remarks (third person present) · remarked (past tense) · remarked (past participle) · remarking (present participle)
  1. say something as a comment; mention.
    "‘Tom's looking peaky,’ she remarked" ·
    "he remarked that he had some work to finish" · "the judges remarked on the high standard of the entries"
    comment · say · observe · mention · reflect · state · declare ·
    announce · pronounce · assert · interpose · interject · come out with · opine · comment on · mention · refer to · speak of · pass comment on · say something about · touch on
  2. regard with attention; notice.
    "he remarked the man's inflamed eyelids"
    note · notice · observe · take note of · mark · perceive · discern
remarks (plural noun)
  1. a written or spoken comment.
    "I decided to ignore his rude remarks"
late 16th century ( in remark (sense 2of the verb)): from French remarquer ‘note again’, from re- (expressing intensive force) + marquer ‘to mark, note’.
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he never knew when a casual remark to a stranger might blow up in his face.
the remark was enough to establish his woeful ignorance about the theatre.
the landscape, familiar since childhood, was not worthy of remark.
she dropped a remark about having been included in the selection.
perhaps I was expected to reciprocate with some remark of my own.
the judge's remark heralded the signal for the court to rise.
he prayed no wit would cap his remark with some repartee.
the judges remarked on the high standard of the entries.
this uncharitable remark possibly arose out of jealousy.
she was taken aback by the injustice of Nora's remark.
a remark that might warrant a good smack in the snoot.
he was gone before we could reply to his last remark.
he dismissed the remark as juvenile and imperceptive.
realizing the oddity of the remark, he retracted it.
unwisely, she repeated the remark to her mother.
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How to say remark in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans opmerking
Arabic (NOUN)الملاحظة, التصريح, تصريحات, ملاحظة, هذه التصريحات
Bangla মন্তব্য
Bosnian (Latin) opaska
Bulgarian (NOUN)Забележка, бележка, реплика
Cantonese (Traditional) 的話
Catalan (NOUN)observació, comentari
Chinese Simplified 的话
Chinese Traditional 的話
Croatian (NOUN)opaska, primjedba, zamjećivanje, Napomena
Czech (NOUN)Poznámka
Danish (NOUN)bemærkning
Dutch (NOUN)opmerking
Estonian (NOUN)märkus
Fijian itukutuku
Filipino pananalita
Finnish (NOUN)huomautus, huomio
French (NOUN)remarque
German (NOUN)Bemerkung, Anmerkung
Greek (NOUN)παρατήρηση
Haitian Creole remake
Hebrew (NOUN)הערה
Hindi (NOUN)टिप्पणी
Hungarian (NOUN)megjegyzés, észrevétel
Icelandic (NOUN)athugasemd
Indonesian (NOUN)pernyataan, ucapan
Italian (NOUN)osservazione, commento, annotazione
Japanese (NOUN)発言, 備考, 言, 注釈
Korean (NOUN)발언, 비고
Latvian (NOUN)Piezīme, remarka, piebilde, teicāt
Lithuanian (NOUN)Pastaba
Malagasy tamin ny zavatra notenenin
Malay (Latin) Ulasan
Maltese kumment
Norwegian Bokmål bemerkning
Persian (NOUN)سخن گفتن
Polish (NOUN)Uwaga, uwagi
Portuguese (NOUN)observação, comentário, obs
Querétaro Otomi observación
Romanian (NOUN)remarcă, observaţie
Russian (NOUN)замечание, ремарка, Примечание, Отметим, высказывание
Samoan faamatalaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) примедба
Serbian (Latin) primedba
Slovak (NOUN)Poznámka
Slovenian (NOUN)pripombo, Opomba
Spanish (NOUN)observación, comentario, remarcar
Swedish (NOUN)anmärkning, kommentar, påpekande, synpunkt
Tahitian oroa
Tamil குறிப்பு
Telugu చెప్పాడట
Thai หมายเหตุ
Tongan lea fakahangatonu
Turkish (NOUN)açıklama
Ukrainian (NOUN)зауваження
Urdu تبصرہ
Vietnamese nhận xét
Welsh (NOUN)sylw
Yucatec Maya observación
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