1. belonging to the same family, group, or type; connected.
    "sleeping sickness and related diseases"
    connected · interconnected · associated · linked · coupled · correlated ·
    allied · affiliated · accompanying · concomitant · corresponding · analogous · kindred · parallel · comparable · equivalent · homologous · incidental · of the same family · kin · akin · kindred · of the same blood · with a common ancestor/forebear · connected · agnate · consanguineous · cognate
    • associated with the specified item or process, especially causally.
      "income-related benefits"
relates (third person present) · related (past tense) · related (past participle) · relating (present participle)
  1. make or show a connection between.
    "the study examines social change within the city and relates it to developments in the country as a whole" ·
    "a supercomputer could relate all those factors"
    connect (with) · associate (with) · link (with) · correlate (with) ·
    ally (with) · couple (with) · bracket (with) · bring together · find/establish a connection between · find/establish a relationship between · find/establish a link between · find/establish an association between · find/establish a correspondence between
    • (be related)
      be causally connected.
      "high unemployment is related to high crime rates"
    • (be related)
      be connected by blood or marriage.
      "he was related to my mother" ·
      "people who are distantly related"
      of the same family · kin · akin · kindred · of the same blood ·
      with a common ancestor/forebear · connected · agnate · consanguineous · cognate
    • (relate to)
      have reference to; concern.
      "the new legislation related to corporate activities"
      apply to · be relevant to · have relevance to · concern · refer to ·
      have reference to · belong to · pertain to · be pertinent to · have to do with · bear on · have a bearing on · appertain to · affect · involve · cover · touch · regard
  2. (relate to)
    feel sympathy for or identify with.
    "kids related to him because he was so rebellious"
    have a rapport with · get on (well) with · respond to · sympathize with ·
    feel sympathy with · feel for · identify with · empathize with · connect with · understand · speak the same language as · be in tune with · be on the same wavelength as · hit it off with
  3. give an account of; narrate.
    "various versions of the story have been related by the locals"
    tell · recount · narrate · give an account of · describe · portray · depict ·
mid 16th century: from Latin relat- ‘brought back’, from the verb referre ( see refer).
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it is imperative for future research to determine whether dissociative disorders are exclusively related to trauma.
these shifts and swings in wildlife populations are possibly related to climatic perturbations.
the students had to answer questions closely related to what they just learned.
in the absence of anyone more nearly related, I was designated next of kin.
many animals of the breed were crossed with the closely related Guernsey.
male sexual interest was not related to the conceptive nature of a cycle.
we need a thorough vetting of the issues related to crude oil supplies.
undergraduate courses of three main subjects with related ancillaries.
defensiveness of the hive was related to the size of the colony.
various versions of the story have been related by the locals.
the viability of maize pollen is related to its water content.
closely related species have similar behavioural patterns.
we shall plunder related sciences to assist our research.
the new legislation related to corporate activities.
high unemployment is related to high crime rates.
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How to say related in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)verwante, wat verband hou met, verband
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)ذات الصلة, يتصل بها
(VERB)ذات صلة, المتصلة, المرتبطة, المتعلقة, متعلقة, مرتبطة, تتعلق, متصلة, ذات
Bangla সংক্রান্ত
Bosnian (Latin) vezane
Bulgarian (VERB)свързани, сродни, отнасящи, подобни
(ADJECTIVE)свързаните, сродните, съответните, сходни
Cantonese (Traditional) 相關
Catalan (VERB)relacionats, referien, explicat, vinculades, afins
Chinese Simplified 相关
Chinese Traditional 相關
Croatian (VERB)vezane, povezane, srodne, odnose, svezi, rodu, vezi
(ADJECTIVE)srodnih, povezanim
Czech (VERB)související, příbuzné, týkající se, vztahují, Spojené
(ADJECTIVE)souvisejících, spřízněné
Danish (VERB)relaterede, beslægtede, forbindelse, tilknytning, dertil knyttede, forbundet, vedrørende, knyttet
(ADJECTIVE)tilhørende, forretningsmæssigt forbundne
Dutch (VERB)gerelateerde, verwante, verband, die verband houden, betrekking, verbonden
Estonian (VERB)seotud, nendega seotud, seostuvad, seonduvad
(ADJECTIVE)sellega seotud, seostuvate, seonduvate, omavahel seotud, asjakohaste
Fijian veisemati
Filipino na may kaugnayan
Finnish (VERB)liittyvät, aiheeseen liittyviä, siihen liittyvien
(NOUN)Aiheeseen liittyvät
(ADJECTIVE)etuyhteydessä, asiaan liittyvät, niihin liittyvien
French (VERB)liés, associés, connexe, relatives, reliés, apparentés, se rapportant, concernant, rapport
German (VERB)verwandte, im Zusammenhang mit, bezogen, zugehörige, ähnliche, verbundenen, verknüpft, Zusammenhang
(ADJECTIVE)damit verbundenen
Greek (VERB)σχετικές, συναφείς, συγγενικά, συνδεδεμένη, αφορούν
(ADJECTIVE)συναφών, σχετικών, συνδεδεμένες
Haitian Creole ki gen rapò ak
Hebrew (VERB)הקשורות, קשורים, קרובים, קשורה, קשור, שקשור, בנושא
(ADJECTIVE)קשורות, הקשורים ל, נלווים, מקושרות
Hindi (VERB)संबंधित, संबंधी
Hmong Daw hais txog
Hungarian (VERB)kapcsolódó, összefüggő, rokon, vonatkozó
Icelandic (VERB)tengdar, skyldur, Svipaðir, tengt, tengjast, tengslum, tengist, tilheyrandi
(ADJECTIVE)tengdum, skyldar
Indonesian (VERB)terkait, berhubungan dengan, berkaitan
Italian (VERB)correlati, relativi, legati, connessi, collegato, riguardanti, riferito
Japanese (VERB)関連, 関係, 関する, 関わる, に関する
Kiswahili (VERB)kuhusiana, husika, uhusiano
Klingon relate
Korean (VERB)관련, 관한, 연관된
Latvian (VERB)saistītās, attiecas
(ADJECTIVE)saistītiem, attiecīgo
Lithuanian (VERB)susijusių, atitinkamos
(ADJECTIVE)su jais susijusių
Malagasy mifandray amin' izany
Malay (Latin) (VERB)berkaitan, berkenaan
(ADJECTIVE)berkaitan dengannya
Maltese (VERB)relatati, konnessi, rrelatata, x'jaqsmu, marbuta mal, jirrigwardaw
Norwegian Bokmål relaterte
Persian (VERB)مربوط, مرتبط, رابطه
(ADJECTIVE)مربوطه, وابسته
Polish (VERB)pokrewne, związane, powiązanych, podobne, odnoszące się, dotyczące
(ADJECTIVE)powiązanego, pokrewnymi
Portuguese (VERB)relacionados, afins, parentes, ligados
Querétaro Otomi relacionado
Romanian (VERB)legate, conexe, corelate, înrudite, referitoare, aferente, asociate, asemanatoare, relaţii, privind
Russian (VERB)связанных с, относящиеся, касающихся, родственные, похожие, имеющих отношение, соответствующий
(ADJECTIVE)связанных с ними, смежных, соответствующих
Samoan e faatatau i le
Serbian (Cyrillic) у сродству
Serbian (Latin) u srodstvu
Slovak (VERB)súvisiace, vzťahujúce, týkajúce, príbuzné, ktoré súvisia s
(ADJECTIVE)príbuzných, súvisiacimi
Slovenian (VERB)povezanih, sorodne, podobni, relaciji, z njimi povezani, zvezi, pripadajoče, se nanašajo
(ADJECTIVE)sorodnih, z njimi povezane, povezanimi
Spanish (VERB)relacionadas con, conexos, afines, vinculados, similares, asociados
Swedish (VERB)relaterade, närstående, samband med, besläktade, släkt, berättat, rör, tillhörande, kopplade, liknande
Tahitian mau
Tamil (VERB)தொடர்பான, தொடர்புள்ள, தொடர்புடைய, சம்பந்தப்பட்ட
Telugu సంబంధించిన
Thai (VERB)เกี่ยวกับ
Tongan fekau'aki mo e
Turkish (VERB)ilgili, ilişkili, akraba, alakalı, bağlı
Ukrainian (VERB)пов'язані, відносяться, схожі, супутніх, відповідні, зв'язані
(ADJECTIVE)суміжних, пов'язаними, відповідних
Urdu (VERB)متعلقہ, وابستہ, تعلق
Vietnamese (VERB)liên quan
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)cysylltiedig, perthnasol
(VERB)gysylltiedig, ymwneud â, perthyn, sail, berthnasol
Yucatec Maya ti'
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