scenes (plural noun)
  1. the place where an incident in real life or fiction occurs or occurred.
    "the emergency team were among the first on the scene" ·
    "relatives left floral tributes at the scene of the crash"
    location · site · place · position · point · spot · locale · whereabouts ·
    arena · stage · set · locus
  2. a sequence of continuous action in a play, film, opera, or book.
    "a scene from Tarantino's latest movie"
    • a subdivision of an act of a play in which the time is continuous and the setting fixed and which does not usually involve a change of characters.
      "beginning at Act One, Scene One"
    • the pieces of scenery used in a play or opera.
      "scene changes"
mid 16th century (denoting a subdivision of a play, or (a piece of) stage scenery): from Latin scena, from Greek skēnē ‘tent, stage’.
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fire engines were required to visit the scene again last night after hotspots appeared to be in danger of re-igniting.
unlike many of the artists who frequented the Soho scene of the 1960s, he did not lead a licentious life.
Detective Norton believes the bloody footprints were intentionally made as part of a staged crime scene.
a total departure from the muscle-bound hulks and he-men that then dominated the superhero scene.
trailers show him with dyed blond hair and, in one scene, a flowing blond weave.
for a moment the scene was illuminated, then it was plunged back into darkness.
he built a cottage to give an air of cheerfulness and inhabitancy to the scene.
the famous final scene where the characters do the full monty and strip naked.
the scene shows the birth of Aphrodite from the sea, and a hetaera, piping.
the self-consciousness of the opening scene devolves steadily into parody.
the strident activity of the industrial scene seems to be self-generating.
on reverting our eyes, every step presented some new and admirable scene.
weaving and fulling were all formerly part of the normal domestic scene.
respect to Hill for a truly non-superficial piece on the techno scene.
three fire engines, including an emergency tender, attended the scene.
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How to say scene in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)toneel
Arabic (NOUN)المشهد, مشهد, مسرح, مكان الحادث, الساحة, مسرحا, المسرح
Bangla দৃশ্য
Bosnian (Latin) scena
Bulgarian (NOUN)сцена, сцени, мястото
Cantonese (Traditional) 現場
Catalan (NOUN)escena, panorama
Chinese Simplified 现场
Chinese Traditional 現場
Croatian (NOUN)scena, scenu, sceni, prizor, scenom, poprište
Czech (NOUN)scéna, scény, scénu, scéně, scénou
Danish (NOUN)skueplads
Dutch (NOUN)scène, toneel, tafereel, scène
Estonian (NOUN)stseen, areenil, väljaande
Fijian raica
Filipino tagpo
Finnish (NOUN)kohtaus, näyttämöllä, paikalle
French (NOUN)scène, lieux, décor
German (NOUN)Szene, Schauplatz, Tatort, Bühne
Greek (NOUN)σκηνή, σκηνικό, προσκήνιο, τόπο
Haitian Creole sèn
Hebrew (NOUN)זירת, סצנה, הסצינה, בזירת, סצינה, הסצנה, סצנת, בסצינה, מזירת, לזירת, קטע
Hindi (NOUN)दृश्य, परिदृश्य, यादगार
Hungarian (NOUN)jelenet, színtéren, helyszínre, táj
Icelandic (NOUN)vettvangur, sögunnar, atriði
Indonesian (NOUN)adegan, TKP, kancah, pemandangan, kejadian, panggung
Italian (NOUN)scena, quinte, panorama
Japanese (NOUN)シーン, 場面, 情景, 現場, 光景, 風景
Kiswahili (NOUN)eneo, tukio
Klingon Qap
Korean (NOUN)장면, 현장, 씬, 광경
Latvian (NOUN)skatuves, ainas, ainu, arēnā, kadru sērijas, sižetu
Lithuanian (NOUN)scena, scenos, arenoje
Malagasy fisehoan-javatra
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)adegan, senario
Maltese (NOUN)Xena
Norwegian Bokmål scenen
Persian (NOUN)صحنه
Polish (NOUN)scena, sceny, scenie, scenę, odsłona, scen, arenie
Portuguese (NOUN)cena, local, cenário, cenas
Querétaro Otomi escena
Romanian (NOUN)scena, coloreaza
Russian (NOUN)сцены, арене, преступления
Samoan vaaiga
Serbian (Cyrillic) сцена
Serbian (Latin) scena
Slovak (NOUN)scéna, scény, scénu, scéne, scénou, dejiskom, scénických
Slovenian (NOUN)prizor, sceno, scena, sceni
Spanish (NOUN)escena, panorama
Swedish (NOUN)scen, scenen, platsen, arenan
Tahitian ohipa
Tamil காட்சி
Telugu సన్నివేశం
Thai (NOUN)ฉาก
Tongan me'a na'e hoko
Turkish (NOUN)sahne, mahalli, səhnə, yeri
Ukrainian (NOUN)сцени, сцена, сцені, сцену, сценою, сцен, арені
Urdu (NOUN)ديکھا, انداز, منظر
Vietnamese (NOUN)cảnh, quang cảnh, bối cảnh
Welsh (NOUN)sîn, olygfa, cefndir, golygfa, llwyfan, fan
Yucatec Maya beyo'
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