repels (third person present) · repelled (past tense) · repelled (past participle) · repelling (present participle)
  1. drive or force (an attack or attacker) back or away.
    "government units sought to repel the rebels"
    fight off · repulse · drive back/away · put to flight · force back ·
    beat back · push back · thrust back · hold off · ward off · fend off · stand off · stave off · parry · keep at bay · keep at arm's length · foil · check · frustrate · see off · send packing · rebut
    • (of a magnetic pole or electric field) force (something similarly magnetized or charged) away from itself.
      "electrically charged objects attract or repel one another" ·
      "like poles repel and unlike poles attract"
    • (of a substance) resist mixing with or be impervious to (another substance).
      "boots with good-quality leather uppers to repel moisture"
      be impervious to · be impermeable to · keep out · be resistant to ·
      attract · absorb · let through
  2. be repulsive or distasteful to.
    "she was repelled by the permanent smell of drink on his breath"
    revolt · disgust · repulse · sicken · nauseate · make someone feel sick ·
    turn someone's stomach · be repulsive to · be extremely distasteful to · be repugnant to · make shudder · make someone's flesh creep · make someone's skin crawl · make someone's gorge rise · put off · offend · horrify · turn off · give someone the creeps · give someone the heebie-jeebies · make someone want to throw up · gross out
  3. formal
    refuse to accept (something, especially an argument or theory).
    "the alleged right of lien led by the bankrupt's solicitor was repelled"
    refuse · decline · say no to · reject · rebuff · scorn · turn down ·
    turn away · repudiate · treat with contempt · disdain · look down one's nose at · despise · snub · slight · disown · jilt · repulse · repel · dismiss · brush off · turn one's back on · give someone the cold shoulder · cold-shoulder · ignore · cut (dead) · look right through · turn one's nose up at · give someone the brush-off · tell someone where to get off · put down · freeze out · stiff-arm · kick in the teeth · knock back · give someone the bum's rush · give someone the brush · snout · give someone the go-by
late Middle English: from Latin repellere, from re- ‘back’ + pellere ‘to drive’.
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How to use repel in a sentence?
the alleged right of lien led by the bankrupt's solicitor was repelled.
she was repelled by the permanent smell of drink on his breath.
electrically charged objects attract or repel one another.
he had to react sharply to repel a shot at his near post.
boots with good-quality leather uppers to repel moisture.
government units sought to repel the rebels.
like poles repel and unlike poles attract.
How to say repel in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans stoot
Arabic (VERB)صد, يصد
Bangla প্রতিরোধ
Bosnian (Latin) otjerati
Bulgarian (VERB)отблъсне
Cantonese (Traditional) 排斥
Catalan (VERB)repel.lir, rebutjar
Chinese Simplified 排斥
Chinese Traditional 排斥
Croatian (VERB)otjerati, odbiti
Czech (VERB)odpuzují, odrazit
Danish (VERB)frastøde, afvise, angribere
Dutch (VERB)afstoten, weren
Estonian tõrjuma
Fijian veicati
Filipino pagtataboy
Finnish (VERB)hylkivät, karkottaa, torjua
French (VERB)repousser
German (VERB)abstoßen, abzuwehren, zurückzuschlagen, stoßen, vertreiben
Greek (VERB)αποκρούει, απώθηση, απωθούν
Haitian Creole fè ale
Hebrew (VERB)להדוף
Hindi पीछे हटाना
Hmong Daw ua kom chim
Hungarian (VERB)taszítják, visszaverni, elriasztására
Indonesian (VERB)mengusir
Italian (VERB)respingere
Japanese (VERB)撃退, 寄せ付け, 退ける
Kiswahili warudisha
Korean (VERB)격퇴, 물리칠
Latvian (VERB)atvairīt, atstumt
Lithuanian (VERB)atstumti, atbaidyti
Malagasy hanalavirana
Malay (Latin) menangkis
Maltese ireġġgħu
Norwegian Bokmål frastøte
Persian (VERB)دفع
Polish (VERB)odpychają, odeprzeć, odparcia
Portuguese (VERB)repelir
Querétaro Otomi rechazar
Romanian (VERB)respingă
Russian (VERB)оттолкнуть, отражения, отбить, отпор
Samoan tetee
Serbian (Cyrillic) одбијемо
Serbian (Latin) odbijemo
Slovak (VERB)odpudzujú, odraziť
Slovenian (VERB)odbijata, Otjerati, odganjanje, odvrača
Spanish (VERB)repeler, rechazar
Swedish (VERB)stöta bort, avvärja, stöter bort
Tahitian faaatea
Tamil தடுத்துக்
Telugu వికర్షించడం
Thai ขับไล่
Tongan teke'i
Turkish (VERB)püskürtmek, kov
Ukrainian (VERB)відбити, відобразити
Urdu پیچھے ہٹانا
Vietnamese xua đuổi
Welsh ddefnyddiwyd
Yucatec Maya rechazar
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