scraps (plural noun)
  1. a small piece or amount of something, especially one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
    "I scribbled her address on a scrap of paper" ·
    "scraps of information"
    fragment · piece · bit · offcut · oddment · snippet · snip · tatter · wisp ·
    shred · remnant · bit · speck · iota · particle · ounce · whit · jot · atom · shred · crumb · morsel · fragment · grain · drop · hint · touch · trace · suggestion · whisper · suspicion · scintilla · spot · mite · tittle · jot or tittle · modicum · stim · smidgen · smidge · tad · scantling · scruple
    • (scraps)
      bits of uneaten food left after a meal.
      "he filled Sammy's bowls with fresh water and scraps"
      leftovers · uneaten food · leavings · crumbs · scrapings · slops ·
      dregs · scourings · offscourings · remains · remnants · residue · odds and ends · bits and pieces · bits and bobs · pieces · bits
    • used to emphasize the lack or smallness of something.
      "there was not a scrap of aggression in him" ·
      "every scrap of green land is up for grabs by development"
    • informal
      a small person or animal, especially one regarded with affection or sympathy.
      "poor little scrap, she's too hot in that tight coat"
    • a particularly small thing of its kind.
      "she was wearing a short black skirt and a tiny scrap of a top"
  2. discarded metal for reprocessing.
    "the steamer was eventually sold for scrap"
scraps (third person present) · scrapped (past tense) · scrapped (past participle) · scrapping (present participle)
  1. discard or remove from service (a redundant, old, or inoperative vehicle, vessel, or machine), especially so as to convert it to scrap metal.
    "a bold decision was taken to scrap existing plant"
late Middle English (as a plural noun denoting fragments of uneaten food): from Old Norse skrap ‘scraps’ ; related to skrapa ‘to scrape’. The verb dates from the late 19th century.
scraps (plural noun)
  1. a fight or quarrel, especially a minor or spontaneous one.
    "they were involved in a goalmouth scrap and a player was sent off" ·
    "he had several minor scraps with the army authorities"
    quarrel · argument · row · fight · disagreement · difference of opinion ·
scraps (third person present) · scrapped (past tense) · scrapped (past participle) · scrapping (present participle)
  1. engage in a minor fight or quarrel.
    "the older boys started scrapping with me"
    quarrel · argue · have a row/fight · row · fight · disagree · fail to agree ·
    differ · be at odds · have a misunderstanding · be at variance · fall out · dispute · squabble · brawl · bicker · chop logic · spar · wrangle · bandy words · cross swords · lock horns · be at each other's throats · be at loggerheads · argufy · altercate
    • compete fiercely.
      "the two drivers scrapped for the lead"
late 17th century (as a noun in the sense ‘sinister plot, scheme’): perhaps from the noun scrape.
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How to use scrap in a sentence?
the scrap value should be netted off against the original purchase price.
he painted scenes on cardboard shirt boxes and other scrap material.
they were involved in a goalmouth scrap and a player was sent off.
she was wearing a short black skirt and a tiny scrap of a top.
every scrap of green land is up for grabs by development.
he supports the idea that road tax should be scrapped.
he had several minor scraps with the army authorities.
he filled Sammy's bowls with fresh water and scraps.
poor little scrap, she's too hot in that tight coat.
a bold decision was taken to scrap existing plant.
I scribbled her address on a scrap of paper.
there was not a scrap of aggression in him.
the steamer was eventually sold for scrap.
he surprised a gang stealing scrap metal.
the older boys started scrapping with me.
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How to say scrap in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)knipsel
Arabic (NOUN)الخردة, خردة, ركام, سكراب, قصاصة, نفايات
Bangla স্ক্র্যাপ
Bosnian (Latin) otpad
Bulgarian (NOUN)скрап, брак, отпадъци, отломки, Лом, скраб, остатъци, брака
Cantonese (Traditional) 廢料
Catalan (NOUN)ferralla, deixalla, residual, tros
Chinese Simplified 废料
Chinese Traditional 廢料
Croatian (NOUN)škarta, otpad, izvatka, bilješku, staro, ostatak, komadu
Czech (NOUN)šrot, šrotu, zmetků, odpadu, šrotem, odřezky, zbytky, vyřazených, úlomky, likvidace
Danish (NOUN)skrot, spild, ophugning, kasserede, fragment
(VERB)skrotte, afskaffe, kassere
Dutch (NOUN)schroot, kladje, restanten, uitval, afval, knipsel
Estonian (NOUN)jäägid, vanametalli, praagi, praak, puru, kao, jääkide, jääke, kadu
Finnish (NOUN)romu, romun, hävikki, romua, hukkatavaran, romusta
French (NOUN)ferraille, rebut, débris, chute, déchets, brouillon, casse
German (NOUN)Schrott, Stückchen, Fetzen, Ausschuss, Verschrottung, Schnitzel
Greek (NOUN)θραύσματα, φύρας, φύρα, σκραπ, παλιοσίδερα, παλαιοσιδήρου, απορριμμάτων, άχρηστα, υπολείμματα, διάλυση
Haitian Creole perte
Hebrew (NOUN)גרוטאות, גרט, לגנוז, פיסת
Hindi (NOUN)स्क्रैप
Hmong Daw seem
Hungarian (NOUN)fémhulladék, törmelék, selejt, ócskavas, hulladéka
Icelandic (NOUN)rýrnun, úrkast, úrklippu, rusl, snifsi
Indonesian (NOUN)memo, skrap, potongan, bekas
Italian (NOUN)rottami, scarto, dello scarto, sfrido, pezzo, detriti, briciola, avanzi, frammento
Japanese (NOUN)スクラップ, 仕損, くず, 小切れ, 屑, 不良, 廃材, 廃棄, 廃
Kiswahili (NOUN)chakavu
Korean (NOUN)스크랩, 고철
Latvian (NOUN)lūžņi, brāķis, brāķa, atlieku, metāllūžņu, brāķēto, izgriezuma, niecīgāko, makulatūras, atkritumus
Lithuanian (NOUN)laužas, iškarpos, atliekų, liekanos, nurašymas, likučiai
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)sekerap
Maltese (NOUN)ruttam, skrapp, fdalijiet, skart
Norwegian Bokmål skrap
Persian (NOUN)قراضه, ضایعات, تکه
Polish (NOUN)złom, złomu, ścinek, odpadków, wycinka, braków
Portuguese (NOUN)sucata, refugo, aparas, pedaço, desperdícios, recado, rascunho
Querétaro Otomi chatarra ar
Romanian (NOUN)resturi, rebut, fier vechi, deseuri, însemnare, fragmentul
Russian (NOUN)лом, металлолом, скрап, утиль, клочок, отходов, обломков, обрезке, записку, брака
Samoan fasi
Serbian (Cyrillic) шкарта
Serbian (Latin) škarta
Slovak (NOUN)šrot, šrotu, nepodarkov, výmet, odrezky, šrotom, zvyšky, výstrižok, odpad
Slovenian (NOUN)ostanki, izmeta, odpadnih, pretep, drobci
Spanish (NOUN)chatarra, desecho, trozo, rechazo, desperdicios, sobras, Soto
(VERB)desguace, desechar
Swedish (NOUN)skrot, kassation, metallskrot, kassera
(VERB)skrota, slopa
Tamil துண்டு
Telugu స్క్రాప్
Thai (NOUN)เศษ, ซาก, เสีย
Tongan tuitui'i
Turkish (NOUN)hurda, ıskarta
Ukrainian (NOUN)брухту, лом, металобрухт, обрізку, фрагмент
Urdu (NOUN)سکریپ, ٹکڑا
Vietnamese (NOUN)mảnh
Welsh (NOUN)sgrap, lloffion
(VERB)cael gwared
Yucatec Maya sóojol u
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