1. conveying or expressing blame or disapproval.
    "a reproving glance"
reproves (third person present) · reproved (past tense) · reproved (past participle) · reproving (present participle) · re-prove (verb) · re-proves (third person present) · re-proved (past tense) · re-proved (past participle) · re-proving (present participle)
  1. reprimand (someone).
    "he was reproved for obscenity" ·
    "‘Don't be childish, Hilary,’ he reproved mildly"
    reprimand · rebuke · reproach · scold · admonish · remonstrate with · chastise · chide · upbraid · berate · take to task · pull up · castigate · lambaste ·
    read someone the Riot Act · give someone a piece of one's mind · haul over the coals · criticize · censure · tell off · give someone a talking-to · give someone a telling-off · dress down · give someone a dressing-down · give someone an earful · give someone a roasting · give someone a rocket · give someone a rollicking · rap · rap over the knuckles · slap someone's wrist · let someone have it · send someone away with a flea in their ear · bawl out · give someone hell · come down on · pitch into · lay into · lace into · give someone a caning · put on the mat · slap down · blast · rag · keelhaul · tick off · have a go at · carpet · give someone a mouthful · tear someone off a strip · give someone what for · give someone some stick · wig · give someone a wigging · give someone a row · row · call down · rate · give someone a rating · trim · reprehend · objurgate
Middle English (also in the senses ‘reject’ and ‘censure’): from Old French reprover, from late Latin reprobare ‘disapprove’ ( see reprobate).
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a reproving glance.
How to say reproving in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic يوبخان
Bosnian (Latin) prijekoran
Cantonese (Traditional) 譴責
Chinese Simplified 谴责
Chinese Traditional 譴責
Croatian prijekoran
Czech kázala
Danish irettesatte
Fijian me veivunauci
Filipino pagsabihan
Finnish nuhtelemassa
French réprobateur
German tadeln
Greek εκδικάσαντος
Hindi रचा गया
Hungarian rosszalló
Icelandic reproving hjá
Indonesian menegur
Italian (VERB)rimprovero
Japanese 非難
Kiswahili kukemea
Klingon reprove
Korean 놓으며
Lithuanian priekaištaujančiu
Malagasy manitsy
Polish gromi
Portuguese acusadora
Querétaro Otomi reprendiendo
Romanian mustrând
Russian (VERB)обличения
Samoan aoai
Serbian (Cyrillic) јака
Serbian (Latin) jaka
Spanish reprendiendo
Swedish förebrådde
Tahitian ma te faahaparaatu i
Tamil இழந்ததற்காக
Telugu ఖ౦డిస్తూ
Tongan valoki'i
Turkish kızgın
Urdu ریپرووانگ
Yucatec Maya reprendiendo
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