segments (plural noun)
  1. each of the parts into which something is or may be divided.
    "a large segment of the local population" ·
    "orange segments" · "the market for private cars can be broken down into several segments"
    • a portion of time allocated to a particular broadcast item on radio or television.
      "they probably want to tape you for the eleven o'clock segment" ·
      "Hammond and the others were filming a segment for his programme"
  2. geometry
    a part of a figure cut off by a line or plane intersecting it.
    • the part of a circle enclosed between an arc and a chord.
    • the part of a line included between two points.
    • the part of a sphere cut off by any plane not passing through the centre.
  3. zoology
    each of the series of similar anatomical units of which the body and appendages of some animals are composed, such as the visible rings of an earthworm's body.
  4. phonetics
    the smallest distinct part of a spoken utterance, especially with regard to vowel and consonant sounds rather than stress or intonation.
segments (third person present) · segmented (past tense) · segmented (past participle) · segmenting (present participle)
  1. divide (something) into separate parts or sections.
    "the unemployed are segmented into two groups"
    divide · divide up · subdivide · separate · split · split up · cut up ·
    carve up · slice up · break up · dismember · sever · segregate · divorce · partition · section · compartment · share out · portion out · distribute
    • divide into separate parts or sections.
      "the market is beginning to segment into a number of well-defined categories"
    • embryology
      (of a cell) undergo cleavage; divide into many cells.
late 16th century (as a term in geometry): from Latin segmentum, from secare ‘to cut’. The verb dates from the mid 19th century.
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each segment, down to the tiniest hexad of cilia, is practically identical in shape.
the market is beginning to segment into a number of well-defined categories.
the market for private cars can be broken down into several segments.
Hammond and the others were filming a segment for his programme.
they probably want to tape you for the eleven o'clock segment.
I heard that AJ approached him to rehearse a kayfabe segment.
each segment has a white setose patch under its distal end.
she sucked each segment of the orange carefully.
the unemployed are segmented into two groups.
a large segment of the local population.
orange segments.
How to say segment in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)greep
Arabic (NOUN)الجزء, قطعة, شريحة, جزئه, مقطع, القطعة, جزء, قطاع, الشريحة, المقطع
Bangla টুকরো
Bosnian (Latin) segmenta
Bulgarian (NOUN)сегмент, отсечката, сектор
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)sessions
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)odsječak
Czech (NOUN)segmentu, úsek, úseku
Danish (NOUN)målgruppe, Linjestykke, markedssegment
Dutch (VERB)segmenteren
Estonian (NOUN)segmendi
Fijian iwase ni
Finnish (NOUN)segmentti, lohkon
French (VERB)segmenter
(NOUN)tronçon, débat
German (NOUN)Trasse, Marktsegment, Geschäftsfeld
Greek (NOUN)τμήμα
Haitian Creole segman
Hebrew (NOUN)פלח, קטע, מקטע, המקטע, בקטע, מגזר, במגזר, במקטע, הקטע
Hindi (NOUN)खंड, सेगमेंट, क्षेत्र, वर्ग
Hmong Daw ya
Hungarian (NOUN)szegmens, metszet
Icelandic (NOUN)hluti
Indonesian (NOUN)segmen, ruas
Italian (NOUN)segmento
Japanese (NOUN)セグメント, 分節, 区分, 線分
Kiswahili (NOUN)sehemu
Korean (NOUN)세그먼트, 선분, 부문, 구간
Latvian (NOUN)segmenta
Lithuanian (NOUN)segmento, atkarpas
Malagasy horonantsary
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)segmen
Norwegian Bokmål segmentet
Persian (NOUN)بخش, قطعه
Polish (NOUN)odcinka
Portuguese (NOUN)segmento
Querétaro Otomi segmento ar
Russian (NOUN)сегмент, этапа, отрезок
Samoan o le vaega
Serbian (Cyrillic) сегмент
Slovak (NOUN)úseku, úsek
Slovenian (NOUN)odsek
Spanish (NOUN)segmento, tramo
Swedish (NOUN)avsnitten, marknadssegment
Tahitian te tuhaa o
Tamil பிரிவு
Telugu సెగ్మెంట్
Thai (NOUN)ส่วน
Tongan konga
Turkish (NOUN)bölütü, kesim, animasyonla
Ukrainian (NOUN)сегмент, відрізок, ділянці
Urdu (NOUN)ٹکٹرے, ٹکڑا, ٹکڑے
Vietnamese (NOUN)phân đoạn, đoạn, phân, mảng
Welsh (VERB)segmentu
Yucatec Maya segmento u
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