refrains (third person present) · refrained (past tense) · refrained (past participle) · refraining (present participle)
  1. stop oneself from doing something.
    "she refrained from comment"
    abstain · desist · hold back · stop oneself · withhold · forbear · forgo ·
    do without · dispense with · resist the temptation to · avoid · steer clear of · give a wide berth to · have nothing to do with · fight shy of · eschew · shun · renounce · forswear · abjure · leave alone · not touch · reject · stop · cease · finish · discontinue · give up · break off · drop · quit · leave off · kick · swear off · jack in · forsake
Middle English (in the sense ‘restrain a thought or feeling’): from Old French refrener, from Latin refrenare, from re- (expressing intensive force) + frenum ‘bridle’.
refrains (plural noun)
  1. a repeated line or number of lines in a poem or song, typically at the end of each verse.
    • the musical accompaniment for a refrain.
      "he would play the refrain"
    • a comment or complaint that is often repeated.
      "‘Poor Tom’ had become the constant refrain of his friends"
late Middle English: from Old French, from refraindre ‘break’, based on Latin refringere ‘break up’ (because the refrain ‘broke’ the sequence).
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How to use refrain in a sentence?
unacquainted people refrain from approaching and addressing one another in public.
a sound thrashing might teach the individual to refrain from complaining.
a call to all sides to remain calm and refrain from violence.
‘Poor Tom’ had become the constant refrain of his friends.
Panditji played the refrain.
she refrained from comment.
he would play the refrain.
How to say refrain in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans daarvan weerhou
Arabic (NOUN)الامتناع
Bangla বিরত
Bosnian (Latin) refren
Bulgarian (VERB)въздържат
Cantonese (Traditional) 唔好
Catalan (NOUN)abstinguin
(VERB)abstenir, abstingui
Chinese Simplified 不要
Chinese Traditional 不要
Croatian (VERB)suzdržati
(NOUN)refren, pripjev
Czech (NOUN)refrén, upustit, zdržet
Danish (VERB)afstå, afholde sig
(NOUN)omkvæd, undlade
Dutch (VERB)onthouden, afzien
Estonian mitte
Fijian muduka sara na nomudou
Filipino pigilin ang sarili
Finnish (NOUN)pidättäydyttävä
French (VERB)s'abstenir
German (NOUN)unterlassen, abzusehen
Greek (NOUN)απέχουν, επωδός, αποφεύγουν, απέχετε, ρεφρέν, αποφύγουμε
(VERB)απόσχουν, απέχει, αποφεύγει
Haitian Creole Refren
Hebrew (NOUN)הפזמון, רפרן
Hindi (VERB)बचना
Hungarian (NOUN)refrén, tartózkodnak
Icelandic (NOUN)forðast
Indonesian (VERB)menahan diri
Italian (VERB)astenersi, asterranno, tratteniamo
(NOUN)ritornello, astensione, si astengono
Japanese (NOUN)リフレイン, 控える, 遠慮, 自制
Kiswahili kujizuia
Korean (NOUN)삼가, 자제
Latvian (VERB)atturēties
(NOUN)atturas, necentieties
Lithuanian (VERB)susilaikyti
Malagasy tsy
Malay (Latin) menahan diri
Maltese iżommu lura
Norwegian Bokmål refrenget
Persian (NOUN)خودداری
Polish (NOUN)refren, powstrzymać
Portuguese (VERB)se abstenham, abster, refrear
(NOUN)refrão, estribilho, evite
Querétaro Otomi ar abstener
Romanian (NOUN)se abţină, abţină
Russian (VERB)воздерживаться, удержаться
(NOUN)воздерживались, рефрен, припев
Samoan aloese
Serbian (Cyrillic) рефрен
Serbian (Latin) refren
Slovak (NOUN)refrén, zdržať
Slovenian (NOUN)vzdržati
Spanish (NOUN)bordón, estribillo, ritornelo, abstenerse, refrán, se abstengan
Swedish (VERB)avhålla sig
(NOUN)avstå, refrängen
Tahitian eiaha e
Tamil பல்லவி
Telugu దూరంగా ఉండాలని
Thai ละเว้น
Tongan faka'ehi'ehi
Turkish (NOUN)kaçınmaya, nakarat
Ukrainian (VERB)утримуватися
Urdu گریز
Vietnamese (VERB)ngưng
Welsh (VERB)ymatal
Yucatec Maya abstener u
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