realisation (noun)
  1. an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact.
    "a growing realization of the need to create common economic structures" ·
    "realization dawned suddenly"
  2. the achievement of something desired or anticipated.
    "he did not live to see the realization of his dream"
    actualization · fulfilment · achievement · accomplishment · attainment ·
    bringing to fruition · bringing into being · consummation · effecting · effectuation · reification
    • an actual form given to a concept or work.
      "a perfect realization of Bartók's Second Violin Concerto on disc"
    • linguistics
      the way in which a particular linguistic feature is used in speech or writing on a particular occasion.
      "verbal sequences were produced using segmental realization" ·
      "vowels have a startlingly wide range of realizations"
    • mathematics
      an instance or embodiment of an abstract group as the set of symmetry operations of some object or set.
    • statistics
      a particular series which might be generated by a specified random process.
  3. the conversion of an asset into cash.
    "the realization of his assets in Spain"
    • a sale of goods.
      "auction realizations"
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How to use realization in a sentence?

The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not the possessing entity—the thinker.

Eckhart Tolle
a growing realization of the need to create common economic structures.
a perfect realization of Bartók's Second Violin Concerto on disc.
realization dawned as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.
verbal sequences were produced using segmental realization.
vowels have a startlingly wide range of realizations.
he did not live to see the realization of his dream.
the realization of his assets in Spain.
realization dawned suddenly.
auction realizations.
How to say realization in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)verwesenliking, besef
Arabic (NOUN)أعمال, تحقيق, إدراك, الأعمال, الادراك, التحقيق
Bangla উপলব্ধি
Bosnian (Latin) realizacija
Bulgarian (NOUN)реализация, осъзнаването, осъществяване, разбирането
Cantonese (Traditional) 實現
Catalan (NOUN)realització, constatació, adonar, consciència
Chinese Simplified 实现
Chinese Traditional 實現
Croatian (NOUN)realizacija, ostvarenje, spoznaja
Czech (NOUN)realizace, poznání, vypracování
Danish (NOUN)realisering, erkendelse, virkeliggoerelsen
Dutch (NOUN)realisatie, besef, totstandbrenging, verwezenlijking
Estonian (NOUN)realiseerimine, teostus, arusaamine, mõistmine, elluviimine
Fijian vakavotukanataki
Filipino Napagtanto
Finnish (NOUN)toteutus, oivallus, tajuamaan, ymmärtämään, näkemään
French (NOUN)réalisation, constatation
German (NOUN)Realisierung, Verwirklichung, Erkenntnis, Umsetzung, Durchführung, Einsicht
Greek (NOUN)πραγματοποίηση, υλοποίηση, διαπίστωση
Haitian Creole reyalizasyon
Hebrew (NOUN)מימוש, ההבנה
Hindi (NOUN)प्रतीति, बोध, अहसास, प्राप्ति, साकार, वसूली, उपलब्धि
Hungarian (NOUN)megvalósítása, felismerés
Icelandic (NOUN)framkvæmd
Indonesian (NOUN)realisasi, terwujudnya, kesadaran, mewujudkan, perwujudan
Italian (NOUN)realizzazione, consapevolezza
Japanese (NOUN)実現, 認識, 実感
Kiswahili (NOUN)utambuzi
Korean (NOUN)현실화, 실현, 깨달음, 사실화
Latvian (NOUN)realizācija, apjausma, atziņas, apzināšanās, atklājums, atcerējies, atskārta, secinājuma, īstenošanai
Lithuanian (NOUN)realizavimas, suvokimas, įgyvendinti, sukūrė
Malagasy mahavariana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)merealisasikan, kesedaran
Maltese (NOUN)realizzazzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål realisering
Persian (NOUN)تحقق
Polish (NOUN)realizacja, spieniężenia, urzeczywistnienia, świadomość
Portuguese (NOUN)realização, constatação, concretização, percepção, compreensão
Querétaro Otomi nt'ot'e
Romanian (NOUN)realizarea
Russian (NOUN)реализации, осознание того, осуществления, проведение, воплощение, пониманию
Samoan iloaina
Serbian (Cyrillic) реализација
Serbian (Latin) realizacija
Slovak (NOUN)realizácia, poznanie
Slovenian (NOUN)realizacijo, spoznanje, uresničitev, izvedba
Spanish (NOUN)realización, concreción, comprensión, constatación, darse cuenta
Swedish (NOUN)förverkligandet, insikten, genomförandet, realisering
Tahitian iteraa
Tamil சுவாமிகளும்
Telugu దర్శకుడికి
Thai สำนึก
Tongan Fakatokanga'i
Turkish (NOUN)gerçekleşme, realizasyon
Ukrainian (NOUN)реалізації, здійснення, усвідомлення, втілення, проведення
Urdu وصولی
Vietnamese (NOUN)thực hiện
Welsh wireddu
Yucatec Maya realización
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