renounces (third person present) · renounced (past tense) · renounced (past participle) · renouncing (present participle)
  1. formally declare one's abandonment of (a claim, right, or possession).
    "Isabella offered to renounce her son's claim to the French Crown"
    reject · refuse to abide by · refuse to recognize · repudiate
    accept · abide by
    • law
      refuse or resign a right or position, especially one as an heir or trustee.
      "there will be forms enabling the allottee to renounce"
      give up · relinquish · abandon · resign · abdicate · surrender · sign away · waive · forgo · disclaim · abnegate · demit
    • refuse to continue to recognize or abide by.
      "these agreements were renounced after the fall of the Tsarist regime"
      reject · refuse to abide by · refuse to recognize · repudiate
      accept · abide by
    • reject or abandon (a cause, bad habit, or way of life).
      "they renounced the armed struggle" ·
      "he renounced alcohol completely"
      repudiate · deny · discard · reject · give up · forswear · abandon · wash one's hands of · turn one's back on · have nothing more to do with · have done with ·
      disown · cast off · cast aside · disinherit · cut off · throw off · spurn · shun · forsake · abstain from · give up · go without · do without · desist from · refrain from · swear off · keep off · eschew · reject · cease to indulge in · quit · leave off · pack in · kick · lay off
      embrace · turn to
late Middle English: from Old French renoncer, from Latin renuntiare ‘protest against’, from re- (expressing reversal) + nuntiare ‘announce’.
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renegades and Deserters of Heaven, who renounce their God for the Favour of Man.
these agreements were renounced after the fall of the Tsarist regime.
Isabella offered to renounce her son's claim to the French Crown.
there will be forms enabling the allottee to renounce.
they renounced the armed struggle.
he renounced alcohol completely.
How to say renounce in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans doen
Arabic (VERB)نبذ, تنبذ, التخلي عن, ينبذ, تتخلى, العدول عن, التنازل عن, يتخلى عن, نبذة
Bangla ত্যাগ
Bosnian (Latin) odreci se
Bulgarian (VERB)денонсиране, отричам
Cantonese (Traditional) 放棄
Catalan (VERB)renunciar
Chinese Simplified 放弃
Chinese Traditional 放棄
Croatian (VERB)odreći, odricanje
Czech (VERB)vzdát
Danish (VERB)fornægte, give afkald
Dutch (VERB)afzien, af
Estonian lahti ütlema
Fijian mo dou cata sara
Filipino talikuran
Finnish (VERB)luovuttava, luopua
French (VERB)renoncer, abjurer, renier
German (VERB)entsagen, verzichten, abschwören, verleugnen
Greek (VERB)αποκηρύξει
Haitian Creole à
Hebrew מוותר
Hindi त्याग
Hmong Daw tsis un ntxiv lawm
Hungarian lemondanak
Icelandic rendur
Indonesian (VERB)meninggalkan
Italian (VERB)rinunciare, rinnega
Japanese (VERB)放棄
Kiswahili (VERB)kuachana
Klingon lulajQo' nuv
Korean (VERB)포기, 포기할
Latvian atteikties no
Lithuanian atsisakyti
Malagasy lavo ny
Malay (Latin) kafir
Maltese jirrinunzja
Norwegian Bokmål gi avkall
Persian زمستان
Polish wyrzec się
Portuguese (VERB)renunciar
Querétaro Otomi renunciar 'na jar
Romanian renunţe la
Russian (VERB)отказаться от, отречься от, поступиться, отвергнуть, осудить
(NOUN)откажитесь от
Samoan lafoaia
Serbian (Cyrillic) Одрекни се
Serbian (Latin) Odrekni se
Slovak (NOUN)zriecť
(VERB)vzdali, vzdať
Slovenian (VERB)odrekajo, odreči, odpove
Spanish (VERB)renunciar
Swedish (VERB)avstå från, avsäga sig
Tahitian e haapae ra i
Tamil துறக்க
Telugu అనుగ్రహం
Thai หยิ่ง
Tongan ta'ofi 'a e
Turkish (VERB)feragat, redd, vazgeç
Ukrainian (VERB)відмовитися від
Urdu ترک
Vietnamese từ bỏ
Welsh ymwrthod â
Yucatec Maya renunciar ti' le
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