rests (third person present) · rested (past tense) · rested (past participle) · resting (present participle)
  1. cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength.
    "he needed to rest after the feverish activity" ·
    "I'm going to rest up before travelling to England"
    relax · take a rest · ease up/off · let up · slow down · pause ·
    have/take a break · unbend · repose · laze · idle · loaf · do nothing · take time off · slack off · unwind · recharge one's batteries · be at leisure · take it easy · sit back · sit down · stand down · lounge · luxuriate · loll · slump · flop · put one's feet up · lie down · go to bed · have/take a nap · nap · catnap · doze · have/take a siesta · drowse · sleep · de-stress · take five · have/take a breather · veg out · snooze · snatch forty winks · get some shut-eye · kip · have a kip · get some kip · chill out · kick back · catch some Zs · slumber
    • allow to be inactive in order to regain strength or health.
      "her friend read to her while she rested her eyes"
    • (of a body) lie buried.
      "the king's body rested in his tomb"
      (be resting)
      used euphemistically by actors to indicate that they are out of work.
      "she was an actress but doing domestic work while she was resting"
    • leave (a player) out of a team temporarily.
      "both men were rested for the cup final"
    • (of a problem or subject) be left without further investigation or discussion.
      "the council has urged the planning committee not to allow the matter to rest"
    • allow (land) to lie fallow.
      "the field should be grazed or rested"
  2. be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position.
    "her elbow was resting on the arm of the sofa"
    lie · be laid · recline · repose · be · be placed · be positioned ·
    be supported by · be propped up by
    • place (something) so that it is supported in a specified position.
      "he rested a hand on her shoulder"
      support · prop (up) · steady · balance · lean · lay · set · sit ·
      stand · position · place · put
    • (rest on/upon)
      (of a look) alight or be steadily directed on.
      "his eyes rested briefly on the boy"
  3. (rest on/upon)
    be based on; depend on.
    "the country's security rested on its alliances"
    be based on · be grounded in · be founded on · depend on ·
    be dependent on · rely on · hinge on · turn on · hang on · pivot on · be contingent on · revolve around · centre on
    • (rest something in/on)
      place hope, trust, or confidence on or in.
      "she rested her hopes in her attorney"
    • be the responsibility of or belong to a specified person.
      "the final say rests with the regional assemblies"
  4. law
    conclude presentation of either party's case in a suit or prosecution.See also rest one's case below.
    "the prosecution rests"
rests (plural noun)
  1. an instance or period of resting.
    "you look as though you need a rest" ·
    "a couple of days of complete rest"
    repose · relaxation · leisure · ease · inactivity · respite · time off ·
    time out · breathing space · sleep · period of relaxation · period of repose · nap · doze · siesta · shut-eye · snooze · lie-down · forty winks · kip · slumber · holiday · recess · break · breathing space · pause · interval · interlude · intermission · time off · time out · vacation · breather · vacay
    • a motionless state.
      "the car accelerates rapidly from rest"
      a standstill · a halt · a stop · stationary
  2. music
    an interval of silence of a specified duration.
    • the sign denoting a musical rest.
    • a pause in speech or verse.
  3. an object that is used to support something.
    "a shoulder rest"
    stand · base · holder · support · stay · prop · brace · rack · hook ·
    • a support or hook for a telephone receiver when not in use.
      "carefully the receiver was replaced on the rest"
    • a support for a cue in billiards or snooker.
Old English ræst, rest (noun), ræstan, restan (verb), of Germanic origin, from a root meaning ‘league’ or ‘mile’ (referring to a distance after which one rests).
  1. the remaining part of something.
    "what do you want to do for the rest of your life?" ·
    "I'll tell you the rest tomorrow night"
  2. anatomy
    a small, detached portion of an organ or tissue.
  3. a rally in real tennis.
rests (third person present) · rested (past tense) · rested (past participle) · resting (present participle)
  1. remain or be left in a specified condition.
    "you can rest assured she will do everything she can"
    remain · continue to be · stay · keep · persist in being · carry on being ·
    go on being
late Middle English: from Old French reste (noun), rester (verb), from Latin restare ‘remain’, from re- ‘back’ + stare ‘to stand’.
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How to use rest in a sentence?
I was getting worried that both of us would be chasing tail and getting into trouble for the rest of our lives.
one solution is to make a troll's postings invisible to the rest of community once they've been recognized.
the sandy shores of the River Nid, where Holy Olaf's bones were laid to rest before he had been sainted.
the President appoints the Prime Minister and, on the latter's advice, the rest of the government.
there was religious pluralism there at a time when the rest of Europe was torn by fundamentalism.
what we want is to go out of here quiet, and talk this show up, and sell the rest of the town.
she had a rocky route through the rest of adolescence while I slipstreamed smoothly behind.
the smorzando section is very eerie and foreshadows the violence of the rest of the piece.
I refuse to believe that the rest of the world doesn't know what a sickie this guy is.
when the US economy booms, the rest of the world is pulled along in the slipstream.
I don't have to go through the rest of my life with that mincing voice of yours.
the device is designed to go into a special ‘rest’ state when it's not working.
it's all very well to talk about natural affection and love and the rest of it.
schooling in inner-city areas was inferior to that in the rest of the country.
the sergeant gave them leave to rest while officers went in search of billets.
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How to say rest in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)res, rus
Arabic (NOUN)بقية, الراحة, الباقي, باقي, البقية, تبقي, راحة, الاستراحه, استراحه
(VERB)ترتاح, ارتاح
Bangla বাকি
Bosnian (Latin) ostalo
Bulgarian (NOUN)останалата част, почивка, покой, остатъка, края, отдих
(VERB)почива, почине
Cantonese (Traditional) 休息
Catalan (NOUN)resta, descans, repòs
(VERB)descansar, reposar
Chinese Simplified 休息
Chinese Traditional 休息
Croatian (NOUN)ostalo, odmor, počinak, ostatak, mirovanju, odmara, preostali
(VERB)odmoriti, odmarati
Czech (NOUN)odpočinku, zbytek, hovět, ostatní, klidu, zbytkem, zbývající, do konce
Danish (NOUN)resten, hvile, pause, øvrige
Dutch (NOUN)rust, overige
Estonian (NOUN)ülejäänud, puhata, puhkeaja, puhkama, allaklapitav, mujal, puhkus
Fijian vakacegu
Filipino pahinga
Finnish (VERB)levätä
(NOUN)loput, lepoa, muualla, muun, lepuuttaa, muusta, loppu, muu
French (NOUN)reste, repos, restant, autres, suite
(VERB)reposer, se reposer
German (NOUN)Ruhe, übrigen, restlichen, Erholung, rast, ausgeruht, Pause
Greek (NOUN)υπόλοιπο, ανάπαυσης, ξεκούραση, τους υπόλοιπους, αλλοδαπή, ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑ, ηρεμίας
(VERB)ξεκουραστούν, στηριχτεί
Haitian Creole poze
Hebrew (VERB)לנוח, תנוח
(NOUN)השאר, מנוחה, למנוחה, היתר, שאר, יתר, ההמשך, המשך
Hindi (NOUN)बाकी, आराम, शेष
Hmong Daw so
Hungarian (NOUN)többi, pihenés, maradéknak, nyugodjék, külföld
Icelandic (NOUN)hvíla, restina, afganginn, hinir, hina
Indonesian (NOUN)sisanya, istirahat, seluruh, selebihnya, perhentian, peristirahatan
Italian (NOUN)resto, riposo
Japanese (NOUN)残り, 休息, レスト, 休憩, 休養, 休み
Kiswahili (NOUN)mapumziko, kupumzika, raha, waliobaki, wengine, zilizobakia, salio, utulivu
Klingon leS
Korean (NOUN)나머지, 휴식, 남은
Latvian (NOUN)atpūtas, pārējās, atlikušo, atpūstos, citur, miera
(VERB)atpūsties, novietojiet
Lithuanian (NOUN)poilsio, likusią, ramybės
(VERB)pailsėti, ilsėtis
Malagasy fitsaharana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)rehat, selebihnya, seluruh, lain, sisa, baki
Maltese (NOUN)mistrieħ, bqija, serħan, kumplament
Norwegian Bokmål resten
Persian (NOUN)بقیه, استراحت, راحتی
Polish (NOUN)reszta, odpoczynku, pozostałej części, reszcie, wypoczynek, końca
(VERB)odpocząć, spocząć
Portuguese (NOUN)resto, descanso, restante, repouso, outros
Querétaro Otomi reposo
Romanian (NOUN)restul, odihnă, repaus, tot restul, pauză
(VERB)odihni, se odihnească
Russian (NOUN)остальные, отдыха, покой
Samoan malologa
Serbian (Cyrillic) остало
Serbian (Latin) ostalo
Slovak (NOUN)zvyšok, odpočinku, oddych, zvyšnej, pokoji, zvyškom, kľude
Slovenian (NOUN)ostalo, počitek, preostali, mirovanju, drugod, tujino, konca
Spanish (NOUN)resto, descanso, reposo, demás
Swedish (NOUN)resten, vila, övriga
Tahitian faafaaearaa
Tamil ஓய்வு
Telugu మిగిలిన
Thai (NOUN)เหลือ, เรสท์
Tongan malolo
Turkish (NOUN)geri kalanı, dinlenme, istirahat, dayanağı, kalan, huzur
Ukrainian (NOUN)відпочинку, решти, решта, решті, решту, залишок, інші, інше, інших, іншими
Urdu (NOUN)باقی, آرام, بقیہ
Vietnamese (NOUN)phần còn lại, nghỉ
(VERB)nghỉ ngơi
Welsh (NOUN)gweddill, gorffwys
Yucatec Maya chan je'elel
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