ratios (plural noun)
  1. the quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other.
    "the ratio of men's jobs to women's is 8 to 1"
    proportion · comparative number/extent · quantitative relation · correlation · relationship · correspondence · balance · percentage · fraction · quotient
mid 17th century: from Latin, literally ‘reckoning’, from rat- ‘reckoned’, from the verb reri.
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How to use ratio in a sentence?
the ratio of men's jobs to women's is 8 to 1.
the ratio of two voltages.
How to say ratio in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)verhouding
Arabic (NOUN)نسبة, النسبة, تبلغ نسبة, معدل
Bangla অনুপাত
Bosnian (Latin) omjer
Bulgarian (NOUN)съотношение, отношението, коефициент, пропорции
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)ràtio, proporció, relació
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)omjer, odnos, proporcija, BDP
Czech (NOUN)poměr, se poměr, koeficient, podíl
Danish (NOUN)forhold, nøgletallet, andel
Dutch (NOUN)verhouding
Estonian (NOUN)suhe, suhtarv, suhte, ülekandearv, suhet, määr, adekvaatsus, proportsioonid
Finnish (NOUN)suhde, kerroin, suhteen, kuvasuhteen
French (NOUN)rapport, proportion, taux, coefficient
German (NOUN)Verhältnis, Quotient, Kennzahl, Quote, Anteil, Relation
Greek (NOUN)αναλογία, λόγος, λόγου, λόγο, δείκτη, σχέση, ποσοστό
Haitian Creole rapò
Hebrew (NOUN)יחס, היחס, ביחס
Hindi (NOUN)अनुपात
Hmong Daw Piv
Hungarian (NOUN)arány, viszony, oldalarányú
Icelandic (NOUN)hlutfall
Indonesian (NOUN)rasio, nisbah, perbandingan
Italian (NOUN)rapporto, proporzione
Japanese (NOUN)比, 比率, 率, レシオ, 割合, 倍率
Kiswahili (NOUN)uwiano
Korean (NOUN)비율, 비, 율
Latvian (NOUN)attiecība, proporcija, koeficientu, mērogu, pakāpe, rādītājs
Lithuanian (NOUN)santykis, koeficientas, laipsnis
Malagasy tatitra
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)nisbah
Maltese (NOUN)proporzjon, relattività
Norwegian Bokmål forholdet
Persian (NOUN)نسبت
Polish (NOUN)stosunek, współczynnik, proporcji, wskaźnik, oszacowanie
Portuguese (NOUN)rácio, proporção, relação, razão, taxa
Querétaro Otomi nthe ar
Romanian (NOUN)raportul, proporţie
Russian (NOUN)соотношение, коэффициент, пропорции, сечение, доля, показатель
Samoan na
Serbian (Cyrillic) однос
Serbian (Latin) odnos
Slovak (NOUN)pomer, podiel
Slovenian (NOUN)razmerje
Spanish (NOUN)cociente, proporción, relación, coeficiente, tasa
Swedish (NOUN)förhållandet, kvoten, proportionen, Nyckeltalet, kvot, utväxling, snittet, andel, tal
Tahitian faito
Tamil விகிதம்
Telugu నిష్పత్తి
Thai (NOUN)อัตรา
Tongan fika
Turkish (NOUN)oranı, oran, orani
Ukrainian (NOUN)співвідношення, коефіцієнт, ставлення, пропорції, відносини, перетин, показник
Urdu (NOUN)تناسب, شرح
Vietnamese (NOUN)tỷ lệ, tỉ lệ, lệ
Welsh (NOUN)gymhareb, cymhareb, chymhareb, cymarebau
Yucatec Maya relación u
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