1. moving by turning over and over on an axis.
    "a rolling ball"
  2. (of land) extending in gentle undulations.
    "the rolling countryside"
  3. done or happening in a steady and continuous way.
    "a rolling programme of reforms" ·
    "a rolling news service"
rolls (third person present) · rolled (past tense) · rolled (past participle) · rolling (present participle)
  1. move in a particular direction by turning over and over on an axis.
    "the car rolled down into a ditch" ·
    "she rolled the ball across the floor"
    turn round and round · go round and round · turn over and over · spin ·
    • turn over to face a different direction.
      "she rolled on to her side" ·
      "they rolled him over on to his back"
    • turn (one's eyes) upwards, typically to show surprise or disapproval.
      "Sarah rolled her eyes to the ceiling"
    • lie down and turn over and over while remaining in the same place.
      "the buffalo rolled in the dust"
    • (of a moving ship, aircraft, or vehicle) rock or oscillate round an axis parallel to the direction of motion.
      "the ship pitched and rolled"
      lurch · toss · rock · pitch · plunge · sway · reel · list · keel · wallow ·
      labour · make heavy weather
    • move along or from side to side unsteadily or uncontrollably.
      "they were rolling about with laughter"
      stagger · lurch · reel · sway · pitch · totter · teeter · wobble
      overturn (a vehicle).
      "he rolled his Mercedes in a 100 mph crash"
    • throw (a die or dice).
      "he put all his chips on the table and rolled the dice"
    • obtain (a particular score) by throwing a die or dice.
      "roll a 2, 3, or 12"
  2. (of a vehicle) move or run on wheels.
    "the van was rolling along the lane"
    travel · go · move · pass · cruise · be carried · be conveyed · sweep
    • move or push (a wheeled object).
      "Pat rolled the trolley to and fro"
    • (roll something up/down)
      make a car window or a window blind move up or down by turning a handle.
      "do not roll down the window to give a stranger directions"
    • (of a drop of liquid) flow.
      "huge tears rolled down her cheeks"
      flow · run · course · stream · pour · spill · trickle
    • (of time) elapse steadily.
      "the years rolled by"
      pass · go by/past · slip by/past · slide by/past · sail by/past ·
      glide by/past · fly by/past · elapse · wear on · steal by/past · march on
    • (roll off)
      (of a product) issue from (an assembly line or machine).
      "the first copies of the newspaper rolled off the presses"
    • (of waves, smoke, cloud, or fog) move or flow forward with an undulating motion.
      "the fog rolled across the fields"
      undulating · surging · heaving · tossing · rippling ·
      rising and falling · swelling · billowing · billowy · undulant · billow · undulate · rise and fall · toss · tumble · welter
    • (of land) extend in gentle undulations.
    • (of credits for a film or television programme) be displayed as if moving on a roller up the screen.
      "the end credits rolled and the title came up"
    • (with reference to a machine, device, or system) operate or begin operating.
      "the cameras started to roll" ·
      "roll the camera"
    • informal
      start moving; take action.
      "the coast's clear—let's roll"
    • informal
      behave in a particular way.
      "that's just how I roll, guys—I'll smile until I physically can't"
  3. turn (something flexible) over and over on itself to form a cylinder, tube, or ball.
    "she started to roll up her sleeping bag"
    wind · coil · furl · fold · curl · twist
    • (roll something up)
      fold the edge of a garment over on itself a number of times to shorten it.
      "she rolled up her sleeves to wash her hands"
      fold (up) · furl · wind up · coil (up) · bundle up
      unroll · roll out
    • make (something) by forming material into a cylinder or ball.
      "Harry rolled himself a joint"
      wind · coil · furl · fold · curl · twist
    • curl up tightly.
      "the shock made the hedgehog roll into a ball"
      wind · coil · furl · fold · curl · twist
  4. flatten (something) by passing a roller over it or by passing it between rollers.
    "roll out the dough on a floured surface"
    flatten · level · smooth · even out
  5. (of a loud, deep sound) reverberate.
    "the first peals of thunder rolled across the sky"
    • pronounce (a consonant, typically an r) with a trill.
      "when he wanted to emphasize a point he rolled his rrrs"
    • utter (a word or words) with a reverberating or vibratory effect.
      "he rolled the word round his mouth"
    • (of words) flow effortlessly or mellifluously.
      "the names of his colleagues rolled off his lips"
  6. informal
    rob (someone, typically when they are intoxicated or asleep).
    "if you don't get drunk, you don't get rolled"
    steal from · mug · jump · roll · clip
rolls (plural noun)
  1. a cylinder formed by winding flexible material round a tube or by turning it over and over on itself without folding.
    "a roll of carpet"
    cylinder · tube · scroll · bolt · reel · spool
    • a cylindrical mass of something or a number of items arranged in a cylindrical shape.
      "a roll of mints"
    • an item of food that is made by wrapping a flat sheet of pastry, cake, meat, or fish round a sweet or savoury filling.
      "salmon and rice rolls"
      a quantity of banknotes rolled together.
      "I should eat out, enjoy the fat roll I'd taken out of my account"
      wad · bundle
  2. a movement in which someone or something turns or is turned over on itself.
    "a roll of the dice"
    • a gymnastic exercise in which a person tucks their head down and rolls their body in a forward or backwards circle on the floor.
      "I used my momentum and tucked into a roll"
    • a complete rotation by a flying aircraft about its longitudinal axis.
    • a swaying or oscillation of a ship, aircraft, or vehicle round an axis parallel to the direction of motion.
      "the car corners capably with a minimum of roll"
  3. a prolonged, deep, reverberating sound.
    "thunder exploded, roll after roll"
    • music
      one of the basic patterns (rudiments) of drumming, consisting of a sustained, rapid alternation of single or double strokes of each stick.
  4. a very small loaf of bread, to be eaten by one person.
    "soup with a roll" ·
    "a bacon roll"
  5. an official list or register of names.
    "the school had no one by his name on its roll"
  6. undulation of the landscape.
    "hidden by the roll of the land was a refinery"
  7. a roller for flattening something, especially one used to shape metal in a rolling mill.
Middle English: from Old French rolle (noun), roller (verb), from Latin rotulus ‘a roll’, variant of rotula ‘little wheel’, diminutive of rota.
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How to use rolling in a sentence?
the instrument has a swaging head and a pulsed action which flattens the rivet in a series of rolling motions.
it was his fourth for the morning by the look of the three empty aristotles rolling around on the car floor.
we are not just watching from the sidelines, we are rolling our sleeves up and getting involved.
to start the ball rolling, the government was asked to contribute a million dollars to the fund.
using the rounded end of a rolling pin, make craters over the surface of the cake.
its rolling flood plain and adjoining hills offered rich pasturage.
she gave the thief a crack over the head with her rolling pin.
the view was pastoral, with rolling fields and grazing sheep.
he had a rolling gait that proclaimed him a man of the sea.
he was a rolling stone, with no ties to anyone or anyplace.
our dream home, set amid magnificent rolling countryside.
the remaining lines receive the general rolling stock.
the first day was spent glassing the rolling hills.
the postman whistled an old rolling Stones number.
a pent-up demand for traction and rolling stock.
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How to say rolling in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)rollende, rol
Arabic (VERB)المتداول, أتدحرج, متجددة, يلف, متدرجة
(NOUN)رولينج, درفلة
Bangla ঘুরছে
Bosnian (Latin) kotrljanje
Bulgarian (VERB)подвижен, търкаляне, разлат, валцуване, валцоване, хълмисти, свиване, пускане
(NOUN)Ролинг, ротация
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)rodant, rodar, balanceig
Chinese Simplified 滚动
Chinese Traditional 滾動
Croatian (VERB)valjanje, kotrljanje, uvijanje, snimati
Czech (VERB)válcování, kolejových, valivý, kymácení, postupné, vývalky, kumulované, klouzavý, vrácení
Danish (VERB)rullende, valsning, bølgende
Dutch (VERB)rollen, glooiende, walsen, voortschrijdende, rolt
Estonian (VERB)jooksva, veerema, rullimine, hindamisplaani, raudteeveeremi
Fijian tubu
Filipino lumiligid
Finnish (VERB)liikkuvan, jyrinä, Vierintäsäteiden, pyörittele, juokseva, liukuva
French (VERB)roulement, laminage
German (VERB)Rollen, Walzen, sanften, hügelige, fortlaufenden, parallelen
Greek (VERB)τροχαίο, κυλώντας, κυλιόμενο, κύλισης, έλασης, κυλάει, κυλά, κυλήσει
Haitian Creole woule
Hebrew (VERB)מתגלגל, ערגול, מגלגל, להתגלגל, גלגול, לגלגל, מצלמים, לצלם
(NOUN)רולינג, הרולינג
Hindi (VERB)रोलिंग, चल
Hmong Daw dov
Hungarian (VERB)gördülő, guruló, hengerléssel, lankás, járművek, futási
Icelandic (VERB)veltingur
Indonesian (VERB)bergulir, menggelinding, melinting, syuting
Italian (VERB)rotolamento, laminazione, rullatura, rotazione, ondulate, dolci, girando, sequenza
Japanese (VERB)ローリング, 圧延, 転がり, 転造, 転がる, ロール
(NOUN)ころがり, ローリングス
Klingon tetlh
Korean (VERB)롤링, 압연, 굴러, 구르, 회전, 구르기, 걷어, 구름
Latvian (VERB)ritošā, rites, slīdošo, ripošanas, velmējot, kārtējais, apveļ, aizvēlās, ritināms
Lithuanian (VERB)valcavimo, sukti, riedėjimo, einamąjį, geležinkelių, tęstinė, maudytis, augti
Malagasy mikodiadia
Malay (Latin) (VERB)bergolek, menggulung
Maltese (NOUN)tgerbib
Norwegian Bokmål rulle
Persian (VERB)نورد, آلیاژها, مالش, غلتک
Polish (VERB)toczenia, walcówka, stopniowych, kołyszący, toczne, kroczący, rozwijają, kolejowego
(ADJECTIVE)tocznych, stopniowego
Portuguese (VERB)rolamento, circulante, laminação, enrolar, rodando, filmar
Querétaro Otomi ya ar balanceo
Romanian (VERB)rulare, fier, laminare, rostogolire
Russian (VERB)прокатки, подвижного, качения, переходящий, завальцовки, свертывать, скользящий, кататься
(NOUN)Роллинг, прокатка
Samoan taavale
Serbian (Cyrillic) снима
Serbian (Latin) snima
Slovak (VERB)valcovanie, koľajových, valivého, vozový, váľa, valenia, kymácení, rolovacie, priebežného
Slovenian (VERB)vozni, valjanje, voznega, železniškega voznega, kotalikanje, tekoči, parka
(NOUN)zvijanje, valjanja
Spanish (VERB)rodando, balanceo, rodante, rodadura, laminación, enrollando, ondulantes, liar, grabando, rueda
Swedish (VERB)rullande, böljande, valsning, löpande
Tahitian faahaere atu
Tamil உருண்டு
Telugu రోలింగ్
Thai (VERB)กลิ้ง
Tongan teka
Turkish (VERB)haddeleme, yuvarlanma, çalışırken, alınıyor, kayıtta, sarma
Ukrainian (VERB)прокат, рухомого, кочення, Роллінг, вальцювання, котиться, розкочування, розгортання
Urdu (VERB)رولنگ
Vietnamese (VERB)cán, lăn, măt, cuốn
Welsh (VERB)dreigl, treigl, rholio, rolio, rowlio
Yucatec Maya ti' le balanceo
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