes (third person present) · radioed (past tense) · radioed (past participle) · radioing (present participle)
  1. communicate or send a message by radio.
    "we radioed for help"
    transmit · convey · communicate · telephone · phone · broadcast ·
    televise · telecast · radio · fax · email · upload · ISDN · FTP · telegraph · wire · cable
    • communicate with (a person or place) by radio.
      "we'll radio Athens right away"
early 20th century: from radio- in radio-telegraphy and radio-telegram, based on Latin radius ‘ray, beam’.
  1. denoting radio waves or broadcasting.
    "radio-controlled" ·
  2. physics
    connected with rays, radiation, or radioactivity.
    "radiogenic" ·
    • denoting artificially prepared radioisotopes of elements.
  3. anatomy
    belonging to the radius in conjunction with some other part.
late 19th century: from radio or radius.
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How to use radio in a sentence?
in politics, smoky back rooms long ago gave way to the whistle-stop and the radio exhortation.
as the host of an all-night radio show, Shepard would commune with his insomniac listeners.
nothing can kill a radio show quicker than a disquisition on intertextual analysis.
the radio dial is jammed with signals caught and rebroadcast by repeater antennas.
she has held a number of directorships, including seats on local radio stations.
radio and television broadcasters must accept some limits on their programming.
it is the media person's job to buy the press space or the TV or radio spots.
radio equipment could squirt a million words from one continent to another.
radio monitors reported they heard the pilot say he was heading for Paris.
the manufacturers have developed a system of amplifying the radio signal.
radio waves are modulated to carry the analogue information of the voice.
radio communication needs no physical medium between the two stations.
the radio operator received the distress call and calculated the fix.
the satellite beamed back radio signals to scientists on Earth.
he spent his time listening to the radio rather than studying.
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How to say radio in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (NOUN)راديو, الراديو, الاذاعه, إذاعة, إذاعية, المذياع, اللاسلكي, لاسلكية
Bangla রেডিও
Bosnian (Latin) radija
Bulgarian (NOUN)радио
Cantonese (Traditional) 無線電
Catalan (NOUN)ràdio
Chinese Simplified 无线电
Chinese Traditional 無線電
Croatian (NOUN)izborni
Czech (NOUN)rádio, rozhlasové, vysílačku
Estonian (NOUN)raadio
Fijian retio
Filipino radyo
French (NOUN)autoradio
German (NOUN)Funk, Funkgerät, Hörfunk, Rundfunk, Optionsfeld, Sender
Greek (NOUN)ραδιόφωνο, ασυρμάτου, επιλογής
Haitian Creole radyo
Hebrew (NOUN)רדיו, הרדיו, ברדיו, לרדיו, הקשר
Hindi (NOUN)रेडियो
Hmong Daw xov tooj cua
Hungarian (NOUN)rádió
Icelandic (NOUN)útvarp, talstöð
Indonesian (NOUN)acara radio
Japanese (NOUN)ラジオ, 無線, 電波, 無線機
Kiswahili (NOUN)redio
Klingon wab HevwI'
Korean (NOUN)라디오, 무선, 전파
Latvian (NOUN)rāciju
Lithuanian (NOUN)radijo, per radiją, išrinkimo
Malagasy fandraisam-peo
Maltese (NOUN)radju, radjo
Persian (NOUN)رادیو, راديو
Portuguese (NOUN)rádio, via rádio
Querétaro Otomi thuhu
Romanian (NOUN)hertziene
Russian (NOUN)радио, рации, Рейдио
Samoan leitio
Serbian (Cyrillic) радио
Slovak (NOUN)rádio, rozhlasové
Slovenian (NOUN)izbirni
Tahitian ratio
Tamil (NOUN)ரேடியோ
Telugu రేడియో
Thai (NOUN)วิทยุ, เรดิโอ
Tongan letio
Turkish (NOUN)radyo, telsiz
Ukrainian (NOUN)радіо
Urdu (NOUN)ریڈیو, مشعہ
Vietnamese (NOUN)đài phát thanh, đài
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