rows (plural noun)
  1. a number of people or things in a more or less straight line.
    "her villa stood in a row of similar ones"
    • a line of seats in a theatre.
      "they sat in the front row"
      tier · line · rank · bank
    • a street with a continuous line of houses along one or both of its sides.
      "he lives at 23 Saville Row"
    • a horizontal line of entries in a table.
      "visualize the subject in the form of a sheet of paper divided into columns and rows"
    • a complete line of stitches in knitting or crochet.
Old English rāw, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch rij and German Reihe.
rows (third person present) · rowed (past tense) · rowed (past participle) · rowing (present participle)
  1. propel (a boat) with oars.
    "out in the bay a small figure was rowing a rubber dinghy"
    • travel by rowing a boat.
      "we rowed down the river all day"
    • convey (a passenger) in a boat by rowing it.
      "her father was rowing her across the lake"
    • engage in the sport of rowing, especially competitively.
      "he rowed for England" ·
      "he rowed stroke in the University Eight"
  1. a spell of rowing.
Old English rōwan, of Germanic origin; related to rudder ; from an Indo-European root shared by Latin remus ‘oar’, Greek eretmon ‘oar’.
rows (plural noun)
  1. a noisy acrimonious quarrel.
    "they had a row and she stormed out of the house"
  2. a loud noise or uproar.
    "if he's at home he must have heard that row"
rows (third person present) · rowed (past tense) · rowed (past participle) · rowing (present participle)
  1. have a quarrel.
    "they rowed about who would receive the money from the sale" ·
    "she had rowed with her boyfriend the day before"
    argue · quarrel · squabble · bicker · have a row/fight · fight · fall out ·
    disagree · fail to agree · differ · be at odds · have a misunderstanding · be at variance · have words · dispute · spar · wrangle · bandy words · cross swords · lock horns · be at each other's throats · be at loggerheads · scrap · go at it hammer and tongs · argufy · altercate · chop logic · fratch
    • rebuke severely.
      "she was rowed for leaving her younger brother alone"
mid 18th century: of unknown origin.
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How to use row in a sentence?
he slept fitfully for the third night in a row, tumbling the covers about him as he tried to get comfortable.
for more than 20 days in a row, most of the top Twitter trends were Olympics-related.
visualize the subject in the form of a sheet of paper divided into columns and rows.
she sparked a family row after telling tales about her mother on a TV show.
after completing a row of leaves or flowers I have reversed the pattern.
he spoke out to nail the lie that he'd had a row with his manager.
death row inmates face either electrocution or lethal injection.
a row of closely spaced dots will look like a continuous line.
claims that the entire row had been manufactured by the press.
the director is at the centre of a row over policy decisions.
his grin exposed his yellowed teeth like a row of tombstones.
the managing director is at the centre of a row over policy.
they rowed about who would receive the money from the sale.
out in the bay a small figure was rowing a rubber dinghy.
a furious row ensued between the referee and our lads.
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How to say row in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)ry
Arabic (NOUN)صف, الصف, الصفوف, التوالي, صفا, صفوف
Bangla সারি
Bosnian (Latin) red
Bulgarian (NOUN)ред, реда, редове, поредна, редът
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)fila, baralla, consecutiu, seguides, ratlla, disputa
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)redak, red, retka, retku, redom, veslajte, redu, zbroj, reda, nizu
Czech (NOUN)řádku, řádek, řádkových, řadě, řádkem, za sebou, řada, řady
Danish (NOUN)række, træk, postyr
Dutch (NOUN)rij, nld, toer, rijen, naald
Estonian (NOUN)rida, rea, reas, järjest, reale, ritta, reast
Fijian na iyatu
Filipino hanay
Finnish (NOUN)rivi, krs, kahina, Row'n
French (NOUN)rangée, ligne, rang, ramez, affilée, suite, consécutive, couloir
German (NOUN)Zeile, Reihe, Datenzeile, rudert, Folge
Greek (NOUN)γραμμή, σειρά, κοπηλατώ, σειρών
Haitian Creole pagaye
Hebrew (NOUN)שורה, בשורה, השורה, שורת, לשורה, השורות, מהשורה, בשורת, שורות
Hindi (NOUN)पंक्ति
Hmong Daw tshais
Hungarian (NOUN)sorban, sor, sort, egymás után, sorára, sorában, sorra, sora, sorának, sorok
Icelandic (NOUN)róður, röð, línu, röðinni
Indonesian (NOUN)baris, berturut, deretan, sederet
Italian (NOUN)riga, fila, righe, consecutivo
Japanese (NOUN)行, ロー, 行内, 列, ロウ, 連続
Kiswahili (NOUN)safuulalo, safumlalo, safu, mstari, mlalo, Ulalo, mfululizo
Korean (NOUN)행, 연속, 줄, 로우
Latvian (NOUN)rindu
Lithuanian (NOUN)eilutės, bausme
Malagasy laharana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)baris, berturut, deretan
Maltese (NOUN)filliera, ringiela, linja
Norwegian Bokmål rad
Persian (NOUN)ردیف, سطر, رديف
Polish (NOUN)wiersz, rzędu, rzędzie, rząd
Portuguese (NOUN)fileira, linha, corredor, consecutivo, seguida
Querétaro Otomi fila ar
Romanian (NOUN)rând, rândul, consecutiv
Russian (NOUN)строки, ряд, подряд, Роу
Samoan laina
Serbian (Cyrillic) ред
Serbian (Latin) red
Slovak (NOUN)riadok, rade, za sebou, rad, r., radu
Slovenian (NOUN)vrstico, zapored, vrsta, vrsto
Spanish (NOUN)fila, hilera, rema, consecutivo, seguidos, corredor
Swedish (NOUN)rad, raden, ror, ro, rader
Tahitian anairaa i
Tamil (NOUN)வரிசை, வரிசையை, வரிசையில், வரிசையும், வரிசைக்கு
Telugu వరుసలో
Thai (NOUN)แถว, เป็นแถว
Tongan 'Otu
Turkish (NOUN)satır, sıra, üst üste, sırada
Ukrainian (NOUN)рядок, рядка, рядку, поспіль, рядків, ряду, підряд, Веслувати, ряд, рядком, рядки
Urdu (NOUN)صف, قطار, لائن
Vietnamese (NOUN)hàng, dòng
Welsh (NOUN)rhes, res, ffrae, olynol, llinell, rhesi, lôn
Yucatec Maya nal u
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