1. consisting of, forming part of, or taking place in a series.
    "a serial publication"
    • linguistics
      (of verbs) used in sequence to form a construction, as in they wanted, needed, longed for peace.
      "the use of serial verbs"
  2. repeatedly committing the same offence and typically following a characteristic, predictable behaviour pattern.
    "a serial killer"
    • repeatedly following the same behaviour pattern.
      "he was a serial adulterer" ·
      "serial monogamy"
  3. music
    using transformations of a fixed series of notes.
    "the harmonic flow of serial music" ·
    "Schoenberg's serial revolution"
  4. computing
    (of a device) involving the transfer of data as a single sequence of bits.
    sequential · consecutive · in sequence · in order of time · in order ·
serials (plural noun)
  1. a story or play appearing in regular instalments on television or radio or in a magazine.
    "a new three-part drama serial"
    set of programmes · programme · production · serial ·
    situation comedy · soap opera · sitcom · soap
  2. (serials)
    (in a library) a periodical.
    "the Serials Librarian"
mid 19th century: from series + -al, perhaps suggested by French sérial.
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police have arrested a suspect they believe is a notorious serial killer who terrorized Wichita in the 1970s.
cultured cells can replicate on serial passage for predictable periods of time.
a serial liar and fantasist who had boasted of many affairs.
a serial seducer with no moral compass.
the harmonic flow of serial music.
Schoenberg's serial revolution.
a new three-part drama serial.
he was a serial adulterer.
the use of serial verbs.
the serials Librarian.
a serial publication.
a serial killer.
serial monogamy.
How to say serial in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)التسلسلي, المسلسل, تسلسلي, مسلسل, الرقم المسلسل, متسلسل, المتسلسلة
Bangla সিরিয়াল
Bosnian (Latin) serijski
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)сериен, серийни, пореден
Cantonese (Traditional) 串行
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)sèrie, sΦrie
Chinese Simplified 串行
Chinese Traditional 串列
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)serijski
Czech (ADJECTIVE)sériové, řadový, pořadové, výrobní
Danish (ADJECTIVE)serie
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)seriële, vervolgverhaal, periodieke
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)seerianumber, järjekorranumber
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)sarja, järjestysnumero
French (ADJECTIVE)série, feuilleton, périodique
(NOUN)publication périodique
German (ADJECTIVE)serielle, fortlaufend
(NOUN)Feuilleton, Serie
Greek (ADJECTIVE)σειριακή, αύξοντα, τμηματικό, αύξων, μανιακός, κατά συρροή, σειράς
Haitian Creole série
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)סדרתי, הסידורי, טורי, סידורי, טורית, הטורי, הסדרתי, טוריים, סידרתי, הסידרתי
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)सीरियल, धारावाहिक, क्रमिक, क्रम, क्रमांकन
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)soros, sorozat
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)framhaldssaga, rað, raðkóði, raðnúmer
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)berantai
Italian (ADJECTIVE)seriale
(NOUN)pubblicazione periodica
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)シリアル, シリアルインタ, 通し, 連続, 直列
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)tambulishi
Korean (ADJECTIVE)직렬, 시리얼, 일련, 연쇄, 연속
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)sērijas, kārtas
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)serijos, nuosekliosios, eilės, sekos
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)bersiri, siri
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)serjali, serje, konsekuttiv
Norwegian Bokmål føljetong
Persian (ADJECTIVE)سریال
Polish (ADJECTIVE)szeregowy, seryjny, numer seryjny, powieść, odcinkach, liczba porządkowa
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)série
Querétaro Otomi serie
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)ordine
Russian (ADJECTIVE)серийный, последовательный, порядковый, с последовательным интерфейсом
Serbian (Cyrillic) серијски
Serbian (Latin) serijski
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)sériové, poradové, radový, výrobné
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)serijski, zaporedno
Spanish (NOUN)entregas
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)seriell, följetong
Tamil (ADJECTIVE)தொடர், வரிசை
Telugu సీరియల్
Thai (ADJECTIVE)อนุกรม, ประจำ, ลำดับ
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)seri
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)серійний, послідовний, порядковий, серіалів
(NOUN)серійного, Crack
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)سیریل, سلسلی, سلسلہ
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)cyfresol
Yucatec Maya serie
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