sees (third person present) · saw (past tense) · seeing (present participle) · seen (past participle)
  1. perceive with the eyes; discern visually.
    "in the distance she could see the blue sea" ·
    "Andrew couldn't see out of his left eye" · "I can't see into the future"
    discern · perceive · glimpse · catch/get a glimpse of · spot · notice ·
    catch sight of · sight · make out · pick out · spy · distinguish · identify · recognize · detect · note · mark · clap/lay/set eyes on · clock · behold · descry · espy
    • be or become aware of something from observation or from a written or other visual source.
      "I see from your appraisal report that you have asked for training"
    • be a spectator of (a film, game, or other entertainment); watch.
      "I went to see King Lear at the Old Vic"
      watch · look at · view · observe · catch
    • refer to (a specified source) for further information (used as a direction in a text).
      "elements are usually classified as metals or non-metals (see chapter 11)"
  2. discern or deduce after reflection or from information; understand.
    "I can't see any other way to treat it" ·
    "I saw that perhaps he was right" · "she could see what Rhoda meant"
    understand · grasp · comprehend · follow · take in · realize · appreciate ·
    recognize · work out · get the drift of · make out · conceive · perceive · fathom (out) · become cognizant of · get · latch on to · cotton on to · catch on to · tumble to · figure out · get the hang of · get a fix on · get one's head round/around · get the message · get the picture · twig · suss · savvy · cognize
  3. experience or witness (an event or situation).
    "I shall not live to see it" ·
    "I can't bear to see you so unhappy"
    • be the time or setting of (something).
      "the 1970s saw the beginning of a technological revolution"
  4. meet (someone one knows) socially or by chance.
    "I saw Colin last night"
    meet (by chance) · encounter · run into · run across · stumble on/across ·
    happen on · chance on · come across · bump into · run against · meet (by arrangement) · meet up with · get together with · have a meeting · have meetings · meet socially · make a date with
    • visit (a person or place).
      "I went to see Caroline" ·
      "see Alaska in style"
    • meet regularly as a boyfriend or girlfriend.
      "some guy she was seeing was messing her around"
      go out with · be dating · take out ·
      be someone's boyfriend/girlfriend · keep company with · go with · be with · court · have a fling with · have an affair with · dally with · go steady with · walk out with · step out with
    • consult (a specialist or professional).
      "you may need to see a solicitor"
      consult · confer with · talk to · speak to ·
      seek advice/information from · take counsel from · have recourse to · call on · call in · turn to · ask
    • give an interview or consultation to.
      "the doctor will see you now"
      interview · give an interview to · give a consultation to ·
      give an audience to · give a hearing to · receive · talk to · examine · treat
  5. escort or conduct (someone) to a specified place.
    "don't bother seeing me out"
    escort · accompany · show · walk · conduct · lead · take · usher · guide ·
  6. ensure.
    "Lucy saw to it that everyone got enough to eat" ·
    "see that no harm comes to him"
  7. (in poker or brag) equal the bet of (an opponent) and require them to reveal their cards in order to determine who has won the hand.
Old English sēon, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zien and German sehen, perhaps from an Indo-European root shared by Latin sequi ‘follow’.
sees (plural noun)
  1. the place in which a cathedral church stands, identified as the seat of authority of a bishop or archbishop.
Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French sed, from Latin sedes ‘seat’, from sedere ‘sit’.
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How to use see in a sentence?

If you can consciously let yourself get taken and see where you go, that's an exercise. That's discipline. To follow the scent. Let yourself go and see what happens, that takes a bit of courage.

Bill Murray

If you can consciously let yourself get taken and see where you go, that's an exercise. That's discipline. To follow the scent. Let yourself go and see what happens, that takes a bit of courage.

Bill Murray

Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable, let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.

Douglas Adams

Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable, let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.

Douglas Adams
as the shell continues to expand and rarefy, astronomers may eventually be able to see characteristic gamma rays from the radioactivity within.
those who illegally distribute abandonware on the Web see themselves as archivists who are helping save old computer programs for posterity.

The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.

Charles Bukowski
you might want to take a look at the first two videos: we've included an unboxing, so you'll see how your smartphone would arrive.
an executive dashboard enables a CEO to see bank balances, the top five customers, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
it's difficult to see how any parliamentary opposition would voluntarily give up the opportunity to smear and mud-sling.
I'm helping them set up a photoblog which will hopefully give everyone a chance to see some of those amazing pictures.
you will see the gill cover opening and the gills fluttering, as water is drawn over the gills and the fish breathes.
though many of these places see few visitors, they are all attentively staffed by local people who are eager to help.
you'll see better conversion rates for your local advertising if you include your physical address on your website.
it's a shame to see a yacht drop her sails and start the diesel just because she has to make a few short tacks.
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How to say see in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)sien, kyk
Arabic (VERB)انظر, نرى, رؤية, أرى, ترى, راجع, مشاهدة, معرفة, يرى, رأيت, شاهد
Bangla দেখুন
Bosnian (Latin) vidjeti
Bulgarian (VERB)видите, виждам, вижте, видя, видим, виж, види, видят, вж, видиш, разгледате
Cantonese (Traditional) 看到
Catalan (VERB)veure, vegeu, vegi, veieu, veu, consulteu, veuen, veig, mireu, veus, veurà
Chinese Simplified 看到
Chinese Traditional 看到
Croatian (VERB)vidjeti, vidi, pogledajte, vide, gledati
Czech (VERB)viz, vidět, tématu, zobrazit, vidím, uvidíte, podívejte, najdete, zjistit, prohlédnout, naleznete
Danish (VERB)Se, ser, jf, Vis, finder, under, få vist
Dutch (VERB)zie, zien, Zie ook, Bekijk, Raadpleeg, ziet, kijken
Estonian (VERB)näha, vt, näe, vaadake, näen, Vaata, näed, saamiseks vaadake, näeme, näete, näevad
Fijian raica na
Filipino Tingnan sa
Finnish (VERB)nähdä, Katso, ks, näe, hiippakunta, näkevät, näet, ohjeaiheessa, tarkastella
French (VERB)voir, consultez, reportez-vous, constater, afficher, regardez
German (VERB)sehen, angezeigt, finden, ansehen, erkennen, zeige, schauen
Greek (VERB)δείτε, δούμε, βλέπε, δω, ανατρέξτε, δει, βλέπω, δουν, βλ, βλέπουν, εμφανιστεί
Haitian Creole gade
Hebrew (VERB)לראות, רואה, ראה, רואים, עיין, נראה, אראה, ראו, תראה, מבין, הצגת
Hindi (VERB)देख, देखने, देखते, देखेंगे, मिलते, दिखाई
Hmong Daw saib
Hungarian (VERB)lásd, látni, lát, című témakörben talál, látom, látja, tekintse meg, nézze meg, látható, megtekintéséhez, olvassa el
Icelandic (VERB)sjá, séð, sérð, hitta, finna, sé, Sérðu, sjáum, skoða, Sjáið, Sjáðu
Indonesian (VERB)Lihat, melihat, dilihat
Italian (VERB)vedere, Vedi, vede, veda, vedo, visualizzare, consultare, vedono, visto, leggi, guarda
Japanese (VERB)参照してください, 見る, 見なさい, 参照, 表示, 見, 確認, ご覧ください, 会い, 見て
Kiswahili (VERB)ona, kuona, angalia, tazama, tuone, uone, kumwona
Klingon legh
Korean (VERB)참조하십시오, 볼, 보고, 보기, 보는, 보십시오, 본다, 보려면, 표시, 확인, 있는지
Latvian (VERB)redzēt, skatiet, sk, redzat, apskatītu, redzu, aplūkotu, saskatīt, redz, ieraudzīt, uzzinātu
Lithuanian (VERB)pamatyti, matyti, žr, matote, žiūrėti, pažiūrėkite, matome, mato, matau
Malagasy jereo ny
Malay (Latin) (VERB)lihat, melihat, sila lihat, nampak, dilihat, rujuk
Maltese (VERB)ara, tara, jaraw, jara
Norwegian Bokmål se
Persian (VERB)مشاهدهٔ, ببینید, دیدن, مراجعه کنید, بینید, دید, بینیم, بینم, ببینم
Polish (VERB)zobacz, patrz, widzieć, widać, sprawdzić, podobna, wyświetlić
Portuguese (VERB)ver, vê, consulte, veja, vejo, vêem, vês, viu, vendo, Visualizar, vi
Querétaro Otomi Di nu'i
Romanian (VERB)vedea, Vedeți, văd, consultaţi, vadă, vezi, vedem, vizualiza, văzut
Russian (VERB)видеть, увидеть, посмотреть, вижу, см, смотрите, просмотра, узнать, понять, отображается, разделе
Samoan tagai i le
Serbian (Cyrillic) видим
Serbian (Latin) vidim
Slovak (VERB)vidieť, Pozri, uvidíte, téme, zistiť, viď, Zobraziť, videli, prezrieť, nájdete
Slovenian (VERB)videli, glej, vidite, zagledati, si oglejte, prikaz, ogledate, najdete
Spanish (VERB)ver, Descubre, véase, consulte, ven, verlo, mira, observar, considera
Swedish (VERB)se, ser, finns, avsnittet
Tahitian a hio
Tamil (VERB)பார்க்கவும், காணவும், பார்க்க, பார், பார்க்கலாம், அறிய
Telugu చూడండి
Thai (VERB)ดู, เห็น, มอง เห็น
Tongan vakai
Turkish (VERB)görmek, görü, göre, bakın, bkz, görüşürüz, görün, gördün, gör, görür, bak
Ukrainian (VERB)побачити, бачити, Переглянути, див, бачу, подивитися, дивіться, п, бачимо, бачать, дізнатися
Urdu (VERB)دیکھیں, دیکھ, دیکھنے, دیکھتے, ملاحظہ, دیکھو, دیکھئے, ديكھيں, نظر, دیکھا
Vietnamese (VERB)xem, thấy, nhìn thấy, gặp
Welsh (VERB)weld, gweld, welaf, ewch
Yucatec Maya Wil
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