relations (plural noun)
  1. the way in which two or more people or things are connected; a thing's effect on or relevance to another.
    "questions about the relation between writing and reality" ·
    "the size of the targets bore no relation to their importance"
  2. a person who is connected by blood or marriage; a relative.
    "he has no close relations"
    relative · member of someone's/the family · one's (own) flesh and blood ·
    next of kin · family · kin · kith and kin · kindred · kinsman · kinswoman
  3. the action of telling a story.
Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin relatio(n-), from referre ‘bring back’ ( see relate).
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How to use relation in a sentence?
the novel carries a disclaimer about the characters bearing no relation to living persons.
his subject—the nature of the artist in relation to his society—is pretty shop-soiled.
Lewis argues that the relation of a singleton to its only member is mysterious.
the eroded residuals of reefs built in relation to earlier, higher sea levels.
a concern among liberals about the relation of the citizen to the state.
they can take vows of chastity, and give up sexual relations entirely.
the village enjoys a notability out of all relation to its size.
the secret of success lies in the relation of income to outgo.
the size of the targets bore no relation to their importance.
facultative adjustment in relation to competitive abilities.
questions about the relation between writing and reality.
the improvement in relations between the two countries.
the meetings helped cement Anglo-American relations.
we had stopped having relations of any kind.
he has no close relations.
How to say relation in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)verhouding
Arabic (NOUN)علاقة, العلاقة, علاقتها, علاقات
Bangla সম্পর্ক
Bosnian (Latin) odnos
Bulgarian (NOUN)отношение, връзка, релация, съотношението
Cantonese (Traditional) 關係
Catalan (NOUN)relació
Chinese Simplified 关系
Chinese Traditional 關係
Croatian (NOUN)odnos, relacija, srodstvu, rodbina
Czech (NOUN)vztah, relace, souvislosti
Danish (NOUN)relationen, forhold, slægtning, sammenhængen
Dutch (NOUN)relatie, verband, verhouding, ten opzichte
Estonian (NOUN)seos, seoses, suhte, suhe, suhete, seost
Fijian isema
Filipino kaugnayan
Finnish (NOUN)suhteessa, suhde, relaatio, sukua
French (NOUN)rapport, relations, égard, regard
German (NOUN)Beziehung, Verhältnis, Bezug, Zusammenhang, gegenüber, relativ
Greek (NOUN)σχέση, συγγενής, συσχέτιση
Haitian Creole relasyon
Hebrew (NOUN)כקשר, קשר, ביחס, היחס, הקשר, יחס
Hindi (NOUN)संबंध, रिश्ता
Hmong Daw Piv
Hungarian (NOUN)kapcsolat, reláció, viszony, összefüggés, vonatkozásában
Icelandic (NOUN)vensl, tengsl, sambandinu, viðskiptatengslanna
Indonesian (NOUN)kaitannya, hubungan, relasi, keterkaitan
Italian (NOUN)relazione, rapporto, rispetto, parente
Japanese (NOUN)関係, リレーション, 関連, 関し
Kiswahili (NOUN)uhusiano
Korean (NOUN)관계, 관하여, 관련, 기준
Latvian (NOUN)attiecības, saistību
Lithuanian (NOUN)ryšio, santykis, ryšys, atžvilgiu
Malagasy fifandraisantsika
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)hubungan
Maltese (NOUN)relazzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål forhold
Persian (NOUN)رابطه, ارتباط, روابط
Polish (NOUN)relacji, stosunku, zależność
Portuguese (NOUN)relação, parente, respeita
Querétaro Otomi nthe
Romanian (NOUN)relaţia, legătură
Russian (NOUN)отношении, связи, соотношение, взаимосвязь, родственник
Samoan sootaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) однос
Serbian (Latin) odnos
Slovak (NOUN)vzťah, súvislosti s, relácia
Slovenian (NOUN)odnos, zvezi, razmerje, povezavi, relacija
Spanish (NOUN)relación, referente, pariente
Swedish (NOUN)förhållande, relationen, samband med, kusinen, anknytning
Tahitian taatiraa
Tamil உறவு
Telugu సంబంధించి
Thai (NOUN)ความสัมพันธ์, สัมพันธ์
Tongan fekau'aki mo e
Turkish (NOUN)ilişki, ile ilgili
Ukrainian (NOUN)відношення, ставлення, стосунки
Urdu (NOUN)تعلق, رشتہ, تعلقات, رشتے
Vietnamese (NOUN)mối quan hệ
Welsh (NOUN)perthynas, ran, cysylltiad, ynglŷn â, ynghylch, safbwynt, ymwneud, gysylltiedig, nghyd-destun
Yucatec Maya relación
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