scares (third person present) · scared (past tense) · scared (past participle) · scaring (present participle)
  1. cause great fear or nervousness in; frighten.
    "the rapid questions were designed to scare her into blurting out the truth"
    frighten · make afraid · make fearful · make nervous · panic ·
    throw into a panic · terrify · petrify · scare/frighten to death · scare/frighten someone out of their wits · scare stiff · scare witless · scare/frighten the living daylights out of · scare/frighten the life out of · scare the hell out of · strike terror into · fill with fear · put the fear of God into · make someone jump (out of their skin) · make someone's hair stand on end · give someone goose pimples · make someone's blood run cold · chill someone's blood · send into a cold sweat · make someone shake in their shoes · startle · alarm · give someone a fright · give someone a turn · shock · appal · horrify · intimidate · daunt · unnerve · give someone the heebie-jeebies · scare the pants off · scarify · make someone's hair curl · throw into a blue funk · put the wind up · scare the bejesus out of · spook · fright · affright
    • drive or keep (someone) away by frightening them.
      "the ugly scenes scared the holiday crowds away"
      drive away · drive off · drive out · put to flight · send away ·
      scare off · scatter · send packing
    • become scared.
      "I don't think I scare easily"
scares (plural noun)
  1. a sudden attack of fright.
    "gosh, that gave me a scare!"
    fright · shock · start · turn · jump · the heebie-jeebies
    • a situation characterized by a sudden and typically widespread sense of alarm or anxiety about something.
      "the event was postponed earlier this year due to the foot-and-mouth scare" ·
      "recent food scares have made the public rightly sensitive to new, apparently untested technologies" · "Aimee has been given the all-clear after a breast cancer scare"
Middle English: from Old Norse skirra ‘frighten’, from skjarr ‘timid’.
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How to use scare in a sentence?
recent food scares have made the public rightly sensitive to new, apparently untested technologies.
the rapid questions were designed to scare her into blurting out the truth.
the event was postponed earlier this year due to the foot-and-mouth scare.
the era of nuclear anxiety, the red scare and covert CIA plots.
Aimee has been given the all-clear after a breast cancer scare.
the ugly scenes scared the holiday crowds away.
I don't think I scare easily.
gosh, that gave me a scare!.
How to say scare in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)skrik
Arabic (VERB)تخويف, يخيف, اخافه, تخيف, نخيف, اخيف, تخاف, أخاف
(NOUN)ذعر, الخوف
Bangla উচ্ছেদ
Bosnian (Latin) panika
Bulgarian (VERB)изплаши, плаши, уплашат, плашат
(NOUN)плаша, уплашвам, гробница
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)espantar
(NOUN)ensurt, espanten
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)uplašiti, panika, prestrašiti, plaši, prepasti, preplašiš, otjerati
Czech (VERB)vyděsit, vystrašit, vylekat, strašení, děsit, bát
Danish (VERB)skræmme
(NOUN)skræm, forskrækkelse
Dutch (VERB)schrikken, bang, verjagen
Estonian (VERB)hirmutada, Pelästyttää
Filipino takutin
Finnish (VERB)pelästyttää, pelotella, säikäyttää
French (VERB)effrayer, peur
(NOUN)frousse, frayeur
German (VERB)erschrecken, Angst, verscheuchen, einschüchtern
Greek (VERB)τρομάξει, φοβίσει, σκιάχτρο
(ADJECTIVE)τρόμου, εκφοβισμού
(NOUN)φοβία, ψυχραιμία, τρόμος
Haitian Creole fè pè
Hebrew (VERB)להפחיד, מפחיד, תפחיד, להבהיל, יפחיד, תבהיל, להבריח, הפחיד
Hindi (VERB)डराने
(NOUN)डरा, आतंक
Hmong Daw ua kom ntshai
Hungarian (VERB)ijeszteni, megijeszt
Icelandic (VERB)hræða, hræðir
Indonesian (VERB)menakut
(NOUN)ketakutan, nakuti
Italian (VERB)spaventare, paura
Japanese (VERB)怖がら, 追い払う, 度肝
(NOUN)恐怖, 騒ぎ, おどし
Kiswahili kuwatisha
Klingon ghIj
Korean (NOUN)
(VERB)놀라게, 무서워, 위협, 쫓아
Latvian (VERB)skandāla, nobiedēt, iebiedēt
Lithuanian (NOUN)panika
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menakutkan
Maltese ibeżża
Norwegian Bokmål skremme
Persian (VERB)ترساندن, هیبت
Polish (VERB)przestraszyć, strasz, przerażają
Portuguese (VERB)assustar, amedrontar, afugentar, espantar, mete medo
Romanian (VERB)sperie
(NOUN)sperii, eşarfă
Russian (VERB)напугать, пугать, испугать, отпугнуть, запугать, вспугнуть, припугнуть, боюсь
Samoan fefefe
Serbian (Cyrillic) страх
Serbian (Latin) strah
Slovak (VERB)vydesiť, vystrašiť, strašenie
Slovenian (VERB)prestrašiti, strah
Spanish (VERB)asustar, espantar, asustarle, atemorizar, ahuyentar, intimidar
(NOUN)susto, buen susto
Swedish (VERB)skrämma
Tamil பயமுறுத்த
Telugu భయ
Thai ทำให้ตกใจ
Tongan te nau ilifia
Turkish (VERB)korkut, ürküt
Ukrainian (VERB)налякати, лякати, відлякувати
(NOUN)лякають, лякає
Urdu خوفزدہ
Vietnamese (VERB)dọa, đe dọa, sợ hãi
Welsh (VERB)ddychryn, dychryn
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