roars (plural noun)
  1. a full, deep, prolonged cry uttered by a lion or other large wild animal.
    "she waited for the lion's roar"
roars (third person present) · roared (past tense) · roared (past participle) · roaring (present participle)
  1. (of a lion or other large wild animal) utter a full, deep, prolonged cry.
    "we heard a lion roar"
    • (of a person or crowd) utter a loud, deep, prolonged sound, typically from anger, pain, or excitement.
      "Manfred roared with rage"
      bellow · yell · shout · bawl · howl · cry · shriek · scream ·
    • (of something inanimate) make a very loud, deep, prolonged sound.
      "a huge fire roared in the grate"
      boom · rumble · crash · roll · thunder · peal
    • utter or express in a loud tone.
      "the crowd roared its approval" ·
      "‘Get out of my way!’ he roared"
    • (of a crowd) encourage (someone) to do something by loud shouts or cheering.
      "Damon Hill will be roared on this weekend by a huge home crowd"
    • laugh loudly.
      "Shirley roared in amusement"
      guffaw · laugh heartily · roar/howl/shriek with laughter ·
      laugh hysterically · laugh uproariously · be convulsed with laughter · burst out laughing · hoot · split one's sides · be rolling in the aisles · be doubled up · crack up · laugh like a drain · be in stitches · die laughing · crease up · fall about
    • (of a horse) make a loud noise in breathing as a symptom of disease of the larynx.
  2. (especially of a vehicle) move at high speed making a loud prolonged sound.
    "a car roared past"
    speed · zoom · whizz · flash · belt · tear · vroom · scorch · zap · zip ·
    burn rubber · bomb
    • act or happen fast and decisively or conspicuously.
      "Swindon roared back with two goals"
Old English rārian (verb), imitative of a deep prolonged cry, of West Germanic origin; related to German röhren. The noun dates from late Middle English.
  1. right of admission reserved.
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How to use roar in a sentence?
Damon Hill will be roared on this weekend by a huge home crowd.
her remarks brought a roar of laughter from the old man.
there was a great roar from the delirious crowd.
the silence was broken by an almighty roar.
the roar of the crowd reaches a crescendo.
an ammunition lorry exploded with a roar.
Swindon roared back with two goals.
the low murmur swelled to a roar.
the grinding roar of the lorries.
a huge fire roared in the grate.
the roar made the dogs scatter.
she waited for the lion's roar.
‘Get out of my way!’ he roared.
the crowd roared its approval.
Shirley roared in amusement.
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How to say roar in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans brul
Arabic (NOUN)هدير, الزئير, زئير, رور
Bangla গর্জন
Bosnian (Latin) Rika
Bulgarian (NOUN)рев, рева, Ревът
Cantonese (Traditional) 轟鳴聲
Catalan (NOUN)rugit
Chinese Simplified 轰鸣 声
Chinese Traditional 轟鳴 聲
Croatian (NOUN)rika, riku, šum
Czech (NOUN)řev, řevem
Danish (NOUN)brøl, brusen
Dutch (NOUN)gebrul, brullen
Estonian (NOUN)müha, möire
Fijian toboka na kedra
Filipino uungol
Finnish (NOUN)karjaisu, karjunta, pauhu
French (NOUN)rugissement, grondement, hurlement, RAAR, fracas, clameur
(VERB)rugir, mugir
German (NOUN)brüllen, Gebrüll, Dröhnen, Tosen, Getöse, Brausen, Rauschen, donnern
Greek (NOUN)βρυχηθμό, βοή, ρορ
Haitian Creole ranmi
Hebrew (NOUN)שאגה, השאגה
Hindi (NOUN)दहाड़, गर्जन
Hmong Daw nyooj
Hungarian (NOUN)ordít, üvöltés, moraja, harsogó, robajjal, dübörgő
Icelandic (NOUN)öskra
Indonesian (NOUN)raungan, deru, gemuruh
Italian (NOUN)ruggito, boato, rombo, fragore, frastuono
Japanese (NOUN)轟音, 咆哮, とどろき, 爆音, ロア, 怒号, 歓声, うなり, 吠え声, 鳴き声
Kiswahili atanguruma
Korean (NOUN)포효, 겠는가
Latvian (NOUN)rēkt, rēkoņa, skaļos, šņākt, rūciens, rēciens
Lithuanian (NOUN)kriokimas
Malagasy hierona
Malay (Latin) jumpa dan berbual
Persian (NOUN)غرش
Polish (NOUN)ryk, szumi, Ryknijcie, zaryczeć, huk, hukiem
Portuguese (NOUN)rugido, rugem, urro, barulho, ronco, estrondo
Querétaro Otomi rugido
Romanian (NOUN)hohote, vuiet, forăi, urle, zgomotul
Russian (NOUN)рев, ГООР, Роар, рык, ГДОР, ЕДОР, грохот, гул, шумом
(VERB)рычать, реветь
Samoan taalili
Serbian (Cyrillic) Урлик
Serbian (Latin) Urlik
Slovak (NOUN)řev
Slovenian (NOUN)Hujanje, bučanje, rjovenje, šumenje
Spanish (NOUN)rugido, estruendo, bramido, clamor
Swedish (NOUN)vrål, dånet, dån, bruset, rytande
Tahitian tuoraa
Tamil கர்ஜனை
Telugu అరుంధతి
Thai เสียงคำราม
Tongan ngungulu
Turkish (NOUN)kükreme, gürleme
Ukrainian (NOUN)рев, Реготіти, ревом
Urdu دھڑدھڑانا
Vietnamese kêu la
Welsh sŵn rhuo
Yucatec Maya rugido
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