sacrifices (plural noun)
  1. an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to a deity.
    "they offer sacrifices to the spirits" ·
    "the ancient laws of animal sacrifice"
    ritual slaughter · hecatomb · immolation · offering · oblation ·
    • an animal, person, or object offered in the act of sacrifice.
      "a flat cake offered by the Romans as a sacrifice to their gods"
      (votive) offering · gift · oblation · victim · burnt offering
  2. christian church
    Christ's offering of himself in the Crucifixion.
    • the Eucharist regarded either (in Catholic terms) as a propitiatory offering of the body and blood of Christ or (in Protestant terms) as an act of thanksgiving.
  3. an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.
    "we must all be prepared to make sacrifices"
    giving up · abandonment · surrender · foregoing · renouncing ·
    renunciation · renouncement · forfeiture · loss · relinquishment · resignation · abdication · signing away · yielding · ceding · waiving · renunciation · relinquishment · loss · self-sacrifice · sacrifice something · give up things
    • chess
      a move intended to allow the opponent to win a pawn or piece, for strategic or tactical reasons.
    • baseball
      a bunted or fly ball which puts the batter out but allows a base runner to advance.
    • bridge
      a bid made in the belief that it will be less costly to be defeated in the contract than to allow the opponents to make a contract.
sacrifices (third person present) · sacrificed (past tense) · sacrificed (past participle) · sacrificing (present participle)
  1. offer or kill as a religious sacrifice.
    "the goat was sacrificed at the shrine"
    offer up · immolate · slaughter
  2. give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.
    "working hard doesn't mean sacrificing your social life"
    give up · abandon · surrender · forgo · renounce · forfeit · relinquish ·
    resign · abdicate · sign away · yield · cede · waive · prostitute · betray
    • chess
      deliberately allow one's opponent to win (a pawn or piece).
      "he sacrificed his queen on the 34th move"
    • baseball
      advance (a base runner) by a sacrifice.
      "Doyle was sacrificed to second"
    • bridge
      make a sacrifice bid.
      "in that event East–West would sacrifice in six spades"
Middle English: from Old French, from Latin sacrificium ; related to sacrificus ‘sacrificial’, from sacer ‘holy’.
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the sacrifice of Mississippi was forfended against even the treason of Wilkinson.
the mighty sacrifice made by those noble-minded men for the good of our country.
a flat cake offered by the Romans as a sacrifice to their gods.
they are offering sacrifice and mediation between God and man.
working hard doesn't mean sacrificing your social life.
in that event East–West would sacrifice in six spades.
animals were offered for sacrifice in sevens.
a propitiative sacrifice for the sins of all.
our comrades who made the supreme sacrifice.
we must all be prepared to make sacrifices.
he sacrificed his queen on the 34th move.
their sins must be expiated by sacrifice.
a human sacrifice to atone for the sin.
the goat was sacrificed at the shrine.
they offer sacrifices to the spirits.
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How to say sacrifice in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)offer, opoffering
Arabic (NOUN)التضحية, تضحية, النحر, ذبيحة, تضحيات
(VERB)تضحي, نضحي, يضحي, اضحي, يضحون
Bangla বলী
Bosnian (Latin) žrtvovanje
Bulgarian (NOUN)жертва, саможертва
(VERB)жертват, пожертват
Cantonese (Traditional) 犧牲
Catalan (NOUN)sacrifici
Chinese Simplified 牺牲
Chinese Traditional 犧牲
Croatian (VERB)žrtvovati, žrtvuje
(NOUN)žrtvovanje, žrtvu, žrtva, žrtve, žrtvi, odricanja
Czech (VERB)obětovat
(NOUN)oběť, oběti, obětování, obětují, obětavost
Danish (VERB)ofre, ofrer
(NOUN)offer, ofringen, opofrelse
Dutch (NOUN)offer, opoffering
(VERB)offeren, opofferen, koste
Estonian (NOUN)ohverdama, ohvrit
Fijian na solibula
Filipino sakripisyo
Finnish (VERB)uhrata, kieltäymys
(NOUN)uhrauksia, uhraavat, uhri
French (VERB)sacrifier
German (VERB)opfern
(NOUN)Opfer, Aufopferung
Greek (NOUN)θυσία, θυσίες
Haitian Creole sakrifye
Hebrew (VERB)להקריב, אקריב, תקריב
(NOUN)הקרבה, ההקרבה, להקרבה, לקרבן, הקורבן, קורבן
Hindi (NOUN)बलिदान, त्याग
Hmong Daw xyeem
Hungarian (NOUN)áldozat
Icelandic (NOUN)fórn
Indonesian (NOUN)pengorbanan, korban, kurban, dikorbankan
(VERB)mengorbankan, berkorban, mempersembahkan korban
Italian (NOUN)sacrificio
Japanese (NOUN)犠牲, いけにえ, 生け贄, 生贄
Kiswahili (NOUN)dhabihu, sadaka, kafara, kujitolea, toleo
Klingon lo'taHvIS
Korean (NOUN)희생, 제사
Latvian (VERB)upurēt, ziedot
(NOUN)upuris, upurēšana, upura, nogalināšanas, upurus
Lithuanian (VERB)paaukoti, aukoti
(NOUN)aukos, auka, aukojimo
Malagasy fahafoizan-tena
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)pengorbanan
Maltese is-sagrifiċċju
Norwegian Bokmål offer
Persian (NOUN)قربانی, فداکاری
Polish (NOUN)ofiary, poświęcenia, ofierze
Portuguese (NOUN)sacrifício
Querétaro Otomi sacrificio
Romanian (NOUN)sacrificiu, jertfa
Russian (NOUN)жертву, самопожертвования, поддача, пожертвуйте
(VERB)пожертвовать, жертвуют
Samoan taulaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) жртва
Serbian (Latin) žrtva
Slovak (VERB)obetovať, obetujú
(NOUN)obeť, obete, obetu, obetovanie
Slovenian (NOUN)žrtvovanje, daritev, žrtev, žrtve
(VERB)žrtvovati, žrtvuje
Spanish (NOUN)sacrificio
(VERB)sacrificar, sacrificarse
Swedish (VERB)offra
(NOUN)uppoffring, offer, offringen, offret, offrandet
Tahitian te tusia
Tamil தியாகம்
Telugu త్యాగం
Thai เสียสละ
Tongan feilaulau
Turkish (NOUN)fedakarlık, kurban, özveri, adak
(VERB)feda, ödün
Ukrainian (NOUN)жертву, самопожертва, жертовність
Urdu (NOUN)قربانی
Welsh (NOUN)aberthu, haberth
Yucatec Maya sacrificio
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