says (third person present) · said (past tense) · said (past participle) · saying (present participle)
  1. utter words so as to convey information, an opinion, a feeling or intention, or an instruction.
    "‘Thank you,’ he said" ·
    "he said the fund stood at £100,000" · "our parents wouldn't believe a word we said" · "he said to come early"
    speak · utter · voice · pronounce · give utterance to · give voice to ·
    vocalize · declare · state · announce · remark · observe · mention · comment · note · add · reply · respond · answer · rejoin · whisper · mutter · mumble · mouth · come out with · claim · maintain · assert · hold · insist · contend · aver · affirm · avow · allege · profess · opine · asseverate · express · put into words · phrase · articulate · communicate · make known · get across · put across · convey · verbalize · render · tell · reveal · divulge · impart · disclose · imply · suggest · signify · denote · mean · adduce · propose · advance · bring forward · offer · plead
    • (of a text or a symbolic representation) convey specified information or instructions.
      "the Act says such behaviour is an offence"
    • enable a listener or reader to learn or understand something by conveying or revealing (information or ideas).
      "I don't want to say too much" ·
      "her rise and fall says a lot about our brutal political system" · "the film's title says it all"
    • (of a clock or watch) indicate (a specified time).
      "the clock says ten past two"
    • (be said)
      be asserted or reported.
      "they were said to be training freedom fighters" ·
      "it is said that she lived to over a hundred"
      be reported · be thought · be believed · be alleged · be rumoured ·
      be reputed · be put about · be described · be asserted · apparently · seemingly · it seems that · it appears that · (so) they say · (so) the story goes · by all accounts · rumour has it · the rumour is
    • (say something for)
      present a consideration in favour of or excusing (someone or something).
      "all I can say for him is that he's a better writer than some"
    • utter the whole of (a speech or other set of words, typically one learned in advance).
      "the padre finished saying the Nunc Dimittis"
  2. assume something in order to work out what its consequences would be; make a hypothesis.
    "let's say we pay in five thousand pounds in the first year"
    suppose · assume · imagine · presume · take as a hypothesis ·
    • used parenthetically to indicate that something is being suggested as possible or likely but not certain.
      "the form might include, say, a dozen questions"
  1. used to express surprise or to draw attention to a remark or question.
    "say, did you notice any blood?"
  1. an opportunity for stating one's opinion or feelings.
    "she let him have his say"
    right/chance/turn to speak · right/chance/turn to express one's opinion ·
    vote · opinion · view · voice · one's twopence worth · one's twopenn'orth
    • an opportunity to influence developments and policy.
      "the assessor will have a say in how the money is spent" ·
      "the households concerned would still have some say in what happened"
Old English secgan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zeggen and German sagen.
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international law and the New Zealand Bill of Rights say that everyone has the right to seek asylum if they are found to be persecuted.
does being woke mean I have to agree with what all other woke folks say should be done about issues in the black community?.
they say that we are trying to give poor children tastes which will only unfit them for a life of hardship and toil.
railings, walls, stairs, benches, bollards, and concrete structures are all there to be conquered, say the traceurs.
let us say, for the sake of argument, that the plotter and the assassin are one and the same person.
it is detracting nothing from his ability to say that he owed the championship to a superior car.
she's hurt that her hook-up didn't even bother to stick around long enough to say good morning.

Some men see things as they are and say why ... I dream things that never were and say why not.

George Bernard Shaw
for many conditions, a large proportion of people say they would not consider a termination.
English determiners form a paradigm: we can say ‘a book’ or ‘his book’ but not ‘a his book’.
this is not to say that the researcher simply becomes the handmaid of the practitioner.
the sentence may be metaphrased into ‘what does homo sapiens wish to say by right?’.
there was a huge tamasha when she wrote to say she'd be in Karachi for a few hours.
to say I'm fed up with the Olympics is like being against motherhood and apple pie.
when it was fifteen-thirty, I heard my father say, ‘Go easy with the drop shots.’.
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How to say say in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)sê, gestel
Arabic (VERB)أقول, يقول, القول, تقول, نقول, يقولون, قول, قل, تقولي, تقل, قلت
Bangla তুমি বলো-
Bosnian (Latin) kažu
Bulgarian (VERB)казват, кажа, каже, кажем, казал, речем, кажат, кажете, кажеш, твърдят
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)dir, diuen, digui, dic, diu, diria, dirà, exemple
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)reći, kažu, kažem, rekao, kazano, kažeš, rekla, kažete, govori, kaže, kaži
Czech (VERB)říkají, říct, říci, řekněme, řekni, řekl, vyslovte, tvrdí
Danish (VERB)sige
Dutch (VERB)zeggen, zeg, zegt, opmerken, gezegd
Estonian (VERB)öelda, ütlevad, öelge, öelnud, tähendab
Fijian sa kaya
Filipino sinasabi
Finnish (VERB)sanoa, sanovat, sano, sananvalta, sanottava, sanon, todeta, sanomme, eli, kertoa
French (VERB)dire, affirmer
German (VERB)sagen, behaupten, heißt
Greek (VERB)πω, λένε, πούμε, πει, ας πούμε, πουν, λέω, πείτε, δηλαδή, λέει
Haitian Creole yo di
Hebrew (VERB)לומר, אומר, אומרים, להגיד, אומרת, תגיד, נגיד, תגידי, אמר, תאמר, אמרה
Hindi (VERB)कहना, कह, कहते, बोलें, कहेंगे
Hmong Daw hais
Hungarian (VERB)mondani, mondjuk, mondom, mond, mondhatjuk, mondd, azaz, azt mondja
Icelandic (VERB)segja, sagt, segir, Segðu, Segjum
Indonesian (VERB)mengatakan, katakan, berkata, bilang, mengucapkan, dikatakan
(NOUN)tanggapan, ucapkan
Italian (VERB)dire, dicono, dici, dice, dirlo, detto, dite, dirti, di', dica
Japanese (VERB)言う, 言っ, 言い, 言って, 言わ, 言える, 言え, 発言, 例えば
Kiswahili (VERB)kusema, wanasema, wasema, sema, inasema, niseme, yanasema, husema, anasema, akisema, alisema
Klingon jatlh
Korean (VERB)말할, 말, 라고, 라고 말하고, 뭐라고, 말씀, 말해야, 밝힐, 이라고, 얘기
Latvian (VERB)teikt, pateikt, saku, saka, sakāt, pasakiet, sacīt, sakām, saki, apgalvo, teica
Lithuanian (VERB)pasakyti, sako, sakyti, sakau, tarkim, kalbate, sakome, sakote, teigia, ty
Malagasy milaza
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mengatakan, katakan, berkata, sebut, kata, menyatakan
Maltese (VERB)jiġifieri
Norwegian Bokmål si
Persian (VERB)گویند, بگو, بگویم, گفتن, گفت, میگویم, بگویید, بگم, اذعان, بگویند, گویم
Polish (VERB)powiedzieć, mówią, twierdzą, znaczy, mów, zaprzeczyć, mianowicie
Portuguese (VERB)dizer, diga, diz, digo, disse, diria, falar
Querétaro Otomi gi mö
Romanian (VERB)spun, spune, spus, spună, să zicem, zic, spui, zice
Russian (VERB)сказать, говорят
Samoan Fai mai
Serbian (Cyrillic) Реци
Serbian (Latin) Reci
Slovak (VERB)povedať, hovoria, tvrdia, povie, teda
Slovenian (VERB)reči, pravijo, povedati, rekel, rekli, rečem, povem, sicer, pomeni
Spanish (VERB)decir, decirle, di, decirles, afirmar
Swedish (VERB)säga, säger, säg
Tahitian e parau
Tamil சொல்ல
Telugu చెబుతున్నారు
Thai (VERB)พูด, ว่า, กล่าว, บอก
Tongan lea 'aki
Turkish (VERB)söyle, diye, diyor, demek, deme, der, dedi, olduğunu söylüyor, di
Ukrainian (VERB)сказати, говорити, кажуть, скажімо, кажу, скаже, кажете, скажу, стверджують
Urdu (VERB)کہنا, کہیں, کہتا, کہہ, کہے, کہتے, کہنے, کہو, کہا
Vietnamese (VERB)nói, nói rằng
Welsh (VERB)ddweud, dweud, ddywedwch, dywed
(NOUN)lais, llais
Yucatec Maya a'al
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