1. noun form of repair
repairs (third person present) · repaired (past tense) · repaired (past participle) · repairing (present participle)
  1. restore (something damaged, faulty, or worn) to a good condition.
    "faulty electrical appliances should be repaired by an electrician"
    mend · fix (up) · put right · set right · restore · restore to working order ·
    make as good as new · patch up · put back together · overhaul · service · renovate · recondition · rehabilitate · rebuild · reconstruct · refit · adjust · regulate · fettle · see to · mend · darn · sew up · stitch up · patch up · clout
    • make good (damage).
      "an operation to repair damage to his neck"
      rectify · make good · put right · correct · right · redress ·
      make up for · make amends for · make reparation for · compensate for
    • put right (an unwelcome situation).
      "the new government moved quickly to repair relations with the USA"
      put/set right · put to rights · patch up · mend · fix · sort out ·
      straighten out · make better · improve · right · heal · cure · remedy · retrieve
repairs (plural noun)
  1. the action of repairing something.
    "the truck was beyond repair" ·
    "the abandoned house they bought needs repairs"
    restoration · fixing (up) · renovation · rebuilding · reconstruction ·
    mending · servicing · improvement · adjustment · reparation · irreparable · irreversible · past mending · irretrievable · hopeless · past hope · beyond hope · irremediable · irrecoverable · incurable · beyond cure · written off
late Middle English: from Old French reparer, from Latin reparare, from re- ‘back’ + parare ‘make ready’.
(repair to)
repairs (third person present) · repaired (past tense) · repaired (past participle) · repairing (present participle)
  1. go to (a place), especially in company.
    "we repaired to the tranquillity of a nearby cafe"
    go to · adjourn to · head for · wend one's way to · retire to · withdraw to ·
    retreat to · set off for · take off for · leave for · depart for · remove to · betake oneself to
  1. frequent or habitual visiting of a place.
    "she exhorted repair to the church"
    • a place which is frequently visited or occupied.
      "the repairs of wild beasts"
Middle English: from Old French repairer, from late Latin repatriare ‘return to one's country’ ( see repatriate).
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Laguages Translations
Arabic (NOUN)مصلح
Bosnian (Latin) serviseru
Bulgarian (NOUN)сервиз
Cantonese (Traditional) 修理
Catalan reparador
Chinese Simplified 修理
Chinese Traditional 修理
Croatian serviseru
Czech servisní pracovník
Danish (NOUN)reparatør, værksted
Dutch (NOUN)hersteller, reparateur
Estonian remonditöökoda
Finnish (NOUN)korjaamo
French (NOUN)réparateur
German (NOUN)Werkstatt
Greek (NOUN)επισκευαστή
Haitian Creole \/
Hindi मिस्त्री
Hungarian javítóműhely
Icelandic viðgerðamaður
Indonesian membetulkan
Italian (NOUN)riparatore
Japanese (NOUN)修理工, 修理
Latvian (NOUN)remontētājs
Lithuanian (NOUN)remontininkas
Malay (Latin) bengkel membaiki kereta yang
Maltese (NOUN)sewwej
Norwegian Bokmål reparatør
Polish osoba zajmująca się naprawami
Portuguese (NOUN)reparador
Querétaro Otomi Taller ma
Romanian (NOUN)reparator
Russian (NOUN)ремонту
Serbian (Cyrillic) поправљате , је ли
Serbian (Latin) popravljate, je li
Slovak (NOUN)opravovňa
Slovenian (NOUN)serviser
Spanish (NOUN)reparador
Swedish (NOUN)reparatör, verkstad
Tamil பார்ப்பவரை
Telugu రెపరెపుని
Thai คนซ่อม
Ukrainian ремонтника
Urdu آرگینائز
Welsh (NOUN)atgyweiriwr
Yucatec Maya Taller reparación
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